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Jul 24, 2015 2:17 AM

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[b]【 MAGIC vs SCIENCE 】[/b]
:: E V E N T - R E G I S T R A T I O N ::
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In Reality, the distinction between Science and Magic has not made, and both are closely related to religion. As time progressed (especially in the western world), the idea of magic, the will of a person influencing the universe, waned, while science, the facts and observable evidence in the universe influencing humankind's interpretation, became more prevalent. Alchemy, steeped as it was in astrology and the occult, evolved into chemistry. Scientific theory slowly became independent of the magical and the supernatural. This process was known as the Enlightenment, and shaped science as we know it today.
"But Science can't prove everything, right?"

"Science is a way of talking about the universe in words that bind it to a common reality. Magic is a method of talking to the universe in words that it cannot ignore. The two are rarely compatible."

Skipping the more wordy stuff, some people interpret that science and magic are opposed. Some authors will then transplant this opposition into a Speculative Fiction setting: Magic really does exist, but for whatever reason, it's not on speaking terms with Science or Technology. However, what many Anti-Magic Scientists and Anti-Science Magicians seem to forget is that since most magic systems follow a set of rules, magic itself can be seen as a form of science(though it is often an art instead). Nonetheless, one should not expect different types of magic systems to be reconcilable, except when they are.

Anyway, we of the Laboratory of Crazy Scientists decided to prepare this event and see which among of the two would prevail.

Will you stand with the magicians of the Magic side or stand with the scientists of the Science side?

P.S. If you support both, there's a place for you. ;)
(Main Source: TVTropes)
too lazy now to think of my own descriptions lol

!! :: E V E N T - I N F O :: !!
1. This event would last for approx. 1 month and a half.
2. There will be three teams:
Magic, Science, and Neutral
3. Here are the links to the teams' respective HQs:
Mystic Inn [Magic] || Techno Lodge [Science] || NeuTel [Neutral]
4. This event would include a banner design contest, debate contests, and more!
There will also be Exclusive Editions wherein each event participant can get points for their team just by requesting~! c:
5. The rest of the information on the events as well as the points system are in the second post.
:: F O R M ::
Team: the side you wish to be in
Why?: why do you want to be in that side?
Comment: anything else you'd want to say lol

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