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Poll: Kuma Miko Episode 12 Discussion

Sep 2, 2016 9:18 PM

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I feel I could say a lot about this, but I'll keep it short:

I wish MAL (My Anime Logout) would stop making me reset my password. STOP.

Sep 9, 2016 11:51 AM

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wtf just happened x.x
Sep 25, 2016 1:54 PM

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whelp, i suppose it was heading toward this ending all along, mh.
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Oct 4, 2016 12:02 PM
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Well, i guess Machi is one of the most annoying characters i've ever seen
Oct 11, 2016 4:23 AM

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I want to punch Natsu in the face. What a total ass. I know this is anime only, but he's fully become an enabler, abuser even. What a selfish asshole. I hate Yoshio as well, for forcing Machi into things, but at least he really did think he as helping.
Oct 15, 2016 4:58 AM

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Started out great and funny, but ended up pretty poor and tasteless.
Oct 21, 2016 12:55 PM

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Wow, I see now with all the backlash the final episode gets, that was not funny for Machi.. really fucked up if you think about it. I don't like that the script writer did not own up to his mistake, deleted his twitter account, removed this title from his filmography and treated it as if he never worked on the series, that's pretty fucked up. It's like he's saying that he's not in the wrong, and he has lost all his credibility for me. People who won't admit they're wrong will not change their way because they see nothing wrong with it.

That said, the ending is not the only issue I have with the series. From what I read, the author apparently think that this series is full of "sexual appeal"? I disliked the crude sexual jokes and I don't like watching Machi getting sexually assaulted by Yoshio, or the kids fantasizing about Machi getting raped or in a sexual act.

The story of the series also didn't interest me. The characters didn't either. Everything about this series was meh, and the promotional picture for this series is very misleading because the series itself doesn't give off that vibe you get when you look at the promo pic.

Very disappointed with this series because I was expecting a good miko/jinja-theme slice of life. I don't know how can anyone compare this to Gingitsune, at least Gingitsune had superb soundtrack. Just go listen to "Satoru to Haru" from Gingitsune OST album, it's fantastic. This was mediocre.
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Nov 20, 2016 5:36 AM

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Well that was a fucked up ending. 6/10 maybe 5/10 if I change my mind later. Also fuck Yoshio.

Dec 13, 2016 2:07 AM

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ok.... I finally finished this anime...
the end was really frustrating ^^'

I feel really sorry for Machi... is like she was bullied the entire anime... Natsu always throw her at difficult situations that force her to embarassement... instead of trying to help her to overcome her social anxiety through experience, he is only teasing her to make her give up of the dream of study in the city o_õ

and, Yoshio is such a dense and selfish guy... even if they say that he is doing everything "for the sake of the village", always feels like he is just having fun in make Machi embarassed... (and Natsu help, in order to make her give up)

but, in episode 11, Natsu realized his selfish behavior... and admitted that he was trying to make Machi stay in the village with him... so, he feel bad and run to the city to help her... great!

in the end, she managed to make her apresentation... great too!
but, for some reason, had this allucination of people mistreating her... and decide to stay in the village...

and everyone seems fine with this o_õ
wth? Where's is that Natsu from the episode 11 that was sorry because he wished Machi stay in the village forever?
it's ok to let Machi believe that city people was mean to her?... it's ok to let her give up of her dream because of something that never happened?

I would be fine with she staying in the village with Natsu if it were for her own decision based in real facts (like, if she had realized that live in the city would be too much for her now... what's kind of true)...

but is frustrating that she hasn't progressed anything (actually, she regressed)... and the other characters don't even care, since theirs selfish objectives are going well
Jan 7, 2017 4:55 AM
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I agree with a lot of people here, this show had potential during the first half and then it tanked. A lot of episodes Machi's "friends" and guardians just seemed to be exploiting her in creepy ways for their own interests. I became increasingly creeped out as the series continued and couldn't even watch all the way through a few episodes (like the commercial one).

Like others said, Machi's "clueless country girl" personality was way over done and seemed to get worse and worse as the episodes continued until it was so exaggerated it was if she had a mental disorder. And again, her "friends" and guardians just seemed to exploit that.

I came into the show hoping for a cute slice of life series with a bit of folklore or Shinto info, and instead it just left a bad taste in my mouth. I guess I wasn't the target audience.
Apr 28, 2017 11:09 AM
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GenesisAria said:

TL;DR - It's better to appreciate what you have and what's around you instead of depreciating everything and tunnel-visioning on a far-fetched dream. Focus on small dreams.

Some people wanna go all the way, that's fine too, but most people depreciate what's around them because "it's not good enough", and waste, leave people behind, and so on.

Have YOU ever lived for years with a crippling mental illness? I'm guessing you didn't. People don't treat their mental illnesses because of "society", they do it because having a serious mental illness is HORRIBLE.
Apr 29, 2017 3:58 PM

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What are you on about? This anime doesn't have any mental illness in it period. She's just an ignorant and naïve child who has some anxiety.
Unless you counter general stupidity amongst the townspeople as "illness".
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Dec 5, 2017 10:34 AM

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I had alot of fun watching this. Machi really cute, Natsu the cool guy bear, some romance in the air, some culture, something outside of the glamorous cities and Machis passion and fear for the more developed world was something else amoung all those city schoolgirls you see all the time in other shows. Music also great! The episodes put a smile on me after the rough days I had. The end also was kinda expected, so nothing wrong with it. My enjoyment gives this show a solid 0,85 for a short show ment to be just normal and not crazy fun. If I had known this when I stumbled into that little kuma miko promo event in Akiba last year where I first got in contact with this show, I would have bought some stuff. But I did later coincidentally … x) ♪kuma miko … dancing dancing♫ =D
Apr 23, 2018 4:37 PM

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This is one of those show that could have been so great if they just handled the story better, as soon as that irritating dumb idiot Yoshio enters and start dragging Machi into all kinds of forced situations it goes down hill fast. Also the 'biker girl' was just another one of those irritating characters that drags the show down.
It started great in the first 1-3 episodes, but sadly crashed badly after that.
Oct 26, 2018 2:48 PM
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I think the biggest problem with Kuma Miko is the lack of proper punchlines. For example, there are a couple of perverted scenes that have reactions as punchlines, but not all of them feel complete. Some of the moments were left hanging, and it just felt awkward afterwards. This then leads into the suffering scenes, where they're supposed to be comedic moments accompanied by Machi's inner anxieties and panic attacks. If the show were trying to be dramatic at those times, they instead feel really out of place since Machi's anxieties haven't really been discussed earnestly.

They've been joked around with, or been given scenes of sudden weight that leaves Machi emotionally wrecked. Not too much in between. Perhaps that was the intent? This country girl, sheltered and constantly given grief over her ignorance to city life, is forcing herself to leave her kinda-sorta hikikomori lifestyle, but constantly fails to commit? I think the comedy is supposed to come from Machi's reactions, but those reactions are derived from bullying, being pushed around, suffering, or running away screaming. I don't dislike this show, but it sort of bugs me. It seems to want to tell a touching story about revitalizing the village, but it also wants its comedic interjections. They don't completely mesh, which is why I'm a bit bothered.

Thinking about it, if the intent was to have a comedic slice of life-ish adventure to revitalize the village, rather than using the miko sacrifice bit as a super painful excuse, I think actually promoting the village through its cultural traditions in earnest would have worked better. Don't try to make the idol bit akin to self-sacrifice, as that makes the whole act feel forced and underhanded, regardless of intentions. Or, well, I have no idea why the sacrifice bit needed to be written into the story to begin with. Couldn't the story just be about a village with a long-standing tradition of living with bears, where the shrine maidens would act as spiritual mediums for communication? From there, could they tour around the local area advertising the shrine maiden work?

As is, the village seems quaint, the villagers seem mostly content, and the children are able to own modern cellphones. It may be a backwater village, but it doesn't seem too bad. As is, there's no real sense of urgency that would drive Yoshio as hard as he acted. The comedy could come from the main characters' perpetual poverty and the lack of villagers to do work, emphasizing the need for village promotion. I dunno, just something to alleviate the drama and to give the comedy some direction.
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