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Poll: Isekai Yakkyoku Volume 1 Discussion

Jun 2, 2016 6:39 AM

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So the time setting takes place around 20XX C.E and the MC died by Acute Myocardial Infarction.

I'm kinda curious about some of the characters especially Lotte and Eleonora (Ellen). The student-master relationships in this series even has a feel of realism to it despite the fantasy setting imo. A decent amount info about Divine Arts soon. For the first volume, I think the series got the mechanics down well in terms of what it tried to present.
Jun 14, 2020 2:09 AM

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Careful care of the Emperor of Elizabeth was well underway. Falma attended Ellen's lecture in the morning, then she would go to the palace with her father after lunch to make sure the Emperor of Women took the potion. Had become a habit. It hasn't been long but they have seen signs of improvement in the queen's condition. Falma has been wary of side effects such as liver damage. Falma was monitoring diligently by taking test data because she could not digitize simple biochemical tests. With the queen's weak constitution, its use of Divine Art is affected, but no side effects are seen. Emperor Woman also developed well because the blood on her phlegm had subsided. In the third month, the results of tuberculosis in his body are almost non-existent.

Although the influence of divine art was very small there was no harm in exploring deeper. Falma advised all palace staff working at the Royal Palace to take medicine as a precaution. This was because several palace doctors, the queen's personal servants, and the prince himself were infected, so Falma made a schedule to begin treating him. As for all of them, maybe because they were nobles rather than ordinary people, no severe side effects were observed. Of course, he did not neglect his father who was his closest patient.

Palace bureaucrats and nobles stood while the national anthem was played. The Queen, wearing a long red robe, entered the hall followed by her entourage.

Emperor of the Women of the San Fleuve Empire, Elizabeth II.
Receiving the imperial crown, she sat on the throne with the Emperor's Scepter and glanced at the palace. She was not an obedient patient following Falma's words, but regained the presence of a sovereign ruler. She is filled with dignity as a queen. Reddish cheeks and eyes with shiny silver hair. She showed off a radiant beauty.

Falma wondered if it was okay for her father, who was her mentor, to allow her to become a true pharmacist. That's what he thought, but such worries were unfounded. Now Falma is a full pharmacist, her father awaits her. His father took a new glass of wine and said. With the restoration of the Queen, the political situation in San Fleuve will stabilize. Falma along with her father felt relieved. But on the same day, Falma received a personal letter addressed to him.