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Sep 10, 2016 9:54 AM
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During the screening of Lupin the IIIrd: Jigen Daisuke no Bohyou held in Tokyo, it was announced that the Lupin III franchise will receive a new movie titled Lupin the IIIrd: Chikemuri no Ishikawa Goemon. The movie is scheduled to premiere in Japanese theaters on February 4, 2017. A teaser was also revealed on its official website.

Staff members from the previous movie will reprise their roles. Director Takeshi Koike will helm the movie at TMS Entertainment. Yuuya Takahashi (Lupin III (2015)) is in charge of the series composition, and James Shimoji (Redline) will compose the music. Cast members for Arsene Lupin III (Kanichi Kurita), Goemon Ishikawa XIII (Daisuke Namikawa), Fujiko Mine (Miyuki Sawashiro), and Kouichi Zenigata (Kouchi Yamadera) will also reprise their roles in the upcoming movie.

Drawn by Monkey Punch, the Lupin III franchise has received various anime adaptations since the manga was first published in 1967, including the most recent movie Lupin the IIIrd: Jigen Daisuke no Bohyou released in 2014. The movie itself is a sequel to the 13-episode long TV anime Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna, which premiered in Spring 2012. Discotek Media licensed the movie for North America towards the end of 2014, and released the movie in Blu-ray and DVD format in April of this year under its English title Lupin the Third: Jigen's Gravestone.


Official site:

Source: Otakomu

Lupin the IIIrd: Chikemuri no Ishikawa Goemon on MAL
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Sep 10, 2016 10:07 AM

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Totally excited for this....More Lupin is always a good thing :D

Sep 10, 2016 10:08 AM

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lol...surprised people aren't that
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Sep 10, 2016 10:21 AM
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Uhm interesting...Looking forward to it

OT: I always wonder what is the reception of Lupin III outside Japan. Here (Italy) is actually popular but what about America?
Sep 10, 2016 10:52 AM

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Awesome news! I always felt Goemon was a bit underrepresented in the films/specials compared to the rest of the gang (except for The Fuma Conspiracy), so I'm happy he's getting a movie where he's the focus again. And the fact that Takeshi Koike and company are working on the series again is the delicious icing on the cake.
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Sep 10, 2016 11:18 AM

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More Lupin is always appreciated, especially if the staff of the decent Jigen's Gravestone returns.
Stone Ocean adaption when?
Sep 10, 2016 12:20 PM

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god bless, i love lupin iii !!!!


watch nodame cantabile

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Sep 10, 2016 12:28 PM
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I still haven't watched any regular Lupin III but the Mine series and Jigen Gravestone were fucking amazing
Sep 10, 2016 12:31 PM

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Great news ! Can't wait for this sequel of the serie about Mine Fujiko which was already gorgeous, now it's Goemon's turn and i'm sure it will be good too. I really enjoyed Lupin III 2015, everything about it was perfect, be it the cast, the visual or the ost. So count me in for sure for this new film ^^
Sep 10, 2016 1:51 PM

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Oh shit this is looking super neat!
Loved the Lupin installments of the last few years and this seems like it might continue that trend.
Sep 10, 2016 2:00 PM
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Jigen movie first now Goemon movie, so i think Fujiko movie will be up next too
Sep 10, 2016 2:01 PM

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Seriously can't wait for this.
Sep 10, 2016 3:14 PM
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The Gravestone of Daisuke Jigen was one of the best Lupin films I'd seen, because of its stellar artwork from Takeshi Koike and its film-noir adventure tale. My only serious disappointment with it was the lack of Goemon, even though it was a gunslinger's tale and he'd have had little to do in such a story.

Thankfully, this seems to be a sequel to Gravestone, with Lupin and Co encountering Goemon for the first time. With the same crew on board, I have faith it will be as awesome as Gravestone was.
Sep 10, 2016 3:47 PM

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Is this the a hint for the adventure of the Lupin gang on the serious side? Guess that is something to look forward to.
Sep 10, 2016 4:39 PM

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Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone was really good, so I am looking forward to this, even though I am not really a fan of Goemon.
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Sep 10, 2016 7:36 PM

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Can't wait. I never was a huge fan of Goemon, but maybe this will make me love him.
Sep 10, 2016 8:41 PM

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More Lupin sounds awesome, can't wait to see this.
Sep 13, 2016 6:27 AM
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Sep 17, 2016 12:47 AM
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not a massive fan of Goemon like I am of Lupin and Jigen, but I think a gritty Goemon film has potential to be real quality. I'll watch it regardless, because anything Lupin related is always great. I wonder what the budget will be since it's a theatrical film instead of a TV special or OVA. I bet it's gonna look real pretty.

Most of all, I just want to see the return of Green jacket. we've gotten a lot of Blue in recent years, I think it's time to go back to green. Red can wait since that color has been used to death. Another thing i'm curious about is the villain. I wonder if he/she will be as cool as the guy from Jigen's Gravestone.

Can't wait for it to come out on Blue Ray so i can put it next to my Jigen's Gravestone Blue Ray.