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Jul 5, 2015 9:07 AM

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This was on another level. It's the best episode of the arc so far and one of the best episodes of the series. It was refreshing as we focused on Eggman's gang and none of Sonic's team appeared. We finally saw some active resistance to the Metarex other than our protagonists and how the Metarex are still conquering planets. The people turned on Eggman too quickly, especially since all he said was that he couldn't be there forever. I instantly knew that something was fishy with Leon and we could see that Molly trusted her companions a bit too much. We saw another side of Rouge where she was trying to be emotionally helpful to Molly. We saw yet again the smart side of Eggman.

Shadow removing his limiters was quite symbolic I'd say. It's true that Molly was clinging to the past while the rest of the humans were trying to see the future, like Maria, and the humans realized that fighting the Metarex was pointless. It's worse since she thought no one would continue her dream after. And of course, the Metarex boss is still alive.

There was also some new, good music themes, like when they're travelling to the ruined city and after Molly dies. I hope they're used more.

This episode had some mature themes, which is welcome in a kids show like this. It's surprising that they don't do this more often, but then again, it's got to be simple and lighthearted. What made it even better was that I didn't remember this episode at all since I watched the series years ago. Also reading that Molly's death was cut in the English dub just makes me grateful that I'm watching the Japanese version now.

Maybe Shadow will try to continue her dream? It seems like he won't try to follow Eggman's orders as much. He didn't care about the Chaos Emerald.
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Apr 10, 2020 12:49 PM
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I have a theory on the cascadians as their planet was destroyed. But it’s just a theory.