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Jan 31, 2016 6:16 AM

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Here's the link for those who haven't watched.

This was pretty surprising because it wasn't animated but rather a real-life episode. There was a 3 min animated trailer and a 30 second preview for jewelpet's successor rilu rilu farilu. There was also an interview for the VA of rilur rilur farilu about the characters. From what I know, there will be only 1 VA who is returning from jewelpet, that being the VA of sweetspet Sakuran.
I kinda don't know much that is going on in the real-life episode. It's just about Ruby and labra visiting Sanrio Puroland, taking photos, casting magic without the jewel watch and labra was lost. The interview was about the characters in rilur rilu farilu. And that's kinda it.

Even though it was random, I liked it. It's kinda a good way to end the anime. Well it's unique. Pretty much everyone including myself thought it was going to be an animated episode. I liked how ruby and Labra mascot have their original VA. I wished they would have shown all the mascot that was available. I think they have 10 jewelpet mascot. It might be too much but at the very least they should have shown Larimar and Luna well because their the main 4. Weird how Sapphie and Garnet isn't here either.

It's been a month since the last episode and this is it. This is the very last in the entire franchise. Guess i'm not writing anymore discussion for jewelpet. I'm very positive that jewelpet will return someday. Probably 3 years? I'm thinking rilu rilu farilu will have 3 season because hello kitty, my melody have 4/5 seasons so I'm thinking it might go that route. Of course it must be successful in other to get another season.

Well that's it. See you guys when jewelpet returns or so.
Feb 5, 2016 2:58 PM
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