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Nov 5, 2015 5:11 PM

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watch nodame cantabile

recommend me anything!
Nov 29, 2015 3:01 AM

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Cute porn. :U It's nice to see a bottom who just really wants it, because they exist in real life and it's usually just the same ol' "I'm a top/versatile and I just really want this bottom". That exists too, of course, but it's good to see other scenarios in manga.
I actually appreciate how this all came together.

Enjoy your anime!
Sep 28, 2017 7:16 PM

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The first three chapters were enjoyable. I liked seeing Subaru confident and honest about his feelings for Nagayama. Nagayama opening up to Subarau gave me the feels. I really liked how Junko executed Nagayama and Subaru becoming an official couple. <3 I found chapters 4 and 5 unnecessary… I would have been happy, to just see how Subaru and Nagayama met, bonded, and then became a couple. :/ I wanted to see more Okada… I wish we got to know Katsuya too.

My comments for chapter 6 (Kuratani and Shinonome) are below:
-____________- SERIOUSLY?! Shinonome was right! That was a discrimination to homosexual men! It's true that men like cakes too!! Although, Shinonome lying to the receptionist that he and Kuratani are a couple... Hmmm... Shinonome didn't know, but how did Kuratani feel to hear that lie..? :(

Kuratani didn't like sweets, and still tagged along... That's love. :P LOL to Shinonome even cross-dressing, just so they'd pass as a heterosexual couple x)

"I approached him with a lie. Although, I already knew we'll never be more than friends." <- Poor Kuratani... :( At least Shinonome was happy, right..?

It was rude of the man to approach Kuratani and Shinonome to ask for identification... Although, Shinonome was smart for displaying that they're a couple, by kissing... I seriously hate that homophobic attitude. <.<

Thank goodness Kuratani blushed after their kiss, for Shinonome to sense the former's feelings, and request for another kiss! XD Although, LOL that the man had to tell them that their cafe was not a place for PDA... :P

I like that Kuratani admitted that he hates sweets. It's true that Kuratani is cute... Although, there isn't enough for me to see why Shinonome likes Kuratani. :/

It's good that the homophobic attitude was relinquished when Shinonome and Kuratani proudly came back as a couple, without cross-dressing involved. LOL that the man learned that Kuratani and Shinonome would come back or cause trouble, regardless... xD

I didn't fall in love with Kuratani and Shinonome, probably because it's only a oneshot...
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