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You are only allowed to make a character here if you got an invitation from the creator to do so. Please do not ask if you can get into the Moral Committee. Invitations can be gained through loyalty rewards.

[b]Age:[/b] (Between 14 - 19)
[b]Gender: [/b]
[b]Power:[/b] (Which will still be weak at the beginning, will not become OP)
[b]Power Explanation:[/b]
[b]Weapon:[/b] (optional) (These do not come with extra powers, powers can be based on it)
[b]Rank:[/b] (MC Members start at E)
[b]Role in MC:[/b]
[b]Pic:[/b] (Although you can look any way you want, it won't give any extra abilities! so cat's don't get extra agility or the like)
[b]Bio:[/b] (75 word minimum. No exceptions!)

Time Manipulation. Teleportation, and Powers that force another person’s character to act differently (Hypnosis, potions, etc) are off limits. No exceptions. No form of these powers will be excepted. They just cause to many problems.
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Name: Seth Magnus
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Power: Let The Sparks Fly
Power Explanation: Remember Roy Mustang from FMA and how he conjured flames by snapping his fingers? This is what Seth can do, but with electricity. By snapping her fingers she can launch sparks that at contact deal shock damage before activating an effect, Seth having multiple types of sparks. She can only send out 2 sparks per post, and to launch a spark she needs at least 1 hand free.
Skill List:
Explosion Spark - explodes multiple times like fireworks, dealing random electric damage in an AOE of 2,5m radius
Chain Spark - expands like vines, lashing out at nearby enemies like a chain to electrocute them and can travel a max of 5m with speed
Bullet Spark - dealing additional electric damage, acting like a blunt and pierce hit at the same time that can also bring down and destroy objects
Light Spark - shines the area with bright light, blinding whoever had their eyes open for 1 post
Inner Spark - a passive spark that cannot be launched,giving Seth increased mobility and also allows her to send little shocks on contact with skin
Weapon: hidden daggers
Rank: E
Club: Stride & School Band
Role in MC: Prez

Personality: Seth is on short a rebel without a cause. She's a tomboy to the limit, loving rock, skating and living on the edge. Believing that rules are ment to be broken, it's quite ironic how someone like her ended up in such a position as she's more of the detention type rather than the leader type
The truth is that there's more to her than meets to her. Yes, she might not obide to all rules, but in her opinion some rules need to be broken for a greater good, accepting her punishment if she fucked up to save day in the end. Seth is a very curious and active gal, friendly and loyal to the ones that gain her trust as that's not that easy, a trickter and a joker. She will always try to crack a joke to lighten the situation if needed, or pull a prank or something. She just dislikes to be bored and to see people feel down around her, as she's more of the type that's happy when others are.
There's also a more sorrowful side of her that she skillfully hides behind a smile, refusing with all her heart to cry even if she wants to. She's very protective and a team player, having a playful style of battle and never underestimating an oponent, more like curious to make them bring out their best for her entertaiment as she rarely is serious, known fact. Also, that doesnt mean she cant get serious, so be careful as when she does she becomes a real drill sergeant. Add that to her fuse and it will be the Bing Bang live before your eyes!
Bio: I hope I wrote enough. I didnt really have good idea.
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