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Nov 19, 2015 11:46 PM

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So I'm mostly finished with the anime. I've only got like 5 episodes left. I love the characters (despite many of them being very one-dimensional) and the underlying plot was interesting enough, but I feel that the climactic portions of the show were really poorly executed.

It's just deus ex machina, after deus ex machina, after deus ex machina, after deus ex machina. Characters showing up right at the very last moment to save other characters from otherwise certain doom. This happens countless times throughout the show, with some rather obvious examples popping up frequently toward the end.

Deus ex machina.

Deus ex machina!

Deus. Ex. MACHINA.

Like, the anime is good, I'm not going to lie. But that's all it is; just good. Nothing more, nothing less. It got off to kind of a slow start but really picks up and the story draws you in. The music is great. The characters are memorable. But then you have all of these extremely convenient plot twists that make you want to gouge your eyes out every time they happen. Like, I can understand if you say "this is my favorite anime, by far", that's cool, I can respect that. But how can anyone reasonably argue that this is supposedly a "masterpiece", that it's "flawless", or that it's the "best anime ever made"? There were so many obvious flaws with the execution. I spent the whole anime shifting between thoroughly enjoying myself and pausing the anime because I couldn't pay attention since I was cringing so hard.

Another complaint I have, but can't really attribute to poor execution as much as it is personal preference, is that I thought the humor was terrible. For example, the short jokes that make Ed throw tantrums already felt old and tired the very first time they did it. After that I just felt like skipping 10 or 15 seconds ahead into the episode for each of the next thirty thousand times they tried to throw that same joke at me.
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Nov 20, 2015 11:31 AM

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If you wanna use a deus ex machina to get some cool characters in for some great action scenes and cool team ups I don't see a problem with that. And they executed those scenes great, with some fantastic pacing and hitting all those emotional beats so well. It's pure entertainment value. Plus all those characters you mentioned popping in were all engaged in the situation, it made sense for them to pop in, and they all came in in interesting ways. Every anime has it's flaws but technically it could be considered a masterpiece, go google the definition if you need to. For me it's the best anime I've ever seen, for the fantastic world building, characters, incredibly memorable scenes, and an awesome ending that tied it all up. If the deus ex machinas were used to enable those things I don't really think that's a flaw, more like a storytelling tool that can be used either in a good way or in most cases pretty poorly, but I wouldn't say fma fits into the later.
Nov 23, 2015 3:51 AM

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gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8

That awkward moment when you haven't a modicum of understanding what a Deus ex Machina is, and the only worth of this thread is evincing your inability to objectively comprehend & piece together the series.
May 14, 12:45 AM
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i don't think the one you mentioned can be considered dues ex machina. but the moment were Pride almost killed Edward and then Kimblee appeared out of nowhere and said a few words and left off without doing anything and eventually ended up saving Edward's Life. That was just Ridiculous!