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Aug 11, 2016 11:50 AM

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I would have liked to learn more about Sayaka. What has she been doing in the afterlife? A bonus chapter of Sayaka and Adam falling in love would have entertained me too.

If Adam and Sayaka had met in the afterlife after Mizuki woke up from her coma, I would have liked to see what would have happened then. Adam's monologue at the very end displayed that he moved on...but how would he have handled it if he met Sayaka then? Adam did mature, so I don't envision him to relentlessly chase her like before...

^ However, if Sayaka simply doesn't exist in the afterlife because Mizuki is her reincarnation (thus, her soul is in earth)...then that just throws everything out the window. :/ Would that mean that Adam can no longer meet Sayaka until Mizuki dies and thus, when their soul goes to the afterlife?

Tomoki and Mizuki's relationship! Mizuki did smile and seemed to be in good shape. But what effort did Tomoki make? I doubt he'd go back to cheating.

The children! A little flashback of when they're all grown up and open up the time capsule would be the cutest thing ever! xD
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