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Feb 22, 2016 4:53 AM

Nov 2011
Hmm, the MC Haruto seems like a pretty average dude.

Pretty generic setting and premise so far. For some reason, I find the dialogue narratives to be slightly thrilling. Also wondering what else his special power can do.
Feb 22, 2016 10:41 PM

Mar 2012
Godamn, I hate the author and love him at the same time. I hate him because Rio is just too passive and could have easily subdued the bullies in school, but he makes Rio just go with whatever flow. I love him because he does a great job in progressing the plot and has great ways in setting up twists that isn't forced, though albeit rage-inducing.

The author is also pretty ruthless too, give us a taste of NTR in Rio past life, and in his new life, his father gets killed, his mother gets raped and killed, he gets forced to live in the slums, the people he saved treats him like nothing, he gets bullied at an outrageous level in school, gets abandoned in a mission, and finally treated like a criminal for attempted murder for saving the princess once again.

Nonetheless, I love the redemption theme the novel plays, and I'm sure everyone that wronged Rio will get their just desserts in the end. Due to Rio's passiveness, he hides his true strength, which I'm sure will play a role later in the series. Time to anticipate more despair.

Stark700 said:
Pretty generic setting and premise so far.
"Generic setting" I agree since after all, this is a series of the tensei genre, you can't get around that. "Generic premise" I disagree. If by generic you mean "strong from birth OP harem dude" generic, this series definitely isn't it. We see Rio being pretty much treated like shit the entire time, he's no shining star. We barely see a reincarnated protagonist treated with this much hate. The premise would definitely fit well with xianxia novels for sure though.
Sep 21, 2019 5:05 AM

Jul 2008
I just read vol 1.

I got pretty disgusted at the treatment the main character was getting throughout the volume. As if only sensei and 2nd princess had any sense of morality. The title of the volume "偽りの王国" as in "False/Fake Kingdom" really suited the theme here.

But I guess main char's goal was just to gain a good base level of knowledge at the school so he was always ready to leave I feel.

And now the real story starts as Rio departs to the world finally. I'm really looking forward to the adventure elements I'm guessing will appear from now on.

Nov 27, 2021 5:21 AM

Feb 2014
Ok, so the only real difference with the anime was that the adaptation skipped Gigi and that Haruto and the little girl that died in the accident with him have met before.

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