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Jan 29, 2010 6:04 AM
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hello guys! nice to see you again! let's start this contest, okay? read the instructions so you won't get confused :)
1. pick any black cat image (the character must be from black cat anime / manga)
2. then edit it, whatever you’re editing it with, the result can be in psd, bmp, jpg, or gif file.
3. the fun part! Place a picture of you (it can be your real picture, or any anime or manga character is okay) beside your favorite black cat character! E.g.: I’m picking train’s pic. And I place a picture of nia teppelin beside him to see how compatible they are if displayed together!
4. and you can post it with any size, but if it takes more than 2mb you should link it.
5. Ecchi image is allowed, but no hentai/yaoi/yuri (that means no nudity, too.). e.g.: I place a Yoko (gurren lagan) image with her fan service image beside train. And it’s okay as long as it’s only ecchi.
6. If you put a picture of your real self, make sure you looks good! You can post it directly to the mal topic page, but if you’re shy but still prefer to put your own pic, you can link it.
7. Have fun! There’s no post limit for each member. Every time you have an idea, just post it or link it! We’ll wait for your creative ideas and techniques!
8. the contest closes on the end of 2010 (31st December, yes you’re right), so you still have a lots of time to think and create!
9. oh, one more thing, if you post a picture that looks similar to other member’s picture, it’s okay as long as you use different characters. Or else we’ll think that you’ve stolen another member’s idea.
10. and your own original character (if there is) is allowed to be posted, too. Just follow the standard rules, no hentai/yaoi/yuri, just ecchi. And put it beside one or two of your fave bc character!
11. at the end of the contest we’ll have a vote. Members that are online but not in the contest can also vote for the best picture of the contest! Members that are following the contest can also vote for other members they like. One member one vote, okay? So there won’t be any cheatings in the contest.
12. and remember, we created this contest not to test who is the best at making cool pictures, just having fun and make this club more alive!

*good luck!*
Jan 29, 2010 6:32 AM

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Just a random comment,the dateline is so long desu
We're just in january XD

Jan 29, 2010 6:35 AM
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Aireena said:
Just a random comment,the dateline is so long desu
We're just in january XD

that's why we give members freedom to post! XD