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Create your clans man and once created must join up with a king.
Jul 19, 2016 3:25 PM

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Name:Janette silver
Power:Master hacker
Position:vice commander

Power explination:Janette is able to hack any and decrypted any type of device and networks, which allows her to monitor, plant viruses or get valiable data and information with out being seen or leaving any type of trail she was ever in the system. Janette is also capable of hacking near impossible networks such as military and secret orginaztions. This also allows Janette to create digital surroundings to fit her beneficially in fighting.

Weapons: digital watch that spawns various lightweight and few heavy weapons for fighting capabilites.

Spawned light weapons:spikied gloves, daggers, fighting toufus, chain scythe, light weight sythe

Spawned heavy weapons:great sword, halberd, spear.

Character picture:

Personality:Janette is not your typical hacker, Janette has hacked most of the government's chain of networks and controls them to her kings will. Although Janette is a hacker you cant tell by looking at her, Janette likes to sing as she has a day job of being a celebrity singer.

Clan:shadows midnight

Bio:Janette has alot of battle experiance since katsu has trained her himself, katsu values her skills and talents as a hacker and a singer. Janette was poor and unknown when katsu found her and took her in, with in 3 years he has made her one of the biggest celebrities in Katsugiu.
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