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Poll: Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Volume 7.5 Discussion

Aug 8, 2015 5:59 AM

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Mystery start become clear now.
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Aug 10, 2015 1:35 PM

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This was definitely the most thrilling volume yet, and thankfully the Blue Knight Arc does not end in one volume. Like the previous other volumes, the author gives us slow moments most of the volume, then rushing the conflict at the end of it. Nonetheless, that allowed some quality time to see some interactions with Koutarou and Alaia. The festival dance was short and sweet and I wished to see more of that romantic atmosphere. The golem fight at the end I felt was lackluster, but nonetheless it was entertaining to see Koutarou being OP by fighting the myriad of soldiers. Thanks to Clan's technology, she was able to create an "antidote" to save the village from an incurable "poison." That led her to believe if she didn't reconstruct the DNA of the villagers to eliminate the virus, how was the village saved like in history? After connecting the dots, the most impacting truth was revealed: Koutarou didn't replace the the Blue Knight's job of protecting Alaia, he was the actual Blue Knight from the legends. After all, he is one who "came from beyond untold time and untold distance" just like the Blue Knight.

I'm greatly looking forward to the next installment of the Blue Knight Arc, perhaps we will finally see Alaia overthrow Maxfang and take back her country.
Sep 1, 2015 1:40 AM

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So this story will be divided in two volumes.
But it was really interesting, everyone already suspected that Koutarou was the Blue Knight, and so it was confirmed this story.

Though I wonder what was that at the beginning, was "she" kinda a spirit that would become Alaia/Harumi? There's still so many answers... I'm looking forward to how the situation between Alaia and Koutarou will end.
Sep 26, 2017 2:02 PM
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I kinda realized in the beggining of reading 7.5 that Koutarou was meant to be Blue Knight from what he would do from now on, before I was always thinking, "Koutarou was the Blue Knight in the past, so how will he regain his powers", lool

Great plot twist noneless. Wow
Jul 1, 2:06 PM

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This was an incredibly heavy volume. Of course, I knew that this light novel contained action but to this extent was unfathomable for me.

There are so many things to unpack and I don't even know how to summarize my thoughts. The author's take on time travel was an interesting one but it is evident that there are still issues regarding how he wants this time travel concept to be executed.

It's pretty much confirmed at this point that Harumi and Koutarou were reincarnated and that their offspring is Sanae (notice how she never appeared whatsoever). I am slightly disappointed that they forced the entire harem to be relevant to this story, despite it being a part of Theia's ancestry. There are so many things I noticed that the author tied together and there is much more to be uncovered in the almost upcoming volume. Damn, I am impressed but slightly disappointed with the meta abuse in this chapter. The final fight seemed rushed and didn't leave an impact. That could be because the antagonist is not a significant character. To end it on a deserving positive note, I think the use of DNA modification was an intelligent trick up the author's sleeve. It caught me off guard in comparison to some miracle that did not fit the tone of this series.

My thoughts are jumbled and I can't get properly organize my thoughts.

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