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Poll: High☆Speed!: Free! Starting Days Episode 1 Discussion

Oct 16, 2016 2:30 PM

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Well, as expected. The female fans loved this movie mainly because its their guys when they were younger. Meh.

Me on the other hand, I thought this movie was boring, mainly because I thought Haru and Makoto are boring characters back when they were in HS, and they are boring now in middle as well. I only cared about Gou, Rin, and Sousuke. This movie only got good when Sousuke appeared, but that's it. Rin was just a memory, and Gou was nowhere to be seen.

But this movie was made for the fans that wanted to see them when they were younger, and not for the fans that enjoyed the anime for what it was. So I guess that's that.
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Nov 6, 2016 10:36 AM
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Movie that gives nice feeling. Quite calm and fresh. Good soundtrack esp, during lunch time.

things I noticed: nanase drinking milk in box, the characters bags and p.e. bags, their bentos and coloured chopsticks, Ikuya and Asahi modern home vs Nanase and Tachibana traditional home, they are just 12 but able to express their thoughts quite easily.

Meeting Nanase's demand.

Nov 6, 2016 10:25 PM

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Well that was quite entertaining, more than I had originally anticipated.

Haru is pretty much how I pictured even down to his personality. I've read parts of the novel before so this was felt more like it's inspired rather than adapted, which is good as I think the movie did a better job at entertaining me. For most parts, I liked the character chemistry and Ikuya's role was appealing.

The animation quality impresses me as usual by Kyoto Animation from the fluid swimming scenes to the character designs. I can imagine that seeing this in theaters would've been an even better experience.
Nov 14, 2016 9:41 AM

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It was alright, animation was very good, characters were crap, story was so so bit was too sappy and had too much melodrama especially with the cry baby and his brother complex.
Nov 23, 2016 11:11 AM

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I saw this in the cinemas when I was in Japan, and the animation and water sound effects were really crisp and clear.

I felt like the new character introductions were handled nicely and they created a nice dynamic to the new swim team. The throwback scenes to Rei and Nagisa were always wonderful since I thought they weren't going to be in it with their teen voice actors stating that they won't be in the movie.

Overall, I felt like High Speed! was less of an end-goal type movie like the first and second season of Free!, and served more as an insight to Makoto and Haruka's backstory and bond along with fleshing out Rin's rivalry and Sousuke's jealousy.
Dec 31, 2016 8:09 PM

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I really enjoyed the movie. The drama felt well balanced and the comedy is always at the right time. I like how all four characters each had their own insecurities and the challenges they each had to come in terms with and to finally overcome them in order to finally become a functional team.
I really like both Asahi and Ikuya, they were fun to see when they interacted with each other. Oh, and Makoharu moments were adorable as usual, but the part when they argued about the other's situation really felt like how friendships tend to get in real life sometimes, so it was nice to see how it got resolved.
I really like the captain and manager too, Natsuya and Nao were so cool :)
Overall, Good movie :)
Feb 5, 2017 5:53 AM
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Does anyone know if Haru or Makoto ever see Asahi and Ikuya ever again?
Feb 27, 2018 10:55 AM

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The ending song was amazing.
Apr 5, 2018 7:41 AM

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Another perfect and heartwarming addition to the Free! franchise! Thanks to this movie i have gained two more sons; Ikuya and Asahi loool
Apr 11, 2018 6:22 PM
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OMG~ 😱I really love this movie! They're so cuuute! 😍😍😍
Oh god~ I want to kidnap makoto and haru!
I want to see them kissing! 😘😘
(haha sorry, I'm a fujoushi :v)
Aug 29, 2018 4:03 PM

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I'm very glad they won the relay, kinda proves that they needed to adjust their feelings towards teamwork from the first relay. It seems they've changed and accepted each other. It looks like Nagisa won also in his match, kinda glad for him.

I watched the movie because I'm watching the free! dive into the future, which is mostly based on this background story. I wanted to know why Ikuya is such a snot nosed shit head, and I think I know why, its because he's still the same as ever.
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Dec 14, 2018 9:06 PM

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It was a good movie. I didn't like Ikuya's drama but the rest was decent. 6/10 for the movie.

This needs to be watched before Dive to the Future.
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Feb 24, 2019 8:13 AM

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This film is great as a beginning, if you have not yet seen the TV series "Free!". The vision is not difficult, the narration is slow in rhythm, but for certain topics the calm tone and the reflections, there is little to do. The minute is the right one, I would say. Excellent graphics quality, I did not expect less from the KyoAni.

May 18, 2019 10:37 PM

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How many identity crisis can you handle in a single movie?

Honestly, I had the feeling there were so many sub plots to handle that the movie length wasn't enough for them to be properly developed, which was a shame since as a result, some resolutions felt just rushed to me.

As for the characters, I enjoyed Kisumi way more than I thought I would, which was nice. However, regarding Ikuya and Asahi, I didn't find them that interesting as characters. Asahi's personality was anything but boring tho.

As a whole, it was just an OK movie. 5/10

P.S.: Little Nagisa is just HHHHNNNNNGGGGG >.<
Jun 24, 2019 11:18 PM

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i was watching dive to the future and people kept mentioning this on the comments, so, i stopped to watch this before going on. and i'm glad i did. not that i didn't like the characters there, but now i kinda feel like i know them?
it's a lot of teenage drama? yes, but they're all middle schoolers. i actually thought it was much lighter and better done than the ikuya storyline i'm watching there...

btw, baby nagisa is the cutest thing ever and yeah i forgot how much i like sousuke. ;;
Nov 20, 2019 4:15 PM

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This was quite good, and Ikuya is a lot more interesting than I thought he would be. I will now continue with "Dive to the Future."

Also, Nao is definitely a hottie, and his English voice actor gave him the perfect, relaxing feminine voice. Makoto has always been my favorite, but there's something about Nao that makes my heart want to beat out of my chest.

Sep 30, 2020 8:34 PM

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the animation was fantastic, go kyoani! they were all so cute~

but the plot was just too angsty/teen-drama for me (aren't they in middle school???). also none of them sounded like kids except nagisa lmaoo. a little jarring

plus i felt it was kinda slow, so 6/10. not a bad movie though, really high production quality
Oct 4, 2020 7:23 AM
ꕤ 野草野花 ꕤ

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ah the art & animation were stunning as expected of kyoani

asahi was amazing, what a character! i loved watching him, if only he had as much screen time in dive to the future, he's so underrated! i would totally even watch a spin-off with him as a MC, he's really interesting.

i also really liked the little details that added depth to ikuya's character, the joke/diss he made while roasting asahi as a monkey (LOL) really showed his immature/boyish side, the way he "imitates" & is pretty similar to haru, the way he did the freestyle strokes & gestures while they were waiting to be timed during their sets, i wish we saw more of these in the usual series, really adds to their characters instead of them just being angsty & brooding all the time. that back story of him feeling like a bother to natsuya was great as well. i loved that huge cry that he let out, i really liked ikuya in this, uchiyama kouki also managed to show more range in this, his character was really flat in dive to the future lol.

omg rin's letter at the end, uwu my boiiiiiiiiiiiii
everyday is full of painful things. i think i'll get used to it, and that the painful things won't feel as painful anymore but...i'm scared of that.

on hindsight, damn - i totally should have watched this before the first season, or at the very least before dive to the future. it really added a lot to the narrative & their characters.


but i’ll probably remember over and over again
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Oct 27, 2020 1:44 AM
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myth720 said:
me_here_me_there said:
Only read the novels, but from the tumblr spoilers it seems they removed probably the most important scenes. Makoto's plotline suffered the most. Not sure about Nagisa's, because I haven't seen the mentions of his plotline in the spoilers. So it seems that, unfortunately, they were devoid of character development - which is a shame, because Makoto gets a big one, and we come to understand his fears, his personality and his relationship with Haru on a much deeper level than it's even shown in Free! The same is with Sousuke, as I can already suppose, his character remains flat, though in the book he shows different sides of him.
Plus they took one moment from the 1st novel and kinda changed it to fit into the plot of the movie. Interesting, but still not as impactful as it would've been if they had preserved original 2nd novel's events.

They only kept a few things from the novel, but for the most part it's an original plot inspired by the book. I loved the novel, but the movie was good in a different way and tbh the main 4 characters had great development and fair treatment on the screen and have their own lives and depth that Nagisa and Rei sorely miss and even Makoto didn't get to show that often.

The rest of the characters were only support, with Nagisa, Rei reduced to cameos. Rin and Sousuke mostly kept true to the novel but didn't take much of the focus, and they don't in the book either so it's fine; the only thing is Sousuke who gets a little of his own development and sort of appreciation for Haru in the book, is only in the movie as Rin's voice and doesn't really have anything beyond that which is sad, but it sets him better aligned with his S2 entrance, which didn't correspond that well with his book version.

The movie is much more balanced and positive than the novel. There's lots of comical moments, but not over the top crack and characters aren't reduced to jokes or gag fillers. The comedy is woven so well with the unfolding drama, which really impressed me, especially as I disliked the episode this writer wrote for the show (Nagisa's episode in S2).

As for Makoto's important development; maybe we don't get to see his fears, but that I guess for kyoani was already dealt with in S1. His connection not just with Haru, but also swimming is brought up to front and center and he accepts himself and who he is, which is a great refreshment since Makoto is a character that usually doesn't tell how he really feels and hides behind his smile unless in a stressing situation.

Asahi and Ikuya are much better in the movie than in the books and unlike the book, Kyoani develops their friendship with Haru and Makoto, and do it in a natural way that really makes me feel pain when I remember it all ends in winter when Haru quits competitive swimming and the club.

Anyway, don't base your opinion of the movie based on spoilers, wait until you watch and see for yourself. For kyoani's rushed writing and magic fixes, this movie was really amazing and well-paced. It's not as deep as a novel can get due to the medium's restrictions of course, but I often prefer books over the film adaptations so I'm kind of glad in retrospect (they would've ruined the book!). I do hope the novel will get a manga (with a different artist than HS1 tho..), it would be nice to see it in a visual medium too.

I am bit confused about the chronology of the series rn. So this movie took place in summer and Haru had his race with Rin in the winter of the same year ? That really does make me sad for the team, they were getting along so well, and makes me wonder why wasn't anyone able to convince Haru.
Nov 25, 2020 11:14 AM
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I enjoyed this movie so, so much and feel absolutely heartbroken right now. Ikuya seems like such a nice, loud kid who is very emotional, and look at him now :( People might argue that this has to do with him maturing, but the fact that he had no friends all his childhood and his first three friends left him is truly heartbreaking ;(

I really wanted to see Haru's mom's face.

Nagisa is the cutest bean ever^^^^^
bruh his fit reminds me of Dora lmaooo

Asahi is so relatable. I've seen many people complaining about the fact he brought himself up due to Haru's "downfall".... honestly I would do the same.

I had no clue Souske knew Haru before he went to Samezuka!?!
My husband looks cute af in middle school <3333

Omg when Makoto said, "I love swimming and Haru-Chan. So I'm going to swim with him!!" AHAHHHHH

Natsuya Kirishima is a gay boy. I totally forgot about his relation with everyone else until I watched this.

Rei, thanks for helping out Asahi :) We'll see you soon in the story line
Feb 1, 9:51 AM

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Knowing the original story is pretty cool, now I see the anime pretty much took this plot and ran with it through Rin. This took away a bit of the enjoyment of the movie since you get the "I've already seen this" feeling but the cast of character was pretty great as was the animation. I appreciated the long length and the way they focused on Haru and Makoto.

I'm surprised this isn't more popular. As a standalone movie it's pretty good for the slice of life / sport combo. I wonder what happened.
Sep 13, 4:44 PM

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I quite enjoyed this a lot.

Beautiful animation as always. The art and direction is superb.

This movie had major emotional payoff. It was interesting to watch their interpersonal conflicts, along with struggles in school and ultimately, striving for their swimming goals. This movie exemplified the beautiful building of bonds, friendship and a team. It was heart warming.

It was wonderful to see younger Rei, Sousuke, and Rin as well as meeting some new characters as well. I liked Ikuya in the end.
ALSO, smol Nagisa is the most precious of all time. :'( <3

I found the interpersonal conflict normal for their age and also conducive to the other Free! productions so that wasn't a huge concern of mine.

A few favorite scenes:

-Precious baby Nagisa cheering in the stands.

-Makoto and Haruka swimming together in their clothes at the pool and talking honestly and openly with one another, being best bros.

-Everyone supporting Ikuya as his frustrations and anger began to make sense. Haruka speaking up at the end in solidarity of loneliness.

-The guys coming together to care for Haruka, stay at his place and cook for him.

-The montage of course. (Every good sports movie needs one) Which included picking out recipes, pillow fights, shopping and lighting fireworks!

I really enjoyed this. I always turn some of these sports anime on thinking I'll be bored, but this movie had moments in which I laughed and cried.

Great film which adds a lot to the series! Also great on its own if you're just getting into Free! or wanting a beautifully-made movie to chill with.
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