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Poll: Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Episode 13 Discussion

Feb 15, 2017 6:27 AM

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Pretty good ending, probably my favourite episode from this season.
Overall good historical drama. It's not something flawless for me, because Japan history isn't my cup of tea, but characters and their relationships are pretty good and plot is written and constructed well.
Mar 13, 2017 10:56 AM

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it felt good to see the updated characters at the ed when the curtain closes .

wonder if there will be any story behind the unknown father or maybe he just a random person..

All in all this show was beautiful. Thanks to the creators!

Mar 19, 2017 2:31 AM

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This was absolutely fantastic. I cried when Sukeroku appeared at their masters grave T.T

Definitely can see why people consider it the best anime of last year. Truly a great watch and criminally underrated. 9/10 and definitely in my top 10.
Mar 25, 2017 6:45 AM
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It was a masterpiece and outstandingly decent cultural tale. The interconnection between the people, the times, the history and the development of it all, with things coming and going,... I believe it should earn some renown on a national level. Nevertheless, undisputable masterpiece.
Apr 14, 2017 12:33 PM

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This show was magnificent, superb and wonderful. Went through a roller coaster of feelings from laughter to sadness and everything else in between. ∩(︶▽︶)∩

I wish I had chosen to watch it earlier!
May 1, 2017 9:11 PM

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Certainly not a masterpiece, though I could see people really enjoying it if they're into Rakugo. Couldn't find myself getting attached to the main characters and the crappy love triangle with Miyo didn't help.

Kiku wasn't too bad but he did a half assed job at pushing Miyo away when it was obvious he didn't want to be with her since Rakugo was more important than fooling around with some skank that was his master's mistress for a while and slept with other guys for money. Then he fucks up at the end since apparently he can't make up his dam mind and makes out with Miyako who ended up wanting to commit at double suicide at that point.

Shin was just a lazy bum who leeched off anyone he could, specifically Kiku, because this idiot spent all his money on alcohol and woman. He would rather keep his ass in bed and have his kid go around making money for him since he didn't want to look for a job himself. What a shit person and parent. Not to mention how much of a cuck he was being in a relationship with a woman that slept with other guys and fucked him just to spite his best friend.

Then there was Miyo who constantly kept pushing herself onto Kiku even though he didn't want to be in a relationship with her. When things didn't go her way she decided to fuck his best friend out of spite and ended up supposedly getting knocked up by him which I wouldn't be surprised if it was someone else's. Of course when that didn't work out either she just left Shin and her child behind because she didn't give a dam about them in the first place. Just a crazy slut that was obsessed with Kiku.

In short, didn't find the Rakugo performances entertaining or funny and the love triangle drama just killed whatever motivation I had to check out the rest of the story in S2.
May 2, 2017 1:54 PM

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This anime is pure gold. IDK how else to describe it. It didn't even feel like only 13 episodes... there was so much depth to the story but it progressed at a perfect pace, leaving me completely satisfied.

Of course there's still more to the story as far as Yotaro is concerned but as for "Bon" and "Shin-san" it was all laid out to perfection. I have no complaints about it whatsoever.

Also as to the ending with Yotaro asking to inherit Sukeroku's name, I was expecting that to happen. It does suit him better than inheriting Yakumo but I do feel bad for Kiku (I already feel sad seeing him― and Matsuda too! ―getting so old). Although a part of him must be happy that there's someone who will keep the Sukeroku name alive because Shin-san was his brother and friend, I'm sure he must feel hurt that his sole apprentice whom he had raised like a son isn't interested in inheriting his master's name.

I'm eager to start the 2nd season now! Soooo curious as to how it's going to play out after everything in this season especially with concerns to Konatsu and the art of Rakugo itself with the changing times~
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Jun 16, 2017 11:48 AM

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cant believe an anime about rakugo (which i couldnt fathom at all at first) can fucked me up emotionally this bad .....

and yato-chan is probably the most adorbs of all. second to my shin-chan obvi XDDDDDD
Jun 28, 2017 3:19 PM
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This plot twist has actually wounded me. That was not cool how could they kill him off like that? If they hadn't I would have given this a solid 9, maybe even a 10 but now it's going to have to be a borderline 8 just because of how out of place I felt that was! And yes I am extremely bitter about the way that those characters got cut out of the show. We didn't learn nearly enough about them. Sure we got some backstory on the MC but that felt like nothing!

On the positive side, I really enjoyed the Rakugo storytelling and the relationship between the two guys. It could have done without the psycho ho that went round sleeping with everyone and was obsessed with the MC but I could deal with it, until that last scene where they make out and then the suicide occurs. I can't get over how absurd that suicide was! I mean what the hell?!

I would have loved to have seen the two guys and the kid go back to Tokyo and make a living out of Rakugo instead of the crap that happened. That would have been a much better Season 2 but I guess that's impossible now huh. I get so annoyed when I think of how well it could have gone instead.
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Jul 27, 2017 10:48 AM

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Really liked the show. Hope season 2 is able to carry on and become even better with the stories of Yotarou and Konatsu. I hope Konatsu gets to do rakugo, and also realizes that any anger she has should be directed towards her mother/the geisha bitch and not Kikuhiko.
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Aug 18, 2017 4:22 AM

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Wow the graveyard scene almost made me cry. This is so fucking sad. What a series! It had a bit of a slow start for my tastes but I got really invested by the end of it.
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Sep 1, 2017 2:45 PM

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This series was beautiful to look at and to listen to. I liked the diverse character designs and the detailed environments. The expressive character animation made the rakugo worthwhile even when it wasn't particularly funny. Solid voice acting and fitting background music. It was all very nice and classy and the scenes had a good visual "flow", too.

Is Rakugo Shinjuu is genuinely nostalgic about the past? And if it is, would that be bad? There's an attempt at representing more than one perspective, for example, regarding whether rakugo should stay the same or evolve, and on occasion, stuff like gender equality. But it feels kind of superficial and even the presentation of the show (always clean streets and buildings, no visible signs of poverty etc.) suggests an overwhelmingly forgiving attitude towards those times. The only thing that actually might be critical of the past is the tragic fate of "Shin-san" and Miyokichi. But one could argue that there's not much that hasn't been criticized about the history of Japan, so maybe it's okay for a series to not be concerned with such things. It's also possible that Tokyo has really been always squeaky clean, and I'm just talking out of my *ss...

In any case, unfortunately, the show didn't really grab me emotionally. Initially, I found Yakumo / Bon endearing, despite his uptight disposition. Eventually, though, his decisions started to make less and less sense to me. I also couldn't care about the core conflicts, such as the tragic rivarly between the two "brothers" and the fatal love triangle.

Most of these conflicts felt unimportant because everything was so morally grey and because the series essentially fast-forwarded through an entire lifetime in just 11 episodes. We never stuck around in a particular period in Yakumo's life long enough for the stakes to feel important. Had the series been more episodic, this wouldn't have been an issue for me, but this is a fully serialized show. I also had no time to get invested in any of the romantic attachments, which would have taken even longer than usual, due to the scummy nature of them (cheating, leaving Konatsu etc.).

But I wasn't bored, fortunately. The characters, although I was mostly apathetic to them by the second half, were still reasonably charismatic and held my attention, and I already mentioned the high production values. I also appreciated that I could recognize some of the featured rakugo performances acting as parallels to recent events in the plot or foreshadowing future events, so they weren't just randomly there. To end on an optimistic note: I could feel that this anime was a work of passion, and I always value that. If Rakugo Shinjuu can open the doors for more "grounded" drama anime in the future, perhaps one such series, that speaks my language better, will come around eventually.
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Jan 8, 2018 5:53 AM

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After reading the discussions here, I really feel like there's something fishy with the ending. Idk. What the fuck. I wanted to watch its 2nd season already, but I have so many anime lined up already. Waaaaaah. Well, I'll definitely watch the 2nd season, but not soonest. I really enjoyed this anime so much. Thanks to my very special and preciouses MAL friend, @KannoSugako, for recommending this. I wasn't expecting that this anime is going to mess me up. Oh god. It ended in a cliffhanger, too. Waaaaaaah. This discussion is messing me up. Good god.

What a great show! 5/5 for the finale and 8/10 for the whole. It should be 9/10, but Miyokobitch ruined it for me; lame excuse, I know. I just can't stand her ugh. I was honestly rooting for her, but she fucked up.

Anyhoo, so happy I came across this anime and yeah it was recommended by my precious. Hihi. :p
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Jan 8, 2018 7:01 AM

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TheDoggoneGirl said:
I really enjoyed this anime so much. Thanks to my very special and preciouses MAL friend, @KannoSugako, for recommending this.

Anyhoo, so happy I came across this anime and yeah it was recommended by my precious. Hihi. :p

I am way more than happy that you got to enjoy and get invested with this very compelling story. And i totally get you about Miyokibitch, lol. Hope you get to watch and enjoy S2 as much, it's gonna be a ride!

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Jan 13, 2018 12:53 AM

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I cried like a baby when shin came back for that last part

This series kinda blew me away. I kept putting myself in kiku's shoes and how terrible the whole situation became. Coming to the country to bring your best friend back to tokyo but by the end of your trip he and his wife/your ex lover are dead.... Imagining all the self blame and dealing with that made me feel a lot of feels.

I loved seeing him grow up into the cranky old man he is now. I love/hate him but either way he's an interesting aloof guy. Ahh I probably have to put off watching the second season until spring break sadd.

Really great show though 9/10. Thanks Mother's Basement guy for getting me to watch it.

This show kinda messed me up though haha. I thought about what I would do if I was in Kiku's shoes and I couldn't come up with anything other than kms,,, It's weirdly encouraging to me that he didn't and raised the daughter. I also thought about how the daughter (and the future of rakugo??) played a role in him not killing himself and but also realized that she is kind of why everything went bad (if she wasn't conceived the climactic conflict could have been avoided ???). I just thought that was neat. Very well written (unlike this post)
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Mar 2, 2018 7:24 PM

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Solid final episode to the first season, now back into the present we see Yotarou taking a step forward in his career while Yakumo is already the oldest one around, time sure is terrifying.

Konatsu also got pregnant from someone unknown, this will be interesting.

Very good first season, I really enjoyed the development of the characters through this flashback, Yakumo and Sukeroku were great.
Mar 19, 2018 9:10 PM

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"because some day i'll kill you"
"kill me then, i'd feel much better"

watch this! you won't regret!
Oct 21, 2018 11:09 AM

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7/10, wasn't really a big fan of this anime untill the last 3 episodes, which were superb.
Dec 28, 2018 3:54 AM

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The last few episodes were great, I just wish I was that invested in the first half of the story. Really good character drama and the setting made this show interesting to watch from a cultural standpoint.

For now it's a 7/10, but maybe second season will help in improving that score.
Dec 31, 2018 11:02 PM
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I cried for two continuous episodes😢
I hate sad anime
But the story was wonderful I can not deny 👍
Jan 4, 5:34 AM

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Solid 8 without a doubt, Sukeroku is by far the best of this show hopefully Yotaro can get beyond that.
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Mar 27, 8:11 PM

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Messed up family lifestyle, have no idea how season 2 will go. I don't know why these characters do what they do.
Apr 13, 5:56 AM

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He wants to inherit Sukeroku's name, that came out of nowhere.
But damn, I really hate to see how Kiku aged :(
May 30, 8:38 PM

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You can't just leave us with that cliffhanger like that. We got one last episode with Yota and Konatsu before the season ended. I wonder who the father is. I thought it would be Yotarou, but he seems to be too close with viewing Konatsu as a sister to do something of the sort. I wonder how the whole "Let me inherit the Sukeroku name" thing will turn out. I liked the bit at the end too. Great show, I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. My score may change after the high from finishing a show wears off, but for now I will definitely give this show a 9/10. It deserved it. On to Sukeroku Futatabi-hen!

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Jun 12, 8:19 PM

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Damn, this last episode. None of it even made me cry until everything lined up just after the end.

Kiku feeling the burden of the deaths of his lifelong friend and lover. Konatsu blaming everything on Kiku, and Kiku realizing that she literally right. Konatsu saying she inherited her attitude from both her parents, and saying she wants to kill Kiku. Then fast-forward to present, Konatsu is having a child to extend the Sukeroku line. Kiku hallucinates Sukeroku to be at the their masters grave. Then out of the blue Yotarou asks to become Sukeroku. The look on Kiku's face as he realizes the Sukeroku name's retribution on the Yakumo.
Jun 21, 5:31 PM

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I'm impressed at how compelling this show was. By far Deen's best anime, possibly their only good one, at least from recent years.
Jul 2, 8:11 PM

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The time skip that came immediately after the ending of the flashback totally threw me off. Felt like I missed an episode.

Other than that, I really enjoyed watching this anime. It was heartfelt and interesting to see how the two main characters of the past interacted with their complete opposites. I have a greater appreciation for Rakugo as well.
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