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Poll: Musaigen no Phantom World Episode 13 Discussion

Mar 30, 2016 1:58 PM

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This episode is filler too?

Mar 30, 2016 2:12 PM

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Nico- said:
@Comic_Sans oh no y arnt ppl dieing i need more ppl dieing rly gud plot avansement jus liek tokyo ghoul if erbudy dies amirite
Salman bin Abdul Aziz said:
@Comic_Sans I hate to insult you on forums but you are just a troll so just go kill yourself already bitch
Mar 30, 2016 2:13 PM

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It managed to redeem itself a bit at the end, but it's still trash.

Mar 30, 2016 2:17 PM

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at least theres the OVA so i don't have to cry over this show possibly being gone forever

still..... gonna miss it..... ;___;

thank you Kyoani for my new waifu <3333333

all the haters can gtfo
Mar 30, 2016 2:19 PM

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a good finale overall. tbh i expected either this will be a serious anime or SoL anime, and put a lot of hope in the serious one, but i still wouldn't mind if it is SoL anime. and yea...they put SoL or you can say they put a filler instead the main story/plot. Dissapoint me a little bit. just a little bit, but overall i enjoy the show. YES! i agree with the fact that KyoAni made this anime into a filler intead of the original story is really a bad thing and probably the worst thing i have ever seen from KyoAni but on the other side, on the anime side, if i forget about the LN, i enjoyed the show overall. really enjoyable and fun show to me. The animation obviously great as usual from KyoAni. The SoL stuff is really enjoyable and fun to me. Relaxing show tbh, But just if we do not forget about the source material and combine it or compare it with the adaptation, obviously, the adaptation is bad.

well i think KyoAni intention is to advertise the LN but they did it in the wrong way. they probably though, "Let's just advertise this LN with putting SoL/filler on the whole series. i bet people will like it" and this is the result. so basically, SoL was really great in my opinion but from the way how they hadle it from the source material is really bad.

i think i need to check the genre first before watch the show. just look at the genre ; Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural. why i was expecting a serious story where there is a comedy inside of it tho....

from overall i give it 9/10. i'm not gonna lie to myself. i really enjoy this series and i'm not gonna rate it from how they handle this show. well, i never do that while give a rating to everyanime anime that i watched.

rather than a second season or an OVA, i want a remake if they have enough budget. or let other studio make it again based from the source material.
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Mar 30, 2016 2:28 PM

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... this last episode wasn't quite what I'd expect after that ep 12.

Meh. Only thing good about this show was the animation and I took a liking to Haruhiko, Reina and Mayonnees-sama.

Kyoukai no Kanata was better ;__;

Mar 30, 2016 2:35 PM

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Well. I liked the characters and graphics. Music was quite good too. The episodic plot didn't really bother me. It wasn't the best, it wasn't the worst. I won't watch it again, though. That's for sure.
Overall score 7/10. Just because I'm a sucker for KyoAni's art style.
I like pancakes.
Mar 30, 2016 2:42 PM

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...How did those TITS not pop out ?
Mar 30, 2016 2:43 PM

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Tyrel said:
3/10. Glad this trainwreck is over. Think I only stuck through it because it was KyoAnimation. Never again.

Wait, you didn't enjoy that scene? And what about that scene where you know... ?

But yeah, with this anime, I will no longer watch another Kyoani show that's adapted from a LN. They should go back to VN adaptions.
For me all anime is anime original. I dont read manga, light novels, visual novels, etc.

Always make sure to watch anime in marathon mode and not one episode per week mode, because its the only way for you to tell if an anime is enjoyable or not. Countless times Ive seen anime weekly and enjoyed them but when I watch them marathon, I didnt like them anymore. And many times Ive seen anime that I saw weekly and hated it, but when I watched it marathon, I enjoyed it. Marathon is the way to go, specially if you plan to add an anime to your favorite list.
Mar 30, 2016 2:45 PM

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ooo333 said:
Tyrel said:
3/10. Glad this trainwreck is over. Think I only stuck through it because it was KyoAnimation. Never again.

Wait, you didn't enjoy that scene? And what about that scene where you know... ?
What scene exactly?
Mar 30, 2016 2:57 PM

Joined: Jan 2016
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Show changed pace alot, but very enjoyable series, not once was I bored, at first I thought it was gonna be fanservice/echi heavy, but I'm glad on how it turned out, got a couple of laughs on how ridiculus it was sometimes, but hey, it made me laugh and thats what made the show better. I have to agree thought, story-wise was lacking, (that explains why so many people are disapointed and don't like it) but it was a fun anime to watch, would watch more. Also really liked the 2 final episodes, and really like the concept, a psychological serious version of this anime would be great (supposely the LN is going in this direction).
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Mar 30, 2016 2:59 PM

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I only continued watching it for Mai, other than that I'm very disappointed at how this show turned out.
Mar 30, 2016 2:59 PM

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This show was hella bad. I'm going to be nice and give it a 4/10 that it doesn't deserve, considering I only liked one episode and found the others boring.
Mar 30, 2016 3:06 PM
Joined: Feb 2016
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I think this was a nice show, especially the last episode! I wouldn't mind S2 but that's not likely to happen judging by the mixed's a shame tho, I liked it :/

Also, second season would be pretty badass if well executed, cuz not only Haru got his powers back but he's got full control over them, if they got little more serious and little less parody-like it would be awesome
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Mar 30, 2016 3:14 PM
News Team
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If only the anime was more like the last 2 episodes.
Mar 30, 2016 3:32 PM

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Oh so Ruru is Haru's subconticious personality which means Haruhiko just kissed himself... In a way. Good.

As a show, it was hit or miss. I wanted to care about the characters but I couldn't as much as I wanted to. Also the so-called dark arc never came. What a ridiculously slow anime...

Anyways Mai best girl. I'm gonna give it a 6.5~ mostly 'cause it is kyoani and that the last few episodes were good along with the very first two. Would watch s2 if it gets darker.
Mar 30, 2016 3:47 PM

Joined: Jul 2015
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As per usual, the end to every anime/show is brought with a huge event, for everything will always go out with a big bang! This time, it was no different. They kept the best for last, putting extra effort into animating the fight between Enigma and our main cast, and I must say that they did an amazing job. Haru also managed to "level up" his invoking skill and is now able to summon creatures that are worthy to their mythology. Happy end!
Overall, great, colorful and sometimes deep show. I understand a lot of people backed off due to the maybe excessive amount of FS at the beginning, idk, but I'm glad I stayed till the end.

Haruhiro received the Enigma badge! /5

Mar 30, 2016 3:51 PM

Joined: May 2015
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just pls animate the second volume
7/10 because of reina and mai
Mar 30, 2016 4:01 PM

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If only the entire anime was like the last 2 episodes, this anime would have done a lot better. But even so, the ending was really contrived with the whole power up, big villain who wants to take over the world, and the very cookie cutter fight. Mixing a big story at the end of an episodic anime never goes well. The animation, which was fantastic and probably the only reason I got through this, was wasted on this show.

Mar 30, 2016 4:22 PM

Joined: Aug 2014
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As usual the story ended happily.

All becomes normal. Haruhiko was now living with his mother. Is that mean that his mother left her husband? So what if later her father returned?

I do not see any loophole to get the second season of this series, because the action of the story running smoothly like this.
Mar 30, 2016 4:40 PM

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Cirris said:
Tokoya said:
Seriously.....He kisses Ruru of all people.....Wut

Idek whether I'm gonna give this a 6 or a 7 at this point

Which it turns out Ruru is like a sister. So yeah, he smooched his sister.

IceBreakerZ said:
Cirris said:

Which it turns out Ruru is like a sister. So yeah, he smooched his sister.

So Haruhiko kinda kissed his mom earlier and now his sister...
I know right lol

Regardless, I still have hope in the Mai ship since it seems like she was most bothered by him having to kiss her

I ended up giving this a 7 regardless after thinking it over.....The last 4-5 episodes are what did it for me really

Sucks that KyoAni are probably never going to do the next volume since they probably can't moe-fy it due to how dark it supposedly js
Mar 30, 2016 4:42 PM

Joined: Mar 2013
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GoldenDevilGamer said:
dappysaliu said:
Where have you read the Light Novel?
I haven't read it, I only know summaries about it. I'm still waiting for translations :(
Can you send me the link to those please
Mar 30, 2016 5:01 PM

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This final was expected in my opinion, the protagonist strengthens your will power, and at the most opportune moment awakens his great power, thus overcoming the villain, was not bad, but also not let me excited, I would like to see something a little more surprising, as Haruhiko not forgive her mother and then of to seal Enigma, she passes to follow him, or decide to live with him as she did before

The adaptation had its high and low points, I personally quite liked the plot and expected a slightly larger development, something that maybe I find in LN, hope one day to read, the animation was great as always, I quite liked the characters, Mai it was the best girl, and had a good deal of fanservice, more than I expected, and it was well suiting to the work, I'll be looking forward to the OVA and I probably will watch this anime again in the future ..

I think I saw something pink during the fight in the episode:

Mar 30, 2016 5:03 PM

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Well KyoAni gave us a kiss and it was stupid lol

This arc was fantastic, too bad the first 11 episodes were mediocre

Hi there
Mar 30, 2016 5:07 PM

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Well, that was... mostly cringeworthy and not very good conclusion to the series.

I liked the kissing scene but that's just it. Other felt really unnatural and out of place (his father-in-law visit, deus ex machina bear hacker, sudden evolution of Haruhiko's summons and so on). Even Ruru's "big revelation" was obvious and I saw it long time coming. Not to mention Enigma was really weak final boss. Plus KyoAni really sucked in action this time. And crying scene in the end was worthy of several facepalms.

5/10 I guess this is really on par with Amagi in the end. There were some great animation accomplishments in this series but that alone is never enough.
(I wanted to give 6 because of last three good episodes but this end totally blew it)
Mar 30, 2016 5:37 PM
SMM2 Enthusiast

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Only the last 2 episodes were the best of this anime. The episodes before it were bad, and I gotta admit even Kurumi-chan's own episode was terrible. I strongly disliked episodes 6-9, for many reasons. The big cat Phantom from episode 7 was alright, but that's all there is to it.

I love the animation, yes, but the plot feels like it's non-existent.. I was having high expectations for this anime because it was going to be animated by KyoAni, but it ended up being a big disappointment. Did KyoAni cover some story from the LN at all, or not? I don't really know because I haven't read the original LN.

6/10 for my final score. :/
Mar 30, 2016 5:51 PM

Joined: Aug 2015
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Why can't the rest of Phantom World be like this. The last 3 episodes "almost" easily bumps my score from a 4 to a 5/10.
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Mar 30, 2016 5:59 PM

Joined: Feb 2013
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I really enjoyed this anime. Beautiful art, I liked the characters, neat premise.

I gave it a 7/10 but I just might give it an 8....because I liked it a lot :)
Mar 30, 2016 6:03 PM

Joined: Jan 2016
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I think Ruru is more like his daughter rather than his sister, seeing as how she's a manifestation from his imagination

What's this twist people are talking about from the second volume of the LN? can someone tell me in spoilers?
Mar 30, 2016 6:09 PM

Joined: Jan 2011
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Not what I expected but that doesn't make it bad due to not meeting my initial expectations. That said, KyoAni should pool their talents into more fruitful projects I will say. It's episodic with little connection between episodes until the ending here but again didn't make it bad. I personally like the characters but didn't care for the (forced) ecchi component. So for me it wasn't a bad weekly watch.
Mar 30, 2016 6:11 PM

Joined: Feb 2015
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FragOutFire said:
I think Ruru is more like his daughter rather than his sister, seeing as how she's a manifestation from his imagination

What's this twist people are talking about from the second volume of the LN? can someone tell me in spoilers?

To make a long story short,

Not sure how accurate this is, because I have yet to see a source or translation for it. But this is generally what I've heard. Go check out the other forums or comments on the wiki if you wanna try to find more.
Mar 30, 2016 6:16 PM

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Ehhh, that Fin at the end is disturbing. I want that Season 2.
2 or 3 episodes aside, this show is in between mediocre good - good. the last episodes were the best, especially when Enigma appeared. It's cute how Ruru was a character in Haruhiko's first favorite book. That art and animation is still godlike tho. Kyoani pls. 7/10
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Mar 30, 2016 6:25 PM

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I had hopes that I might get a teaser of Volume 2 aka the start of the mindfuckery, instead you go this route. Not surprised but a bit disappointed, Volume 2 really is where this story starts. 4.5/10, nothing special and the animation was typical KyoAni. I'll go read Volume 2 again to get this taste out of my mouth.
StardustNyako said:
If you had multiple anime on the screen at once it'd all be jumbled up. Kaneki Ken might become a ninja who guides souls to the afterlife Battlefront where they find peace and reincarnate to AIs.
Mar 30, 2016 6:27 PM

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Wow Albrecht sure showed us some mad computer skills there.

I was impressed.

This was my kind of series and so I really enjoyed it. I liked the atmosphere in how it wasn't too serious or anything. Haruhiko explaining his random trivia to the audience was a big plus in my book. I'm glad he finally got together with his mother at the end.

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Mar 30, 2016 6:30 PM

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I really like this world......
Mar 30, 2016 6:35 PM

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Holy freaking Deus ex machina! The freaking Bear is a computer expert hacking genius... Nvm, that's just plain lazy.

Also, there cannot be a second season... At least I don't think KyoAni would risk pissing on the few people that liked this world.
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They removed all my recommendations because they were "funny"... No joke.
Mar 30, 2016 6:50 PM

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You know it really sucks when an anime decides to get their shit together in the last two episodes. We literally sat through filler up until the last two episodes. Can't fathom how you can burn through a budget and only manage something mildly appealing 25% of the show. Last episode was good but it wasn't enough to save this overall shit series, and that's a shame considering the extent of their animation quality.
Mar 30, 2016 7:13 PM

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That kiss was so awkward lol. This is definitely not one of Kyoanis better works but the animation was fantastic like always. I would love a second season.
Mar 30, 2016 7:24 PM

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Overall a series that got alot better in the second half, but is a series that COULD have been amazing if Kyoani were actually willing to take risks
1st half 5/10
2nd half 9/10
Overall 7.5 so 8/10
Mar 30, 2016 7:27 PM

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In my opinion, I think this is very good.
Such epic action and got to learn more about how crude human are.
Anyway, is Mai getting jealous of Haruhiko getting kiss by other girls.
Hope Haruhiko can still summon those OP phantom and not the chibi version lol.
9/10 Need a second season!
Mar 30, 2016 7:27 PM

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The anime is good in its own way.
Mar 30, 2016 7:39 PM

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Well I'm glad Phantom World maintained being a disappointment throughout, it makes it easier to rate.
Mayonnaise-sama hit stuff, Koito made noises, Albrecht moved the plot forward, Kurumi was the loli, Ruru was somewhat important, Reina was there and Haruhiko ex-machina.

It's not like this show made me angry like some other KyoAni show, but this wasn't very fun.
Mar 30, 2016 7:47 PM

Joined: Jan 2013
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It was actually a pretty good ending.
Albrecht hacker Nº1 ahahahaha
I actually noticed a girl appeared in Haruhiko's book, and that girl looked like Ruru, so i thought that she was a creation of his mind, but that moment when she had his powers and that kiss xD wooow
That upgrade of Cthulu and Marchosias :D
Great to see Haru and his mother together again.
Mai was actually very worried about Haruhiko, that's why she is the best girl <3
I would certainly give it a 7/10 but the art & animations were simply wonderful, and i loved the OP.
Would love to see a 2nd season but i doubt it will happen.
8/10 Mai best girl <3

ElectricRed said:

My Final Score is 7.75 (Round to 8) out of 10... Mai is best waifu!!

Good to know that someone also thinks that Mai is best girl :D
"There is no such thing as an Anime elitist. You watch Anime, therefore, you are trash by society's standards."

Mar 30, 2016 7:59 PM

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Yeah this show was bang average for me. Kyoani's production was literally the only reason that kept watching because goddamn do they make some beautiful shows, just wish the story or characters were just a tiny bit interesting. 5/10
Mar 30, 2016 8:10 PM

Joined: Jun 2015
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Best girl?
i can't pick just one!
they were all awesome ( even Enigma).
and Albrecht is even more OP!!!

oh 7/10
Mar 30, 2016 8:33 PM

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Average ending for an average show.
Even when I was in crowd, I was always alone
Mar 30, 2016 9:21 PM

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steph96 said:
Best girl?
i can't pick just one!
they were all awesome ( even Enigma).
and Albrecht is even more OP!!!

oh 7/10

Some say people Megumin form Konosuba is Best Girl of the Season........ I Say Haruhiko's MOM is MILF of the Season
Mar 30, 2016 10:31 PM

Joined: Dec 2015
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I have no idea what I was expecting when I first started this....
Welp, I loved the last three-four episodes. They were amazing, especially the one with Haruhiro as a child. This episode was alright, but felt rushed to me o.o
The fanservice was weird, yet almost funny... almost.

The fact that the first 9 or so episodes were plotless really irritates me... And Koito's singing thing STILL pisses me off cause it sounds so awkward....

Kurumi-chan will always be the best character in the show. And then Reina. And THEN Albrecht. <3

7.5/10, since 7 seems too low and 8 seems too high.... ~

"Because nothing makes one happier than being with the one you love."
~ Isla, Plastic Memories

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Mar 30, 2016 10:38 PM

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yep not the worst this season but damn close will admit i'm showing extreme bias when i give this a 6/10 only because Kyoani animation still looks great doubt a fair amount of people would not of given a shit about this series if it was done by any other studio(myself included) and still had no "PLOT" like they decided to remove for most of the season for whatever reasons.

oh yeah and Mai

but hey at least the LNs seem worth checking out if you're interested in this still.
Mar 30, 2016 10:53 PM

Joined: Dec 2010
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This was a simple series. But simple does not necessarily mean bad. I actually really liked it. Sure it could have been more like the novels, but I enjoy it for what it is. The animation was nice, I liked the characters, there were some actually funny scenes (especially the monkey episode.) I'm going to miss this show. If they ever make a second season to adapt the novels better, I will definitely be there!

I'll give it an 8.5/10

Also I'm not into mother's but his mom is really cute. But of course this is KyoAni, so its to be expected!
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