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Feb 21, 2008 1:24 PM

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Ok, so, I'm drunk, I have nothing to do, so I'm creating this topic!;)
When I first started watching Naruto, I sure did like and respect Iruka since the beginning, but because he's not one of the main characters - I did not pay much attention to him at first. I was absolutely captivated by Kakashi (but, hell, who was NOT at least a little bit?) And after finishing the first season - I faced this tiny problem: the anime is great, all the heroes are great, but, damn, I couldn't find a pairing I could completely give my soul to;_) I was always weak towards the older generations in all the animes I've watched - SasuNaru or smth like that didn't really have that much appeal, in my opinion. So, I started paying more attention to the background characters.
Haha, and THEN - it happened. Halco rules. After reading only one dj - I was totally entranced. Then, of course, there were lots of fanart, and brilliant fiction... And I can really write a whole lecture there - about Kakashi's and Iruka's different personalities, supplementing each other and so on. But I'll just say that the sheer warmth of the pairing is what matters to me!;)
KakaIru is the best;)
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May 6, 2008 7:56 AM

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Well, the things you can do when you're drunk.. xD
Yes, Halco is a god. I think I have 3 Halco doujinshis on my compu. :P
And I guess it's because I like the older generation as well. It's gotten better since Shipuuden, but still...
For me, this is the only pairing in which I'm happy with the fact that Kakashi is álways displayed as the seme and Iruka álways seems to be the uke. ;) It just fits them. (although I've read a fanfic of doom that had some very good IruKaka... )
Pshychedelic Aftereffects was originaly the doujinshi that got me hooked. And I didn't even knew much about the characters at that time. :P
Nowadays, I have difficulty picturing them with anyone else. :P There's a Yamato/Iruka fanclub that I've stalked for a bit. It's good, but not ás good. (plus, the author's amazing, she can make any pairing work. Scary..)

I'd like to hear more from other fans as well. ^_^
May 7, 2008 9:25 AM
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I like them b/c opposites attract. They have completely different personalities, and it still works out. And plus they both awesome characters!! ^_^
Jun 1, 2008 8:35 AM
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I enjoy Kakashi/Iruka because they fit so well (which is pretty much what everyone else is saying)... but... I guess that's because it's true.

Iruka is the shy, kind hearted, not extremely skilled teacher while Kakashi is the perverted, ex-ANBU ninja with a Sharingan. Iruka needs someone who will protect him (not that he can't protect himself... just for... sentimental reasons, I suppose) while Kakashi needs someone who doesn't expect that much of him. And... as perverted as Kakashi is... I think he's gay. He just seems the type to be a homosexual. (:P)

And Iruka obviously is one... because... I mean... he teaches mini-ninja... -.- any guy who does that is gay. (:D!)
Jul 22, 2008 6:05 AM

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Cause They Make Me Laugh!
And Iruka Is So Lovely
Lolz Any They Are Quite Sexy ;D
- Hikari (:
Oct 7, 2008 11:27 AM
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They are adult.

They are interesting and complicated characters who can easily be interpreted differently. This why they can be pictured in many ways and are easily in-character.

They have an open minded fandom. The fandom hasn't fixed to one type of relationship but is colourful and wether you liked S/M or fluff you can find something to read/watch.

The canon gives you room. They are both suppporting characters and there are at least two years of freetime inside the canon to play with these towo as much as you want.

Depend on the day; they are just too hot/funny/sweet together ^_^