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Poll: Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episode 12 Discussion

Sep 5, 2020 5:27 AM
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Takuto_Shindou said:
I have the feel people who hate this ending are kayo shippers

Bingo. They're hating just because she's married to Hiromi.
Sep 5, 2020 12:02 PM
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JOELbedulla said:
Takuto_Shindou said:
I have the feel people who hate this ending are kayo shippers

Bingo. They're hating just because she's married to Hiromi.
Thought so, nothing particularly bad about the ending that so many people claim to be "awful", solid series all the way through.
Sep 20, 2020 7:30 PM
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Wow, that was so cool!!!!!! I loved the ending.
Sep 27, 2020 12:51 PM

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If they had a few more episodes, they'd be able to adapt the actual ending.
Oct 11, 2020 3:56 AM

Joined: Jun 2020
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This anime was really good all the way through, but honestly just the last 12 minutes were so, unsatisfying. I loved this show as a whole, but it just seemed as though these last 2 episodes were not at the same calibre as the rest of the series. Despite this, the series as a whole was great, I honestly loved sitting through the whole ride over the course of like 8 hours on a Saturday night. It is a solid 8/10 for me.

Will definitely read the manga one day, seemed like the adaptation had to cut some big things, especially at the end, so I will need to check that out when I get the chance.
Have a great day!

Oct 13, 2020 5:55 AM

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And here's Airi it's been a while since I've seen her and tbh at the very beginning of this series I've already started liking Airi and I think she's a good match with Satoru so overall it was a good ending I'm a bit sad that it was not Kayo but I'm also happy that it was Airi so I don't even know what's a good match with Satoru but to me it was wonderful.

So the mystery on this series was very interesting, the story was quite amusing, the animation was good, the character development was good as well and I think I'm not actually satisfied with the ending so it was overall 7/10 for me it was interesting so it's an 7/10 for me.
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Oct 16, 2020 9:11 PM

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A little disappointed with the ending but it was still decent.
My thoughts of the final episodes...
1. The first half with Yashiro was pretty eh personally, it was really predictable but it was still decent.

2. The second half was the standard anime time lapse happy ending, so nothing unique or new.

3. The ending scene felt REALLY unsatisfying, after skimming through the discussion in Episode 12 it seems the anime cut a lot of scenes of Airi which was really disappointing, if they kept it I feel like it would've been more satisfying, that being said I have not read the manga nor do I plan to.

Episode Score: 4/5(I first wanted to rate it 3 but decided to go with 4 instead)

My thoughts with the show as a whole...
1. I have a lot of problems with the show, namely Revival, how did Satoru obtain it? how did he lose? I'm disappointed we didn't get any clarification on how he got that ability in the first place.
2. Predictable villain. It was obvious right from the start that the teacher was the murderer, if the anime didn't make it more obvious then I don't know what the first place there was no other suspect other than Kayo's parents, however there was some holes with that like why would they kill Hiromi and Aya as well? Then we also got Yuuki, which was really obvious that he was innocent. So no other person could have done it other than Yashiro.

3. Kayo and Satoru didn't end up together(You can disregard this since it's not really a valid criticism) From how they were building up their relationship in the first 3/4 of the show, I find it underwhelming that Kayo didn't end up with Satoru in the end, and from how the ending scene played out it seems Satoru is going to end with Airi which is really bad since her character wasn't developed properly and had little screen time, manga readers said the anime cut a lot of her scenes in exchange for more kayo screen time.

4. The final 4 episodes were really weak. The first 8 episodes of the show was really great while the last 4 were quite underwhelming in comparison.

Other than that I really enjoyed it a lot despite the problems I had with it, overall I'll give this show an 8/10
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Oct 27, 2020 1:07 AM
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i'm gonna go cry now, bye
Nov 3, 2020 12:44 AM
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i finish this series 2 years ago and then i rewatched it yesterday and im gonna downgrade this 8/10 to 6/10 because the last couple of episodes ruined the whole series. yes 1-8 episodes are great but the last 3 episodes are rushed and it's not detailed. I know that they skipped a lot of scene on the main source of this. kinda disappointed and this series is a little bit of overrated now. so yeah 6/10 final score
Nov 14, 2020 3:11 PM

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Ah yes, he's back in the opening. You love to see it. Satoru showing Yashiro how he feels alive because of him was really deep. They are really clever to pull off the room scene. Satoru's speech to Yashiro was interesting to listen to, but I liked it. I'm glad they took care of Yashiro and Satoru has his memories back. The childhood scene of him hugging his friends made me so happy to watch. His career took off, and he has all his friends with him. Him seeing Airi again warmed my heart beyond belief. What a lovely ending~.


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Nov 25, 2020 10:48 PM

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I liked this series but the lack of explanation and the stupidity of some of the characters & poor writing made the rating drop from an 8/10 to a 5/10.

The main problems that I had were

- They built up a romantic relationship with MC just to have her married to someone that had little to no bonds with her

- I don't think they ever explained why the MC can do/ has the revival ability

-when the MC traveled back, they always talked about how he changed but they never showed us the switch in his character or how he changed. I understand that an 11 y/o and 29 y/o act totally different but they barely showed us how the 11 y/o him acted, just a bunch of people saying he changed without proof.

-Airi needed more screentime. She's an important character to MC considering all the flashbacks (or would it be flashforwards..) with her saying the same 2 lines.

- the 11-year-olds rarely acted their age

-The mother's stupidity

- didn't really explain the reasoning for the killings, basically only explained why he needs MC

Dec 5, 2020 5:47 PM

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alright so.

I, without a doubt, proudly say, that the first 8 episodes are great. And if the anime had kept this up it would've earned at least a 7/10. Although the last 4 episodes weren't as great.

problems with the anime (you all don't have to agree with this ;-;)

- lacked detail
- more backstories and pasts could've been featured
- Airi's screentime should've been extended
- love interests are messed up (kayo i'm talking about you)
- last 4 episodes were too predictable
- got a little too repetitive (Satoru did basically the same thing he did to befriend kayo with aya & Hiromi)
- quite a lot of explanations were missing
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Dec 11, 2020 6:06 PM

Joined: Dec 2020
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I was listening that Earased ending is not good but when i watch the whole series.Itbwas one of the best endings i have ever seen.Now,that is called a Happy ending.
Don'nt listen to anyone its ending is very very very giod
Dec 13, 2020 5:31 AM
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Me and my friend made a challange of who finishes Erased first in only one day. I lost. But I don't regret watching it at all. Not a 10 anime, but I will happily give it a 9. Great plot.
Dec 13, 2020 5:32 AM
Joined: Dec 2020
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I watched this anime because of a challenge between me and my best friend. Who finish it first will get a big free shaorma for the loser. I won so me and my tummy are happy. Love u all
Dec 14, 2020 1:40 AM
Joined: Dec 2020
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Cristiiiii said:
I watched this anime because of a challenge between me and my best friend. Who finish it first will get a big free shaorma for the loser. I won so me and my tummy are happy. Love u all
lmao ur english sucks u know
Feb 3, 10:44 AM
Waifu Inspector

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Pretty good finale, seeing Yashiro get caught and seeing Satoru able to live a productive life from now on. And he meets Airi for the “first time.”
Feb 10, 2:49 AM

Joined: Apr 2020
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Finally I finished watching it today
it was a great trip!I really liked it!

The ost was fantastic!Yuki Kajiura is amazing!

I think the last episode could have been a little better but the final scene was fantastic!I was really happy that Satoru and Airi met!

Overall 9/10
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Feb 23, 7:29 PM

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I have not read the manga so I can't speak on the content skipped but I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this show.

I'd be lying if I wasn't a drip disappointed at the Kayo ship not happening but 15 years in a coma, realistically, it's just not gonna happen, and it doesn't affect how I view the show because of it.

Despite feeling the slight sense of predictability some have mentioned, it's really more about the ride the show takes you on more than anything, in which it did a very good job at it. The staff behind this anime crafted a story that was both thrilling and emotionally moving.

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Mar 7, 3:50 AM

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Satoru X Airi all day long. I enjoyed this anime and the ending.
Mar 10, 2:45 PM
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Didn't expect the confrontation between Satoru and Yashiro to be quite like that. I liked it. Really good show.
Apr 3, 8:48 PM

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First 10 episodes were clearly 5/5...... and 9/10 as series..

After that.... 4/5 episodes and 8/10 as series..

I wanted to see this series, because everyone and everywhere was tagged it as a "Very Sad" series...

Yes, it had sad moments, i let out tears of sadness and joy while watching it...

But i expected a bigger level of Sadness and Tragedy...

And Mostly in this Final episode, when i hoped for the Biggest Impact of the series... nothing appeared.
(Biggest Impact = Kayo's Breakfast).

As always... another great series, but with an average or just good ending.

8/10.... watched it 5 years later...

PS: the last 5 seconds of this final episode, saved it.

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Apr 22, 3:17 AM
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I just had to say this and I wanted to start this somewhere.
It's all Yashiro's fault for drowning Satoru(mc) into iced river. Otherwise, he could've had a chance to cultivate relationship with Kayo. Freaking bastard.๐Ÿ˜ 

At the very least, I was hoping Kayo would end up with Kenya because Satoru and Kenya were both put into a lot of effort saving her.

But I've calmed down now, I accept what the ending of what they are and everybody is living a happy life, Kenya is still a Bro after these 15 years.
But I wonder the tears that Satoru shed in Episode 11 were tears of joy or sadness?
Apr 30, 5:35 AM
Joined: Aug 2020
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This one is something else .I loved it from the get go so much that i binged the whole season in one single night. This has so far been the saddest/scariest anime with a good ending that i have watched.
All i have to say is 10/10.
May 8, 12:45 AM
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I think if this anime had a few more episodes, the story could have been nicely covered and the emotions would have been expressed more fluently. Anyway I won't say it was that bad but still they could have done better. It did make some impact with it's words and dialogues in the end though.
Satoru outsmarting his teacher was amazing. And they made Airi pop outta nowhere. I hope they get together later on.

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May 11, 2:30 AM
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So glad that Airi appeared at the end. Was confused for a moment, thought we wouldn't see Airi at all. I wished we could see more of her and specifically her and Satoru... I really liked Airi. It was kinda sad that Airi doesn't know anything about what happened.

Pretty good ending, but felt like it was missing something. Maybe it was Airi.

All in all, pretty good series. Glad that in this timeline, everyone got their happy ending. Misato, Kayo... And now he actually has friends, allies.

8/10. Will definitely read the manga.
Jun 6, 10:16 PM
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really I loved this anime it has many things to see and what a ending,
this anime is favorite of mine now
Jun 29, 4:29 AM

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My man got an anime adaptation greenlit of his manga. That means he has really made it in the industry. Hopefully he'll actually be an advisor to the studio so they don't butcher his name with an awful adaptation xD

Steins;Gate is the best anime &
Makise Kurisu is best girl.
Jul 28, 11:12 AM

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Decent enough show in the end although I think it could have benefited from a longer run. Airi showing up at the end felt a bit out of place. Overall disappointed with the final execution of this story. 7/10

Aug 1, 3:23 PM
Joined: Jan 2021
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I didn't expect this ending.
But it fin I just wished soutora and kayo would be in a relationship.
At last everyone is happy.
A great happy ending.
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