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Poll: Issunboushi (OVA) Episode 2 Discussion

Dec 25, 2015 9:11 PM

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Uh-huh. So the blonde girl got kidnapped, and then almost got raped, but then of course the main character saves her (and we never find out what happened to the two bad guys) and they have happy sex and promise to get married.

But then he forgot about his girlfriend and his teacher, oh no!

Overall, this was pretty much just a harem anime with sex in it. The story is laughable (though why should I expect a good story from a hentai anyway), and the main character, regardless of whatever feat he accomplished, still turns out to be beta as fuck at the end and gets bitched at by the girls.

"Yeah, I can face off against evil rapist kidnappers no problem, but if a bunch of girls get angry at me for cheating on them, I better shrink and run away!"

Well, considering this is a hentai and I'm not a fan of hentai, I give this episode a 1/5 and the show a 1/10, but it was good for a laugh. Might be more enjoyable for hentai fans though.
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May 8, 2016 3:18 PM

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They didn't know how to take advance of the 'mini' factor... they coud have used so many cool ideas but no...

For example: They could have made him thrust and fuck the blond-haired girl nipples while he was on mini-mode over her nipples.

May 15, 2016 6:39 AM
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Weird play with the size difference... But it was not bad with Liz letting out all her feelings and fapping herself.

Normal H scene with her was weak probably more intense if the rape has happened.

Those thugs though, worst disguise ever. Of all things to cover, their faces are not covered and neither their hands. Gonna get fingerprints all over everything. Not to mention the allbody skintight suit is suspicious af and even accentuates their body shape and line fully, making their build even easier to identify than normal clothes.

Dat stab to the eye with needle gotta hurt.

Why he return to size nude? And why two guys disappeared? I guess old man took care of it...

Newayz, indecisive harem end at the end, which is really meh and 'sheeeh' again.
Sep 17, 2016 6:22 AM

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That English dub was perfect, lol. That random drunk guy on the streets...what he said made no sense (e.g. "They called me 'Dangerous K' "). The funniest voice actor is easily whoever voiced that fat guy in the green bodysuit. The stuff he said wasn't even funny, all the amusement came from his voice. The English dub aside, the only other thing worth bringing up is where this story came from. I read a book on Japanese mythology a few years ago, and there was a fairy tale in it called Issunboushi. And as you can probably guess, it's about an extremely tiny kid going on adventures (except none of these adventures are sexual). Interestingly enough, there are actually a few parallels between this porno and the fairy tale (besides the obvious small sized protagonist).