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Oct 27, 2015 6:24 PM

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This topic part of our BBcode Tutorials section.

You can use this new BBcode "img align" to align images and text alongside each other. Its another form of the image tag. You can put text on the right or left side of the pic with it. See the examples of pics and text below- copy the BBcode from the boxes under the examples to get the code for your profile, posts, or signature. Replace the image link and text with your own.

Note: In your BBcode, the text you want alongside the image should go after the image tags, no matter if its meant to go on the left or right side.

Image on the left of text

Put text here.

[img align=left][/img] Put text here.

Image on the right of text

Put text here.

[img align=right][/img] Put text here.
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