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Poll: Injoku no Heya Episode 1 Discussion

Feb 5, 2016 5:18 AM
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Uwaa what a tragic end for everybody.
Both bros died and maid lost her love, and little sister ended up broken mentally

Little sister was bitch at start with her brutal bdsm torture and jealously, but she was redeeming herself by trying to stop the younger brother.

Body detail was not bad and animation as well. Standard for hentais during the time period of production I guess.

H scenes themself were nothing special but was more story-based and at least showed some hardcore rape and torture.
Mar 15, 2016 5:18 AM
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Just what i need to hear. Hmm, i just read the synopsis, i think will like it.
But after read ur comment, ill rethink abt watching it. xD
May 14, 2017 3:22 PM

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This is your old school low budget animation hntai drama.

We got the sick brother

the love interest

and the jealous sister in law who has a extreme brother complex and dominatrix complex.

Even that it ended begin ntr at the end it was tolerable because her first time wasnt stolen from her but given to the good twin she loved. Also there was justice at the end so i let it slide, the ntr... i guess this flick is one of the firsts ones to have ntr before ntr became a thing.

Also, it seems the other maids had a thing for the brother since they started discriminating against heroine maid girl as well out of jealousy with the sister's jealousy.

we also had a bit of bukake at the end huh but it was not gruesome.

In a sense the sister condemned them all after releasing their psychotic serial rapist brother (bad twin) in the form of revenge so he could rape maid heroine... and ended up indirectly killing both brothers and ended up crazy her self.

The sacrifice at the end was noble and he died a hero... he did something so save the one he loved from more rape and death.

Sadly, maid heroine ended up taking care of bitch sister... at least would had been nice of her bring pregnant with good twin's child as a memento of their love.
Dec 23, 2017 10:23 PM

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Is it safe to assume that Mito went blind after the death of the twins?