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Apparently, the most dropped anime is......

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May 14, 12:58 PM

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low dropped is filled with trash... like fate stay, erased, toradora...
May 14, 1:12 PM

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Long series are more likely to be dropped, no wonder, but I'm so happy almost no one would drop Noragami, FMAB, NGE, Natsume or Madoka.
May 14, 1:18 PM
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both my brothers got to bount arc and dropped it
May 14, 1:25 PM

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I wish I had dropped God Eater. Jupiter's cock some petaQ requires more characters for this comment
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May 14, 1:51 PM

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Not really surprising. It started off pretty good, but once the 2nd arc rapped up it started turning to shit.
May 14, 2:00 PM

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When profile maps are basically just popularity distributions.

You should be focusing on percentages not the magnitude of drops. Just a statistical analysis protip.
May 14, 2:15 PM

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CapitalistGod said:


Here is the Least dropped series too

Taken from this:(to those who haven't read it yet):

So, what are your thoughts about the lists in general?

It's sad to see that a lot of people dropped Bleach, but then again, the fillers were fucking unbearable, so they probably switch to the manga.

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May 14, 2:19 PM
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I guess people are sick of pouring cleaner on their eyes.
May 14, 2:29 PM
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people dropped bleach more than erased wtf
May 14, 2:29 PM

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wow, this thread was made 3 years ago, well, I'm happy that Plastic nee-san is the 2nd least-dropped, anime of culture right there.
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May 14, 2:32 PM

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It's like the most dropped ones scream "I started watching the show for the hype/popularity and ended up seriously disappointed instead"
May 14, 2:39 PM
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black1blade said:
Wow why did so few drop erased, a lot of the shows in the most dropped are way better.

The list is a bit outdated.
Now 8000+ people dropped it.
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