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Each dorm consists of two rooms, being connected to each other.

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Jesus Gavin Todd

Gavin finally makes it to his dorm after walking from the pool to the school and on to the dorms. He sighed as he walked around to see what his from would be like. He noticed how he would soon have a room mate, but instead of dwelling on that he just thought about what bed to take. He went for the one nearest to the window. He left his new water short there, and noticed how his bags and other things were left there for him. A note was left.

Gavin read the letter and looked a bit happier. At the least he knew he still had his sister, after reading it he saw his metal staff and that he had some fresh clothes. He decided to shower, and so he wasted no time and showered. After that he put on some regular clothes and decided to maybe go to the bark for a walk, or a store to buy some things. His head was still flooding with doubts., and unwanted thoughts, but again, they were suppressed once more by Gavin. He looked around the dorm for a bit and sighed again, "Some place to call home for now, yet you don't feel it now don't you Jesus. Why can't you except that you are not that bad man." his thoughts drifted away saying this in his head. He shook his head and rubed his eyelids, and relaxed again. He walked towards the entrance of the dorm, and just thought out loud, "The hell am I going to say to them when they see me again. I didn't think this through." he then walked out of the dorm, Gavin left to the park.
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