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Nov 21, 2015 1:00 AM

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I think that we all know Laura is coming back since last weeks preview and sure enough she did. This episode reminds me a lot about Luea being left alone in lady jewelpet. Not much to say about the first part as we all see it coming. Peridot appears again and this time about her english competition? She said something about not being able to speak english and she spoke some just to be cool. Fun fact, her VA can speak english. During the competition, when she transform, we got to see

that was cut from her debut.
Another thing was I could only hear her say "Hello. I'm Peridot" and i don't know what else she said. Pretty good episode

Next episode perdiot appears again along with other pets. Seems like it's about a watch that can transform the pets to human without the pendant. Interesting.