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Poll: Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episode 9 Discussion

Nov 10, 2017 4:11 AM

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Kayo’s mother is really crazy. Satoru’s mother could have died when she used the shovel against her.

The teacher is acting so kind . I agree @SweetKiichigo, he uses candies to lure kids.

The ending? What is that girl going to do?

Dec 27, 2017 5:54 AM
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After this episode, you cant not say Kayo x Sato isnt a thing, that longing stare meant something... which makes me all the more pissed of with the ending.

The killer's identity is preditable as fuck, they dropped the ball in the first episodes IMO.

Otherwise, great episode, but I will be extremely displeased with the ending, and refer to this episode has why. Only the blind will keep making excuses.
Aug 17, 2018 5:56 PM

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So first off, I think Yashiro and Satoru's mom are gunna get together! There's just so much vibe there. Although, a dark side of me really hopes Yashiro isn't the killer. Kenya still interests me with his perspective. I wonder what Misato is up to. She's a bully, but maybe she's just a frustrated girl, kind at heart,...maybe she helps in some way? Maybe she gets herself into trouble? I'm not sure. Lots of questions! Can't wait to go on to the next ep.
Feb 27, 7:18 PM

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I still dont trust the teacher
As soon as they told him about the bus the things inside disappear .... AS IF

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Apr 19, 6:47 AM
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What I can say so far, the most suspicious is the teacher, this anime is good, very emotional, but it lacks from diversity, I mean, there are not so many characters that could be the killer, as far you can see, are the same characters, and the one constant every time he return to the past is the teacher.
May 8, 8:38 AM

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this was quite a beautiful episode. like i expected the police were right behind them. glad to see her finally safe :')

i dont think the boy will be targeted at all this time tbh,as the only reason he was targeted is to remove the killer from the suspicious list,so i think all of the focus should be on the one girl left now.

the teacher is still suspicious, but i am starting to think that he is probably a red herring. the candy would have been too much of a giveaway otherwise.
Aug 18, 3:01 PM
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It's so obvious that the school teacher is the serial killer that I'm left wondering if he's a red herring.
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