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Jul 30, 2016 1:28 AM

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We have had enough information to decode the glyphs for quite a while, but nobody did it. So yesterday I decided to give it a try.

The glyphs that we have seen so far are part of 3 scripts - lets call them type1(latin), type2(kana) and type3(latin). Storywise, I guess type2 are i-glyphs, type1 are ro-glyphs and type3 are ha-glyphs, based on what Ram said when Subaru was studying, but since we don't know for sure, I will refer to them as type1/2/3.

The simple gylphs that were in the storybook Subaru was reading are type2, with some type1 on the cover, and the glyphs on the election board are type1. Type3 are standard english letters, but are styled in a very cursive way, almost as arabic script, and are difficult to read; pretty sure thats an excuse by the studio to just scrabble some random lines and make it pass as a sensible text. As a result I will only talk about type1 and type2.

Both of these scripts write in japanese, with type1 basicly being standard romanization. Type2 however has some rules to it, or rather lack of rules. There are no ways to change the strength of the consonant, for example 'ka' and 'ga' have the same glyph; vowel repetition is done by, well, simply typing it again; and all of the small kana characters are written as normal glyphs.

Lets start with type1. It being a simple remap of latin, and the election board having so much text, gives us almost the entire script with the exception of 'Q' and 'X', since these do not appear in japansese. The newspaper the tavern keeper was reading gives us an additional letter, which I mapped to 'Q' since the next one was 'u', and it did not seem to be a latin name.

Here is the key

Glyphs in blue are based of a very low resolution source and their specifics may be wrong.

I also went to transliterate the entire election board, the script of which I will post below. Note also that as a standard weeb, I only know basic japanese, so someone else will have to translate it.

Some notes on the names on the election board:
- Anastasia Hoshin is spelled Anastasia Hosin, not suprising since 'shi' is often romanized as 'si'.
- Crusch Karsten is spelled Kurtyu Carsten, possibly a mispell since the character for 'yu' is present in her katakana name, just not read that way.
- Priscilla Barielle is spelled Priscilla Valiero, which is interesting.
- Lugnica is spelled Rugnica, but since the 'u' after 'g' is missing I doubt it is a mispell. Probably it is meant to be read as Rugnica.

Now type2, I mapped mainly from the book Subaru was reading, and the several books Betty threw at him. One of them actually had a key planted there to help the viewers decode the script ... or it could have been a lazy animator just asked to put some random text. 3 glyphs are missing as of now, including the 2 obsolete.

Here is the key

The mapping of 'ya' is only based on the "tale of the dragon", in the image below marked as numeric variable (11), and is uncertain.

A note on the 'hidden' images from the first opening and the text there - ...
EDIT: I figured out what the text there is. It is

And as a final, the runic title of the series reads 'r e ze ro ka ra ha shi me ru i se ka i se i ka tsu', with 'r e' being in type1 and the rest in type2. But it is really disorted to see the glyphs' specifics just from it.

I will update the key if new information is available.
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Jul 30, 2016 1:31 AM

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The script from the election board.
Keep in mind that the size of the majority of these glyphs was very small, so there could be errors.
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Jul 31, 2016 3:39 PM

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Just wanted to say thanks for doing this. I always like these little bits of worldbuild-iness and hidden content.
Aug 2, 2016 1:42 PM

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longtail_kat said:
I always like these little bits of worldbuild-iness and hidden content.

Yeah me too.
I don't know how much of these bits however are part of the original novels, because some seem thought out, and others seem like they were just put there to fit the gaps on the screen.

Like for example, in the first episode in the market you can read that apples (ringo) are 'ringa', which we already knew, lemons (remon) are 'monre' (really? >.<), and peaches (momo) are pipi/bibi. Also their currency is 'en', which could be just yen since I think the kanji for yen can be read as en too.

I have updated the main post with some additional data I found.
Sep 18, 2016 7:22 PM

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Dang, this is awesome! I honestly didn't even notice the glyphs in those shots before! Well done putting all this together!