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Poll: Isekai Yakkyoku Volume 2 Discussion

Jun 3, 2016 2:15 PM

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The MC is much more OP than I had thought. I mean, not just about the medical field but knowledge about knowing what to do to fix patients in general..and his potential status as a Medicine God and mastering the Divine Medical Wand.

I'm also starting to like Ellen quite a bit after seeing more of her role.

I wonder how many more members the Pharmacy Guild will attract.
Jun 14, 2020 2:16 AM

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A month after the establishment of a pharmacy. Different World Pharmacy is still quiet. However, they have not received any harassment from the Pharmacists' Guild. No matter how people looked at the shop, it looked like a shop that only served aristocracy, that was what Ellen said. so, customers like wealthy merchants and low-class aristocrats are the only ones who occasionally visit the store. That way, some high-class aristocrats viewed the pharmacy as a third tier, considered it unsuitable because of their family status, and therefore could not meet their demands appropriately. However, they often come to buy cosmetics and hand creams. Even in cases of serious illness, aristocrats will still seek the services of First or Second Class Pharmacists to make house calls, and therefore do not need to buy medicines.

Supported by a female maid, the young woman leaning on the carriage looked very pale. The woman thought that the medicine finally came, because it was the child who came, she had a confused expression on her face. When Falma saw him, he thought he was a nobleman who was in his teens. She looks like a princess of a marquis. Falma shows him the badge on his collar. Because it was important for Falma's work, he placed the Crown Pharmacist's crown badge on the collar of his white coat. He decided to show off his identity, because if he didn't, he might be underestimated because he was still a child, and then the medical examination would be denied.

There is an incision. It looks like a wound from a phlebotomy. (Self-harming, right. No, it doesn't look like he did this to himself, as I thought.) Within one week, please visit the pharmacy. That was what Falma promised, and that day, she shut herself on the 4th floor of Different World Pharmacy, where her laboratory was located. She decided to make a harmless cosmetic foundation that can be used to brighten skin tone.