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Poll: Under the Dog Episode 1 Discussion

Aug 18, 1:58 AM
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Very cool the animations, given the story that was being told at the same time. It didn't seem cool to me, but if it fit a series, with the same staff and direction it would be much more attractive.
Aug 25, 11:50 PM

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I didn't participate in said kickstarter everyone is going on about and have never heard of this anime before now. I enjoyed it to a point. I didn't like that the US Military was the bad guys here, seems to have tones of the current anti-american messages that are going on in japan at this time. Also they seemed to just be pale standin bad guys, since it's never explained as to why they are against the flowers and why they want the boy, it's obviously not because he was thought to be a white, they seem to have no knowledge of the existence of Pandoras from their reaction to the pandorazed person. Also the ending was very confusing.
Though, other than the ending, I don't agree that it was hard to understand, it was easy enough to fill in the gaps and figure out what was going on. I understand that it was supposed to be a series that never materialized, but I think it's easy enough to fill in the gaps with your own imagination, is everyone here so used to having every minor detail explained to them that they can no longer do that?
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