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Poll: Bananya Episode 5 Discussion

Aug 1, 2016 6:28 AM

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On this week's episode, Bananya and friends are visiting the refrigerator. They play around, blah blah blah, until they get cold so they left outside to warm up... except Daddy Bananya. He somehow fell asleep in there pffffft......

Also Long-haired Bananya is clearly best husbando this season xD Fuck off Komaeda
No seriously.
Aug 1, 2016 6:30 AM

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Bananya: The Adventure in the Refrigerator
If only my fridge was as exciting :(

It was funny when they said Daddy Bananya had a complex xD
Aug 1, 2016 7:48 AM

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long-haired bananya is the best thing ever
Aug 1, 2016 8:27 AM

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I expected someone to turn black.. oh well, at least the narrator noted it. :D Poor daddy bananya.
Aug 1, 2016 8:35 AM

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Kaji Yuki and his Nyaa
I can't really take this seriously xD

But this episode.. Still cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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Aug 1, 2016 9:14 AM

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Daddy bananya was hilarious. I really love how they show pictures of real cats at the end (: Are they producers' pets or fan-submitted pictures? Either way, a nice touch to an already cute show.
Aug 1, 2016 9:18 AM

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Don't stay in too long Daddy Bananya! XD
Aug 1, 2016 9:33 AM

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Haha Daddy Bananya got a massage using eggs. Good thing he didn't turn black.
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Aug 1, 2016 11:10 AM

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Narcissist Bananya is just fucking priceless lol
Aug 1, 2016 1:06 PM

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This show is so cute. Like it's so mindless but that's what makes it so nice. The bananyas acting like they were on a little field trip just by going to the refrigerator was fun to see. How could they just leave Daddy Bananya there though! He could get a cold...
Aug 1, 2016 1:18 PM
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one quote=one prayer
(for oji-san bananya)
[please don't quote me]

I was so jealous of that sun bathing aaaaaah
Aug 1, 2016 7:19 PM
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This show is really cute but I think I'm starting to get bored of it. It's really hard to rate this since it's so different from the standard anime style.

Aug 1, 2016 8:04 PM

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Oh daddy bananya...
Hi there
Aug 1, 2016 9:45 PM

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No more surprises from this anime
Aug 1, 2016 10:35 PM
Towel Attendant

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Nice episode from the refrigerator exploration all the way to the real cats at the end. My dose of cuteness is now full.
Aug 2, 2016 4:03 PM

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EXFalchion said:
participant_no_5 said:
Fuck off Komaeda

excuse me? what did you say?

Fuck off Komaeda. There I said it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
No seriously.
Aug 3, 2016 9:05 PM

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Oyaji, Kenaga Bananya = KajiKaji instantly noticed...not that I already knew...hehe
Aug 4, 2016 6:47 AM

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I like how daddy banana has "age spots" on his banana bottom XD
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Aug 4, 2016 2:16 PM

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I wish I had a carefree life like these bananyas. xD
Aug 5, 2016 8:27 PM
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Kenaga Bananya is Hirohiko Araki's cat. Is fabulous as hell!
Where are the JoJo's Onomatopoeias?
Aug 5, 2016 8:28 PM
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Jedi-Argento said:
Kenaga Bananya is Hirohiko Araki's cat. Is fabulous as hell!
Where are the JoJo's Onomatopoeias?

Hirohiko Araki's Bananya I mean.
Aug 8, 2016 8:19 PM
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Judging from this forum, I don't feel like I am the only 20 year old guy watching this
Aug 9, 2016 3:03 AM

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It's summer time here and it's fucking hot. I'd love to sleep in a refrigerator like the bananyas.

I didn't know that narcissist bananya hung out with them. I thought he had his own world because most narcissists do, it's nice to see him. He's so cute with his unkempt fur, it makes him look fluffy.

a_noobish_noob said:
Judging from this forum, I don't feel like I am the only 20 year old guy watching this

I'm turning 28 soon.
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Aug 17, 2016 9:29 PM

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DTUB said:
one quote=one prayer


Indians represent. 10/10 my country is considered curry country. Moustache on point.
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Sep 25, 2016 5:08 PM

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It was decent. not last last episode where I was traumatized lol

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Sep 30, 2016 9:57 AM

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Cats sure love tight and warm spaces! But well sometimes cold places as well it seems :p
Nov 2, 2016 3:17 PM

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lol they go chill in the refrigerator then warm up by the window. seems like a typical cat thing to do
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Mar 27, 2017 8:50 AM

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My refrigerator has a lot of food in it but none that I would like to eat... I want something more like the stuff in their fridge.

Sleeping in there feels like it'd be nice as well. Scoot over, Daddy Bananya, I'm going in~

Jun 10, 2017 7:23 AM
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Knowing what the fridge does to bananas I was a little worried for the bananyas but everyone got out safely. Umh...I guess except for daddy bananya who got the short end of the stick this episode. He got a cold and was insulted by the narrator. :D Also long haired bananya was especially cute this episode and so was bananyako.
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