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Dec 5, 2015 7:15 AM

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So Luea was able to cast a successful magic. Transforming her to Ruby. Somehow the other trio couldn't noticed Luea's voice. Nothing much to say about the first part. In the end, the one who ate Airi's food was her brother so Ruby and Airi fought for nothing. The second part was about marriage between Sakutaro and kato although it was meant to be fake and was planned. Wasn't sure what the plan was for as I couldn't understand them. For some reason, Airi's house seems to have lots of hidden door even inside a TV. I have no words. And we see Luna hopes and dreams have been crush after she heard those two were going to be married as Luna loves Sakutaro. Quite an ok episode. Still have no plot progression and the anime is coming to an end if it really ends at episode 39(I kinda doubt). I mean, will the last episode be a filler too or they will rushed it and found a way to restore the castle?

Next episode is a continually as Larimar boyfriend returns. By now. I think Larimar has the most epuisode
Dec 5, 2015 9:45 PM
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Yeah, I agree. If it really is ending at 39, you would think they would have at least something relating to the plot by now. But nope, still just slice of life random episodes. It's weird.

I think the most interesting part had to be the preview for next week's episode. The music set a much different tone, as if something drastic might be happening next week. I'm really liking it though, I love Larima's episodes. And I think they're making so many episodes about her because she's newly introduced, and they needed a bunch of time to develop her character.