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May 6, 2016 5:44 PM

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Better than Winter 2016 i'd say so far, a couple good new anime and some great sequels/spin offs with Magi: Sinbad no Bouken and JoJo Season 4.

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May 6, 2016 6:00 PM

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I'm only watching Kotetsujou no Kabaneri and Boku no hero academia right now. It's not because I dislike what's on the menu, but because I simply didn't have much free time to watch much anime lately, plus I've been playing Dangan Ronpa 2 which I was really hyped for.

KnK looks really promising so far. I'm starting to like cast much more after last two episodes. I can't say where they're gonna take the story now, but if they keep it at this quality while also giving us more character development, introducing more tough enemies (last episode set a foundation for it) that will pose threat to main cast, and keep amazing 3D scenes like the ones we had in latest episode it could end up being a strong 8, or even a solid 9.

Boku no hero academia - It's pretty entertaining (although I only watched first 3 episodes but will watch the other two as well). Nothing too amazing but it's fun and charming. Just don't go in expecting One Punch Man 2 and you should be fine.

I also plan to watch new JoJo anime but I kinda wanted to save it for later because I got high expectations but not all that much time to appreciate stuff right now.
Also I might check Stay Dogs and Flying Witch as well.

If I had more time I would probably watch more stuff, but right now I gotta be a bit more picky.
I do agree that this season feels weaker than previous two, but that's mainly because those seasons had 2nd or 3rd seasons of many well known shows running, as well as some titles that got really super popular (One Punch Man, Boku Dake). Basically there's much less hype right now...

BlueBalls said:
Phoenix Wright is just bad all over. The best I can say about this one is that it is a faithful adaptation. I still don't know why they decided to spoil the murderer at the beginning of each case.

I haven't watched PW anime yet, but I remember that first two cases of the first game, and first case of the JFA had murder revealed during the introduction scene. Could be that there were more cases like those three but I can't remember right now since it's been a long time since I last played Ace Attorney game.

Which cases is the anime following?

Personally I would like to see Gyakuten Kenji 2 animated. I think that one would work best in the anime format since there are no filler cases and it's full of twists through out whole game.
May 6, 2016 6:00 PM

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I've really liked everything that I've watched thus far honestly. Mind you I had actually no expectations going into any of these shows since I basically never look into anime before watching them, I usually just based what I watch on their premise or sometimes(or rather more often times) on a whim. I wouldn't say any of these shows have particularly gripping stories or characters, but in terms of enjoyment value I've enjoyed these shows immensely, enough so that I am actually bothering to watch things as they air (which I never do.)

Mayoiga is probably my current anime of the season.... and no I don't know why, but I find it immensely entertaining.
May 6, 2016 7:16 PM

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keragamming said:
OneTrueEmiya said:

This, hype is the bane of anime. I always love getting surprised by anime like Sakamoto that come out of seemingly nowhere. Far better than hyping up something that ends up mediocre :3

Sakamoto was being hype up though, from manga readers. A lot of people thought it may become a big hit like opm.

To be honest, it's a solid OPM-tier anime for me, so I find it living up to the hype. Not sure about what others feel though.
May 6, 2016 7:36 PM

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I've been out of anime since the beginning of this year, due to getting heavily involved in competitive gaming, which I am now out of at the moment, and am now putting much of my time into anime again, where it should be.

It was the appropriate time to get back into anime anyway as I am a long-time fan and die-hard Sailor Moonie, and as we all may be aware, Season III of SMC just began airing this spring. Needless to say, SMC Season III is meeting every expectation I've had thus far, and I am quite enjoying Dog Days (Season 1) so far as well.

On the other hand, there has been some shitty anime series that I've watched this spring, such as 07-Ghost, but I couldn't really tell you in much detail as to what made it such a garbage anime to me. I just remember getting through the first six episodes of the series during the first night of watching it, and felt that I was not really enjoying it, like, At All. It was the type of anime that disinterested me so much that by the time I got through the first six episodes of it during night 1, I didn't even know what I was watching. That only happens to me when I am not taking to a plot. My reason for disliking the anime doesn't really have to have a reason though. It just is what it is. I found it extremely boring and felt like it was a task just to burn through six episodes of it each night.

On the other hand, I jumped over to 11eyes immediately after watching through 07-Ghost, and that anime easily got a 9/10 in my opinion, with a Review, due to having everything in it that I like to see in an anime.

I love rating systems for this very reason. If an anime steals hours of your life away for being so bad, you at least get the satisfaction of rating it public-ally for every viewer of your Anime List to see just how much you detested it.

But just to clarify, this is just my opinion. I'm sure there are lots of people who thought 07-Ghost was good if not a masterpiece. I didn't though lol.
May 6, 2016 7:44 PM

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I think it is a pretty good season so far there is only 1 anime I didn't like from what I've watched.
May 6, 2016 8:25 PM

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Well for me I enjoyed a lot of this season's shows I think because I didn't set any high expectations out of any of them
May 7, 2016 3:44 AM

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There's atleast one show every season that's gonna suit you just well, you just have to find it first. Sometimes the good ones get buried under all the trash that airs every season.

For example Tanaka-kun and Flying Witch.

May 7, 2016 3:56 AM

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1 - Re:zero 8.5/10
2 - Kuromukuro & Kabaneri 8/10
3 - Flying Witch & Netoge 7.5/10
4 - Kiznaiver 7/10
5 - Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge 6.5/10
6 - Big Order 6/10
May 7, 2016 4:04 AM

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Anne Happy: Cute anime but that's it, not much to see here.

Flying Witch: AMAZING anime with a great pace and sooooo relaxing. I consider this a spiritual successor to Aria.Best anime Spring 2016.

Gakusen Toshi2: More action is always better.

Gyakuten Saiban: WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, why do they have to mess this adaptation up, tjhe game with a voiceover would've been better than this,

Haifuri: Cool anime, but too much character(?) for now. I expect a GuP progression for this anime.

Kuromukuro: Meh

Magi: It's so much different to the original Magi series that I would consider this another franchise. It's still very good tho.

Sakamoto Desu ka?: I thought the anime adaptation would be better than the manga, I was wrong.

Tanaka-kun: Another great anime this season, again, slow and plain. But the humor is very funny in this anime.

Ushio2: More production value is always good.
May 7, 2016 6:09 AM

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many ok-good anime but no outstanding/amazing ones. watching 8 anime this season over all.

Flying Witch 9/10 (aots so far)
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 8,75/10
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri 8,5/10
Boku no Hero Academia 8/10
Bungou Stray Dogs 7,75/10
Joker Game 7,5/10
Magi: Sinbad no Bouken (TV) 7/10
Kiznaiver 6.75/10
Sakamoto desu ga? 6/10 (already dropped, not my type of anime)

Modified by Galaxy__, May 7, 2016 6:18 AM
Chimera-Ant Arc sucks
A1-Pictures is great
Lelouch is alive
May 7, 2016 6:09 AM

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Picked up a chunk. I'm okay with the season, it keeps me watching even if I'm not super excited for anything (except Re:Zero).
May 7, 2016 9:41 AM
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Honestly, it is the first season in a while that I liked. I usually struggle to even get through 1 or 2 shows per season and this season I am enjoying 3.
May 7, 2016 10:32 AM

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Great season overall.
Kabaneri, Re:Zero, and Hero Academia impressed me quite a bit so far.
Too early to have a clear opinion yet on Kiznaiver, Bungou, and Joker game but they all have some good aspects
Assassination Classroom has been really really good lately.
I laugh quite a bit in Sakamoto but I think I will enjoy less as season goes on. I hope I'm proven wrong
Tanaka-kun and Flying Witch has been very relaxing to watch. The fact I watch it on Sunday afternoons in my timezone makes it even better.
Netoge has been amusing to watch but I find it slightly unrelatable as a non-gamer
Haifuri is getting more interesting while Sousei is getting less engaging.
I don't really like Kuma Miko as much as other SoLs.
The quantity of anime this season I'm watching made me forget the existence of garbage such as Hundred and the Ace Attorney adaption.
May 8, 2016 10:45 PM

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I was disappointed by a few of the shows this season, but at least there was a bunch of interesting concepts and ideas. Normally theres one, maybe two shows that sound promising enough every season for me to pick up. This season I was following like 12 for the first few weeks. Yes a lot of disappointments but better than there being nothing interesting what-so-ever
May 8, 2016 10:50 PM

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Only shows i've dropped so far are Mayoiga and Kuromukuro. The former is so overly melodramatic it's embarassing to watch while the latter had nobody that i actually care for.
May 8, 2016 11:12 PM

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Mostly mediocre past the first impression

This is the last time I'm watching 20 anime in one season
May 8, 2016 11:15 PM

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Surprisingly good.

Sakamoto desu ga? is fantastic. Tanaka-kun is fun. Flying Witch is comfy. Re:Zero is potential AOTY. Netoge is shameless pandering of the right kind. There were a few disappointments such as Kiznaiver and BnHA, but overall it's an impressive season, especially compared to the last couple of seasons we've had.
Now you're wondering if there's white text in any of my other posts.

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May 9, 2016 4:47 AM

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loving this season so far

surprised at the amount of good shows tbh
May 9, 2016 11:40 AM

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If we're scoring them, here's what I think out of the ones I've seen:

Re:Zero - 9/10 potentially 8-10/10 potentially AOTS potentially AOTY

Sakamoto desu ga? - 9/10 potentially 8-10/10 potentially AOTS

Flying Witch - 8/10 potentially 7-8/10

Tanaka-kun - 8/10 potentially 7-8/10

Netoge - 8/10 potentially 6-8/10

Uchuu Patrol Luluco 6/10 potentially 5-7/10

Mayoiga - 6/10 potentially 4-7/10

Anne Happy - 5/10, put on hold, potentially 4-7/10

Boku no Hero Academia - 5/10, dropped, potentially 5-7/10

Joker Game - 4/10, dropped, potentially 4-7/10

Kiznaiver - 4/10, dropped, potentially 4-6/10
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Now you're wondering if there's white text in any of my other posts.

Over there, I'm everywhere. I know that.
May 9, 2016 11:58 AM

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I think it's an okay season. I ended up generally picking up more this time around for whatever reason, but I think overall I've found some shows I think are pretty funny. Mayoiga... I was HOPING for something that I'd be able to take seriously, but it's a pretty entertaining watch, even if it is a disappointment.

I'm enjoying Re:Zero and Kabaneri though. Same with Kiznaiver. Some of the other stuff I've seen is okay, I think.
May 9, 2016 11:59 AM

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Its alright.
Netoge and Boku no Hero are pushing it, dunno bout ReZero
May 9, 2016 2:50 PM

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Absolutely enjoying so far:

- Re:Zero (best of the season for me so far, and tied with KonoSuba for best of the year).
- Flying Witch (absolutely great).
- Sakamoto (so far I like it, but I feel it will get old too fast. Hopefully it follows the route of OPM and it somehow doesn't).
- Kabaneri, Tanaka-kun, Kiznaiver, Boku no Hero Academia, Bungou Stray Dogs and Netoge: all are some degree of fine or good so far. Agreed with the guy that said Netoge is the right kind of shameless pandering.

Watching just because:

- Anne Happy: it is cute, and has an interesting premise, but it doesn't move the needle for me. Some gags I enjoy, some I dont. An average show.
- Sousei no Onmyouji: Great first episode; the rest were less than I expected. I did pick up the manga because of the first episode, and i love it.
- Seisen Cerberus: mediocre show, but still watch it because there are no other releases on Mondays here and it isn't a real bore.
- Uchuu Patrol Luluco: it¡s wacky, but I might drop it. The humor is too hit or miss.
- Endride: on the verge of dropping.
- Kuromukuro: mediocre so far, but I think it still has potential.
- Big Order: some weird mess that still entertains sometimes.
- Asterisk War: more of the same average first season, but at least it has more action.
- High School Fleet: I love CGDCT, and the story is at least interesting (not to mention I love that I'm finally watching an anime centering on actual naval warships). Still, the characters are too boring, except for 2-3.
- Phoenix Wright: too campy, even for me. And it's a complete mess from a storytelling point of view, in my opinion.
- 12-sai: interesting to see; nothing out of the ordinary.

The disappointments:

- Mayoiga: I ended up switching to just treat it as a comedy. The characters are too annoying to really be invested in them.
- Joker Game: so far is average to fine, but I did expect way more from this. A couple of episodes were excellent, but then you have the rest which to me were simply boring.

Haven't watched Magi: Sinbad yet, as I'm waiting for it to finish and binge watch it along with the main magi seasons.
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May 9, 2016 3:19 PM

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Imo, Some are the most cliche and some make me think they're literally the same as another popular anime
but for the most part theyre pretty good. Some are quite unique if i do say so myself
May 9, 2016 4:40 PM

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There are enough good shows to occupy me so generally feeling satisfied.
May 9, 2016 4:57 PM

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There are so many moe shows this season its the best! If you disagree you dont know good anime and probably have bad waifu taste!
May 9, 2016 6:11 PM
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JoJo (~8), Mayoiga(~7.5), and maybe ConRevo (~6.5) seem like they'll be the only memorable ones. But at least Kiznaiver(~6.75), Flying Witch(~6.5), BnHA(~7), and Macross Delta(~4.5) keep things interesting. Luluco (~6) I like, but I don't get the hype. I was way more into Inferno Cop's style. Kabaneri and Re:Zero also sound interesting, but I'm not watching them.

Also YuGiOh Arc V has been stagnant, but Dragon Ball Super keeps getting better.

Shows I watch ASAP:
Dragon Ball

Shows I make sure to catch:

Shows I might catch up on:
Flying Witch
YuGiOh Arc V
Macross Delta
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May 9, 2016 6:16 PM
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So compared to my previous impression (

Dogs: some nice Bones animation. Less bad comedy, more interesting plot. Izaya's voice.
Sakamoto: still funny & unexpected.
Bakuon/Luluco: more crazy
Netoge: more amazing, balanced comedy, social issues, & feels.
Zero: great characters & comedy. Should marathon for the heavy arcs, but it's too good to wait.
Kuromukuro: Lively funny characters. Still don't like mech designs but they make some great fight choreography. Mainly comedy, but mystery building up fine for 2-cour pacing.
Macross: Frejya amazing VA. Several songs & dancing mechs. Great fights. Conflict already setup for 2-cour.
Tanaka-kun: Relaxing & all characters are fun. Relationships really work.
Kiznaiver: still crazy styled, but relationships are building & plot is forming.
Kabaneri: lots of fast paced tension & train conflicts. Bit of mysteries/cliffhangers.

Mayoiga/Big Order: most popcorn fun when drunk.

Onmyouji: occasional great animation, interesting premise. Recently boring pace & wonky art. Mc's angst period drags. Annoying sides.
Super lovers: less offensive. Weird time skips. Some funny. Only watching for animals.
Shounen Maid: cleaning is repetitive, but cute & relaxing?
An/Kuma/Sansha: keeps switching between funny cute vs boring pacing with bad jokes. An has more feels & energy. Kuma triggers. Sansha most relaxing.

On-Hold to marathon:
Attorney: marathon might ease the pain of bad execution.
Joker game: mystery arcs seem better that way.

Endride: dropped, has potential, but boring
Hundred: UN-dropped, dunno know why...
Cerberus: i can bear the bad animation. Watching for a few characters, and economics/politics (rare in recent shows).
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May 9, 2016 6:38 PM
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I've been watching A LOT less than the past few seasons due to time constraints, but I'm enjoying everything I'm watching, even Mayoiga which is really bad.

Favorites of the season are:
1) Flying Witch - Absolutely love it. Up there with Aria and Natsume Yuujinchou for me.
2) Re:Zero - This surprised me, this is the series I'm definitely the most excited for.
3) Macross Delta - I REALLY need to watch previous Macross installments this summer.
4) Kiznaiver - Based Trigger delivers.
5) Ushio & Tora S2 - Almost as good as HxH, my favorite action series of all time.

Runner ups are BnHA and Sailor Moon Crystal S3, which are so so good. Everything else is decent.
May 9, 2016 7:04 PM
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So far I think this season is better than last season and im enjoying it, but not the best ever. Im still watching boku no hero although I think the manga's better and also stray dogs, re zero,mayoiga,kiznaiver and kabaneri.
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May 9, 2016 7:33 PM

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This season is pretty good imo.

Favorites so far:
Uchuu Patrol Luluco
Boku no Hero Academia
Bungou Stray Dogs

Swagamoto- pretty good but I'm not sure if I'll still find it as funny by the end of the season

Ace Attorney- So disappointing. If I never played the game, maybe I'd find it more watchable.
May 9, 2016 10:10 PM

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My opinion? not really that interested.
May 9, 2016 10:14 PM

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one of the best seasons we've had in a while imo. we got a great new macross series, great SOL & comedies (tanaka-kun, flying witch, sakamoto desu ga) and also a sailor moon crystal season that DOES NOT suck. i can't complain.
May 9, 2016 10:15 PM
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This season is full of disappointment only kabaneri and re;zero r good .All other anime r meh-.-
May 9, 2016 10:35 PM

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BlueBalls said:
_Yato_God said:

You wot mate? Re:Zero doesn't have good art and animation, this is the joke of the day for me! Ty
Imo it has got one of the best animation of all time.
I agree that the main character might not be the smartest guy but he is not that bad either.
I like this season animes.

Beautiful, just pristine.

The animation was smooth in some of the fight scenes but when the MC first arrived at fantasy land it wasn't pretty.

It's also really bland it reminds me of the GATE series. There is no personality to the design and it looks stupid.

Compare to some actual good fantasy art:

lol you spooked me thinking there was a Ancient Magus' Bride adaptation i was missing out on. I haven't watched sakamoto but Re:zero, Kanabari, Boko no hero, and Jojo's already mark this season as miles better than the last. Ignoring the occasional background characters Re: zero has some of the best production values this season. And idk what your issue with Boku no hero is, its pretty flawless looking at it as an adaptation and this is a long running shonen that's barely started.
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May 9, 2016 11:00 PM

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I'm watching these :
Boku no Hero (ep 6) : It's pretty good so far, and honestly the best of this season to. But that doesn't mean it's very very good, My enjoyment-rating aside (8/10) the characters except Midoriya and All Might, so far are pretty meh. Though I'm sure it'll get better, I just hope Deku's rival becomes more than just a one-dimensional bully -_-

Re;Zero (ep 6) : This has been also very enjoyable but the art and animation are just... well the art isn't that bad but the animation could've been much more fluid. The opening is meh, The ending is fantastic and the story is fun and kind of unique-ish. it does get boring when things keep resetting but it makes up for it by changing lots of things.

Bungou Stray Dogs - Nothing special but I'm really enjoying it and the funny moments are quite hilarious.

These are my favorites of the season, I haven't caught up with Ushio to Tora yet. Nijiiro Days is average but is my favorite among all the anime I'm watching right now.

Kuma Miko and Sakamoto has some parts that are entertaining and some suck or some are just meh. they are enjoyable though, but not much. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri is trying to be like a good show and tries to show us that it has a well established world, you know what I think? It's just stupid. But very enjoyable though, so probably going in my guilty pleasure animu.

As for JoJo part 4..... I'm enjoying it more than all the previous seasons but... That potential.... all that potential going to waste.... It could've been so much better.
May 9, 2016 11:30 PM

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I originally named this thread "Are you disappointed with this season?" but it was changed for whatever reason.

I don't hate RE:zero, Bungou dogs or Joker game I had higher expectations though, I was disappointed.
May 10, 2016 11:23 PM
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its horrible but im watching more shows than i did the last few seasons
May 10, 2016 11:35 PM
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Naaaa it's only you not enjoying this season Dude. I'm actually loving this season more then the previous ones. Some of my favorites this season would be Macross Delta, Super Lovers, Kuromukuro, Nijiiro Days, Crystal Season 3 and Kabaneri. Oh and 12 sai: Chicchana to, everything else is alright
May 10, 2016 11:44 PM

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I personally like it more than the last few, overall. Most of the shows are very average, but average is better than bad.
I really like Luluco, honestly.
May 11, 2016 3:38 AM

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Did the OP just compare the art of a 25 episode series to a PV of a 3 episode OVA series. Haha thats just retarded.

Enough good shows in Re:Zero, Hero, Sinbad, Kabaneri and Flying Witch.
May 11, 2016 5:07 AM
Joined: Aug 2013
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Lots of good shows this season. Two of them, Flying Witch and Tanaka-kun are some amazing SoL which i'm really happy about.

Overall it has a nice balance of different genres and quality so i'm never bored.
May 11, 2016 5:41 AM

Joined: Sep 2014
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This season is alright, but a little lackluster compared to other seasons.

Only shows I'm really enjoying right now are Joker Game and Sakamoto. Kabeneri and Boku no Hero has a couple things I dislike from them, but they are still decent shows. Bungou Stray Dogs and Ace Attorney both are disappointing to me, with both shows being more goofy than I expected. Big Order is ASS, but I guess I have been warned when I browsed the show's forum before watching it. I literally only watch the show for the OP.
May 11, 2016 5:46 AM

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Small amount of boobs...Too much blood...i like it.
May 11, 2016 5:58 AM

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JustALEX said:
I don't follow anime that much anymore, I usually wait until they are over so I can watch all 12 episodes or whatever in a row.

But everything I've heard so far about spring 2016 has been mediocre so far.

How is it mediocre?
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri, Re:Zero, Boku no Hero, Jojo, Flying Witch and Kuromukoro. All of them are great.
May 11, 2016 9:21 AM

Joined: Apr 2015
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Joker Game and Kuromukuro are the ones are I'm enjoying to the fullest. With both of them I feel like this season flows way too fast. The rest I'm watching are just to kill time.
May 11, 2016 10:37 PM

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Well, I'm watching Gundam Unicorn, Kiznaiver, Macross Delta, and Bungo Stray Dogs.

Through six episodes, I'd just say my reaction is mixed. None of these series are blowing me away, but I wouldn't say either are awful either.

To some degree, I'm enjoying each of them. However, I will say I'm finding Macross Delta a bit underwhelming. I enjoyed the hell out of Macross Frontier, but I'm having a hard time getting invested in Delta. I find its plot to be somewhat absurd.

Gundam Unicorn is a little disappointing, but I wouldn't call it bad. I'm a fan of UC Gundam, so I'm having some difficulty adjusting to the complete tonal shift Unicorn has compared to its predecessors.

Kiznaiver didn't grab me at first through the first few episodes, but the series is starting to grow on me. This is one of those anime I expected to start off kinda slow and just keep building.

As for Bungo Stray Dogs, it's actually not as heavy on the shounen elements as I expected it to be. It's been mostly character development so far through the first half of the series, which I like, but I do feel the plot has become a bit stagnant.
May 14, 2016 7:03 AM
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Boku No Hero,Kabaneri,Bungou Stray dogs,Kiznaiver are my favorites so far :DD
May 14, 2016 7:41 AM

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Any season with Jojo is a fine season to me. The fact that Kabaneri also exists in the same season makes it better than most seasons considering most only have like one good show.
May 14, 2016 8:14 AM

Joined: Feb 2015
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Pretty good season so far even though I dropped a lot of series, but I will probably go back to a few of them later.

Watching Flying Witch, Kiznaiver, Kabaneri and Sakamoto.
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