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Poll: Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin Episode 2 Discussion

May 15, 12:10 AM

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zeroj said:

and try and finish 0079 these weeks. I liked the 3 movies, but it's time that I get to watch the original series before finishing these ovas.

Those 0079 movies are the better version of the story - rewritten dialogs, recreated battle scenes with movie animation quality ect.
The TV series at times come very bizzarre, some missing links too (and when I first watching the movies I though that those are adaption problems but naaah.).
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Jun 4, 4:49 PM

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Holy shit, that brought me to tears multiple times ;____; I don't know why I wasn't expecting this series to be this dramatic, but god damn if it isn't ripping my heart a new one!

Not only that, but this is seriously the ultimate UC "fanservice," as it were. Not fanservice in the same way that Gundam Unicorn shows amazing battle between classic styled Zeon and Federation suits, but serving us fans material that enhances the classic series that we've always loved while being entertaining in its own right. Seriously hoping the other 4 episodes keep up the trend that the first 2 have had.
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