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Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen - Owaranai Seraph - Nagoya Kessen-hen Episode 2 Discussion

Poll: Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen - Owaranai Seraph - Nagoya Kessen-hen Episode 2 Discussion

Mar 3, 2016 7:18 PM

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Trying to remember names of the comrades. lol~ @ especially Hirakawa-san's character being commoner.

Suzuki-san's character trying to relax Nobu's character before the start and making him more nervous.

Announcement for fighting becoming announcement to fc for tour for the girl's sister?! and Miyu-Miyu's character becoming weird otaku! Is that lightsaber at the end?
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I Two Syaorans from Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and TRC!!!
Mar 28, 2016 10:35 AM

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Yuu was trying to remember the names of the comrades. He messed up with their names.

Shinya made Yoichi nervous!

The part where Guren and the soldiers were being idol fans of Shinoa's sister was a lol. Yuu's outfit made me lol!
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Mar 28, 2016 10:49 AM

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The mix between cringe and hilarity is god tier, not even sure if disliked it or liked it after finishing these episode.

The comedy is a hit or miss, found the first 2 scenes kinda bleh but the idol fans at the end cracked me up a ton.
Mar 28, 2016 12:28 PM

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wasn't as good as the first one but I've gotta admit that idol one killed me xD
Mar 28, 2016 5:26 PM

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Yuu OMG XDDD Kageyama from Haikyuu XDDD

YOichi can't concentrate

OMG Yuu that outfit XDDDD LOL!!!!!!
Mar 28, 2016 9:11 PM

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The first skit was the best lol. Shinoa's face popping up.
Mar 29, 2016 4:39 AM

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yuu trying to be serious when he forget the names and shinoa laghs at her.... epic
Mar 29, 2016 11:35 PM

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Oh God, the part where he was trying to remember the names and Shinoa's smug face staring at him was priceless. Wish she would of said something ;o
Mar 30, 2016 5:19 AM

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The name part was hilarious. Didn't feel the live one at all, Shinya one was okay.
Apr 2, 2016 7:49 AM

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The first part with the names remembering was the funniest

Jul 4, 2016 8:33 PM

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Can't lie. I forgot some of their names.
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Apr 21, 2017 5:08 AM

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this second episode, with 3 different shorts was hilarious!!
The name of the alives? Poseidon, invisible, bad girl, cheff and civilian xD
concentration??? impossible xD
Maa-tan a tragedy short of a group of animators kekekeke

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May 22, 2017 10:04 AM

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He forgot all their names lmao and then just named them whatever he wanted xD

The last part about the concert was also quite hilarious xD
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Dec 4, 2017 3:39 AM

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Lmfao, Yuu trying to get their names right was hilarious :D
Mar 10, 2019 8:41 AM

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Press f if you forgot all their names too
Mar 19, 2:31 AM
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L O L!!!!!!! Narumi Poseidon lmaooooooooooo

And of course Guren would be the president of Mahiru’s fan club. That was hilarious!!!!

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