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Sep 6, 2015 12:23 PM

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I'm sorry.. but the third season absolutely fails.. Not only does it destroy the relationship between Yuuji and Shana,.. but negates everything up to the final 2 episodes.. The third season basically threw out the first 2 seasons and 22 episodes of the third for such a lame battle sequence where yuuji gets his butt kicked and gets a kiss.. i feel foolish for spending so much time on this.. I just don't get it.. massive pointless failure in my point of view...

Why not make this a 1 hour ova and be done with it.. the author fails.. the anime is ruined.. the battles are pointless... who is actually an enemy anymore.. i doubt anyone knows.. What was the point of the war?... a distraction.. really.. really.. thats the best you can do....

smoking the pot is bad when making up the plot
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