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Poll: Torikago no Tsugai Chapter 21 Discussion

Sep 1, 2015 1:25 AM

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Felt average in the end.

Results that you choose huh? That sounds like a familiar quote.
Sep 1, 2015 7:26 AM

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I read everything in one go. I really enjoyed the first part but it feels to me that the author wasn't given enough of the time to write the story he wanted to write.

After the eggs finding part, the story suddenly goes in the strange direction. Gin's back story is revealed out of nowhere and afterwards it's clear rush to the ending. Everything felt so random, all connections that were made didn't felt right either. And what is with this everything was connected in some way. "I am the second wife of your father!", "I am you sister!", "I saw the main culprit out from the window when I was little.". What with that scene of with Owl standing in the middle with Kumo in her hands right the moment 'the party' entered that room?

The woman that was dressed up as the owl, was probably planned to be that from the very beginning as there was that picture in the first chapters. Still what with that... okay you showed me the true love I will let you go... few chapters later... sorry no time for that, try to solve this on your own.

Well generally ever since the Gin's backstory everything stopped feeling right somehow so this really felt like the story wasn't supposed to go that way. (That's my guess at least but that's what happens to the mangas that are simple cut because they don't sell well. PS: I have no idea whatever this is the case or not)

Generally though up to that point, it was really enjoyable read. And I love this kind of manage as well. There were puzzles that I could solve as a reader as well... at least some of them like, the one with the keys, I immediately though (hey! you have two teams grab two keys and it's sure win!). The other plus is for Kumo's character and her relationship with Kurobe. In which world does protagonsit stick with his love to 'the unknown character' that he is trying to rescue. Still by showing his backstory with Kumo, it all felt right and even though I was sure that he would turn to someone else eventually, after that flashback, HEY! He and she actually have good relationship and reason to fell in love. So another plus for that.
Also while I did complain about the ending a lot there is one reddening point that I have to mention.

I loved that Yuki's backstory. It was said really quickly only few pages and was said in really simple way but it really grabbed me. (feels like this one was planned... just saying)

Apart form that there is also the fact that it seems that Yuki did die in the end. It's rare to kill of the main character (She and Kurobe was the main ones) so clap clap, that the building colapsed like it was supposed to rather than any heroic stupidness like Kurobe being able to run back and rescue Yuki as well.
Sep 3, 2015 11:23 AM

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Gah! I loved this series up until they figured out who the "owl" was. After that it turned out to feel about average. It was sitting at an 8 for me for the longest time and those last 2 chapters just killed the rating for me. :(
Nov 1, 2015 11:33 PM
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So Kuruwa died? No mention of him or his collapse. Those gun shots wouldn't have made him died so quickly. Why didn't the other girl help him out too?
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Nov 6, 2015 5:37 AM

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ForeverCrimson said:
So Kuruwa died? No mention of him of his collapse. Those gun shots wouldn't have made him died so quickly. Why didn't the other girl help him out too?

Meh, probably because she could only carry Yuusuke
but in the newspaper the only ones reported to die were the two suspects and one victim.
It's rather vague
Also, what happened after kurobe and kumo saw each other again. . .
I don't know if those are tears of joy or because of the memory of her sister.

It's kind of like an Inception ending
which is to say the rest of the ending is
up to you on how you think it ended.

that said, it's a fairly happy conclusion for me
since Yuki fulfilled her raison d'etre
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Dec 10, 2016 2:40 PM

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Eh well... that was a bit disappointing. So Yuki died, Kuruwa died? for some reason, yandere gets to say the last word in the series (definitely my best girl, Kumo was all looks anyway), and it pretty much average. Starts off really well and it becomes meh.

7/10 simply because I like that yandere girl and that she gets so much good things to say in the last chapter after being gone for a long time.

Apr 3, 12:03 PM
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The best character just had to die in the end huh? RIP Kuruwa literally the only good thing about this manga. And they don't even mention him in the end.

Jul 10, 11:37 AM
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I overall enjoyed the story, but like others said, the ending felt so rushed.

It wasn’t enjoyable with the main antagonist talking about how her fairytale childhood was “ruined”, when the other main protagonists had much more tragic backstories. Like, sorry your mommy and daddy are still alive but in jail or crazy. Meanwhile, her father abandoned and later killed main guy’s mother, and main girl (the sisters) parents both died right in front of her. Boo hoo.

I couldn’t sympathize with the main antagonist because they felt like an entitled brat. But regardless of the ending, the overall read was pretty fun with the puzzles and suspense of who might die next.
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