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Kings creation only, only a king can harm another king but it is a disaster if 2 or more kings are in the same area. All kings are able to create a dome like energy shield using their own kings essance but the color is based off the color king you create. These shields may only be used up to 3x max per battle
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Name:Katsu Inagi
King:Black king aka shadow king
King essance:kings black matrix
Kings power:Kings black fire
Kings essance explination: when all the black clans man are together next to the kings area they gain increased strength and power up to 200% to their abilities. As a passive the king can appear and disappear from a dark matrix seal that he creates. This also allows the king to form dome like shield to protect himself from other kings attacks but this is limited to 3 times a battle

Kings power explination:kings black fire is the worst fire there is, anyone besides katsu is engulfed in this fire will instantly lose all oxygen in their body and fall unconscious. Kings black fire isn't hot but the opposite it's 100 trillion degrees below zero but doesnt freeze, rather the cold burns objects up instantly without fail. The user is capable of engulfing this power into a single point in the body making him able to counter swords or any weapon unarmed and unharmed. When katsu has engulfed his body in this flame he is able to walk through walls of any kind with ease as the wall will melt making a large hole for him to walk through. Katsu is capable of cloaking his daggers and spiked knuckles glove in the kings black fire making these weapons 3x more destructive then normal.

*Kings spiteful blade-this cloaks the throwing blades in a cold black fire the cancels out manipulation powers when thrown around the target so they can't fade through objects such as walls floors ect. This will also cause a minor explosion if touched by anyone other than the black king.

*Black kings hellfire-black fire falls from the sky all around the area, as it hits the ground it will make a wall encase the area so no one can escape. If anyone besides the black king is hit they will also be incased in an inescapable wall of black fire that saps oxygen from the air.

*Kings burnino fist-katsu cloaks his fist in black fire thus increasing his physical strength beyond a normal kings strength by 2.5x the power of a meteorite.

Kings weapons:spiked knuckles,throwing knives

Throwing knives:

Spiked knuckles:

Clans mark picture:

Character picture:

Sword of damocles:
This appears in the sky when a king is about to use his power or getting ready to fight.

Clan name: shadows midnight

Personality-katsu is a tatics genius his fighting capabilities aren't anything to laugh at either. Katsu is an evil minded spiteful and cruel individual who shows no mercy to those who double cross or betray him. He enjoys the hunt like a rabbid beast, he will toy with his pray till he gets bored then kills them with no regrets. Katsu is ex military he was in many branches all over the world since he was a child such as the green barret, special ops , Russian special spetz amd Chinese special forces. Katsu has the look of an empty souless person with a sick personality of a psychopath though he acts normal till he is betrayed. Katsu can be an asshole at times and he will tell you if he doesn't care. His reflexes and attacking speed or beyond superhuman. Katsu practices MMA and participates in underground UFC fighting in the underground world. Katsu is also the youngest Mob boss leader in existence and is quite feared since all who follow him are also ex- military from thos military forces he was part of as a commander.

Bio:Not much is known about katsu Inagi aka the black king since there has only been 7 kings till now.

@Titanania done
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