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8 53.33%
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2 13.33%
3 out of 5: It was OK
3 20.00%
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1 6.67%
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Jul 7, 2015 5:19 PM

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A good ending to the series.

Everything is back to normal. We got to see a glimpse of everyone again and what they're doing. We're reminded of the continuing connection with Chris's world due to Ella's special recipe. We got our last moment with Knuckles who will remain to watch over the Master Emerald.

"You have big boobs." HOLY S*** EGGMAN. I didn't think anyone would ever say something like that lol.

I like how they showed what happened after the Sonic Driver was fired. I like how Shadow punched Sonic and then did Chaos Control himself. It served as an explanation as to why Shadow wasn't on Mobius. Tails blaming Sonic for not saving Cosmo was kind of hard to watch. At least a seed of her remained which we saw planted at the end.

Eggman naming the teleporter "Hurry Up and Go Home" was an obvious indicator that he just wanted Chris gone so that he could continue to do what he always does. Chris should have said thank you to them or said to Eggman to continue to have fun with Sonic or something. And of course, the last person we see is Sonic unless you count Cosmo as the plant.

I like how it was all finished off with the endless cycle of Eggman thinking of an evil plan and Sonic's gang going to stop him starting once again.

Overall, it was definitely episodes 53-78 > 27-52 > 1-26. The first part's major downside was that the plot was too simple. It always had something to do with Eggman. It had some good episodes but the only one that was very good was the first one, which I think is in the top 7 episodes of the series.

The second part's plots were more interesting and there was better interaction between the characters as well as their usage. The highlights were Sonic vs Perfect Chaos and the whole ARK plot. Even though Shadow is your completely typical anti-hero I enjoyed his character and the sacrifice he made. The last episode which while I think was too over-dramatic still made a bit of an impact on me and was definitely one of the best episodes.

The third part's plot was even more interesting and we got original villains instead of using stuff from the games. I didn't really like Shadow coming back at first but what can you do? He was used well. There were low moments with the Chaotix Detective Agency and some collect-the-Emerald episodes. However, the end was quite good and intense. We got episode 68 which I believe is in the top 3 episodes. There was also the new beautiful piano theme (after Molly's death and when Sonic was running inside Dark Oak) which is in my top 2 soundtracks of the series along with Mi-Ra-I.

Mi-Rai-I is one of my favourite anime ending songs, definitely in my top 5. It always brings back memories of my childhood and the song itself is amazing with a good message. The Shining Road is pretty good and so is T.O.P.

The original Japanese music and the absence of edits was great. 4Kids ruined this show as well, but most of their voice acting fit. Their script was the problem. Chris was a lot more bearable than in the 4Kids version and I even liked him a few times during episodes 1-52. During the Metarex saga his character was greatly improved, since he matured, and he helped a lot.

I can't rate the series anything above a 7/10 for good reasons and even that's too high (but MAL doesn't allow decimals so it'll have to be rounded up), namely the basic plot in the first third and various animation problems. The characters aren't the greatest things ever either and just fit into archetypes. I enjoyed the ride though and I want to play some Sonic games now so the experience will never end. I think I'll start with Sonic Adventure/SA2 on Steam.

Ja ne, Sonikku za Hejjihoggu!
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Jul 8, 2017 3:10 PM

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Lol Nakata Jouji is so awesome that his character doesn't even need a face to be the best character in the anime.
By the way, why isn't Dark Oak in the list of characters?
May 30, 2019 2:45 PM

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for what this series was it was good and i really enjoyed seeing the sonic characters in anime form

sure somethings could have been done a lot better imo but overall it was a good watch i enjoy it

only other thing would have been nice for just a bit longer of an end you know seeing chris get home but i guess it was just w/e at that point cause i mean for pretty much the whole series they was at earth

but yeah it was a fun series if anything i would love for them to make more sonic anime someday
"one step at a time"
May 4, 2020 12:19 PM

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What an awesome series I thought it would be childish boring but I liked Tails is the best hands down I love him so relatable I just wished they would all return to earth and see adult Chris but overall enjoyable