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Poll: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (TV) Episode 22 Discussion

Sep 9, 2017 7:34 AM
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Not as bad as firstly expected. In the end actually pretty good.
Nov 20, 2017 4:20 PM

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i'm not sure if it's because as i watch more anime the higher my standards become or what but this anime was kinda a let down. i know for a fact if this was one of the first anime i watched i would have probably overlooked all the flaws and LOVED it

but, as fun as some of the episodes were it got annoying at times because of everything was taken so lightly. i understand it's just a comedy shounen so it's not supposed to be super serious but it was just too ridiculous sometimes. there's an octopus that will apparently destroy the entire Earth and yet he will do anything for his students? 3 professional assassins that seemingly didn't mind killing some teenagers and then all of a sudden they're just these 3 goofy guys giving everyone an inspirational speech? come on

god and the whole "bitch-sensei" gag got annoying real quick as well, not even funny at all. maybe to preteens it is though

i know i'm being too harsh on a show that's aimed at a younger audience but it just made me go ??????????? too many times. not because it was shocking or surprising but because it made no sense

overall, 6/10. which is not a bad score, i'm still giving some credit for the entertaining aspects of this anime
Dec 8, 2017 5:40 PM

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as expected,they pulled the "no killing" crap,which is especially stupid when the entire show is ABOUT KILLING >_<.

also,nagisa's "ultimate move"looked stupid,and turning the crazy assassins,including the guy who licks his gun constantly,into good guys was utterly stupid,and i love how they didnt resist arrest at all,and how the police allowed them to keep their guns and 3DSes after they arrested them >_>

this episode was far,far below the standard of the show. 9/10 for the show as a whole, 5/10 for the finale.
Feb 26, 2018 12:12 AM

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Wait that was the last episode?? Didn't even realize. LOL
Mar 12, 2018 2:44 AM

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"Is that a bikini or a cry for help?"

I too wonder this sometimes. Not that I mind. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Mar 31, 2018 1:45 PM
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alot of boring and cringey episodes.
Apr 8, 2018 1:51 PM

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Just completely struggled to get into the concept almost throughout, i just wished it focused more on Koro-sensei, who he was and how he came to be, but we got breadcrumbs, the whole educational premise, giving the students confidence and teaching them life lessons didn't really hit home, only part of that i liked was when they won against the regular students, there is a lot of potential and secrets underneath but just didn't show enough for me. 6.

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Aug 24, 2018 1:15 AM

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Nagisa's eyes during that fight were gorgeous. Seeing him put that piece of shit in his place made me love Nagisa even more than before.

I was a bit underwhelmed by Nagisa's technique after how long they kept it under wraps though.

Smog, Grip, and Gastro don't seem that bad after all; they could've killed the classmates with the virus, but they defied Takaoka's orders. Seeing them play together on their 3DSs was wholesome.

Good ending. 8/10

As a whole, I'd give it an 8.5/10. Had some good comedy, likeable characters, and a riveting final arc. Some of the characters were underdeveloped, notably Itona, and the episodic format of many episodes got a little repetitive, but I still really enjoyed it. I'm excited to see what the second season has in store.

Sep 3, 2018 7:49 PM

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this is nice, real nice in the second half. I like it a lot more when there's a directional focus to the story.. The thing with the new bulky sensei who turned out to be a crazy mofo, the test/competition with class A that they had, and then this story arc on their school trip. The first half was kind of really boring, not bad, but just boring. There's way too much focus on characters that I am sure many of us don't really care.

It is nice that the mangaka is trying to give some attention to all his characters, but just giving them one episode to develop their entire backstory is just not enough to give them any relevancy nor is enough to make me care about that particular episode. The story itself wasn't particularly engaging. As a result, it takes away screentime from characters that are more popular like Karma and Nagisa.

The top review that rated this a 3 is pretty accurate (though the rating is pretty harsh).. the comedy is really weak though, maybe that's because of the language barrier..

Hoping for more arc based story in the second season, and it gives us more of what we really want from the show.
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Oct 9, 2018 5:11 PM

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Man this show was fun to watch.

The last couple of episode were not as good as the rest of the show in my opinion. They were still fun, but the missing presence of koro sensei was definitely noticeable.

I mean he was there yes, but not completely.

The Story we've been given is definitely not something i have ever seen before, its very unique and refreshing. The Story isn't build very serious, its meant to be a fun ride, but the show still managed to give you lessons about life and what not through Koro Sensei's teachings, and thats, atleast in my opinion where the anime was shining the most.

The little talks in between or after lessons that he had with his Students. For example when Karma failed his Final exam. He was too relaxed, thought hes so talented that he would not have to worry about studying or anything else. That's where he was wrong. Talent alone doesn't help you much in life, but if you improve that talent with a lot of hard work, you will achieve great things. Karma had to take a beating to realize that not everything in life can be overcome by sheer talent. The scene where Koro Sensei was making fun of him only to make Karma realize this was so good.

I still had a few minor problems with this show though.. Most of the characters seemed too generic for my taste and that starts with the character designs.. They just scream "hey im a generic looking anime character all over the place"

Most of the students really are generic.

But the good characters like Koro Sensei, Karasuma, the President of the School and Karma carried this. (For the most part only Koro Sensei though)

Most of the students are just boring characters that you will never ever think about after finishing this anime. They aren't annoying or anything but they just lack characterization and depth. I mean i understand, its pretty hard to give everyone in a class of 30+ Students good characteristics and depth. But atleast a few of them could have gotten a little more love. None of the Students really stood out to me except Karma, it already started with his introduction episode. It was a ton of fun to discover this new student who's very high skilled in pretty much everything he does. He only ended up in Class E because of his violence. That already gives us more characterization than 98% of the students have.

There are not much problems left to be honest, the characters were the "biggest" issue for me. Sure the story could have been handled a little better. There weren't really a lot of episodes that i thought were super good. The "brother" episode was pretty good, Karma's introduction was good. I don't remember any other highlights for my taste. Wasn't the biggest fan of the ending.

Soundtrack was pretty good. Hated the openings but i loved the ENDING so so much.. I will come back to it for sure. Hellooo Shooting Star!
Animation was also pretty good. It definitely felt consistent and the action scenes were all really well done.

7/10 excited to see what season 2 has to offer!
Feb 25, 7:41 PM

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All in all a good series. The last arc dragged a little bit, but that's a minor flaw. 9/10
Mar 26, 9:38 AM
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Kinda disappointing. I knew there was a season 2 but dude I just want to see what happens with the flashback and the reason he doesn't destroy the earth. Yawn getting boring.
Mar 26, 9:31 PM
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As a 16 year old guy, I don’t cry much. Maybe at a few movies and when I would get hurt as a kid, but it is rare. I feel like I either surpress emotions or just don’t really feel them. Throughout this month, I have been watching this show and just now finished. And I want to thank this show for one of the best breakdowns of my life. Honestly, thank you. It is hard to describe this amazingly sad, yet extremely joyous feeling. Sometimes, you just need to cry.
Apr 15, 5:29 AM
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What move did Nagisa use against Akira in the fight? Is there any video showing how to do the move?
Apr 17, 8:47 PM

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Nice ending for the first season. It was interesting to see how these kids developed into little killers to rescue the earth. The beginning was a little bit slow but after a couple episodes it got better and better.

Characters were pretty fun to watch, especially Koro-sensei. And even if there wasn't action all the time I really liked the fight scenes.

Looking forward to watch season 2.

May 25, 12:42 AM

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Pretty fine finale to sign things off for Season 1! While the final arc did drag on a bit (+some mix of the ‘convenience’ factor lol), the beginning and the mid for the most part were great!

Using Takouki (or however it’s spelled) as the final ‘boss’ here was kind of let down for me but I’m glad to see how things turned out nevertheless! Nagisa thrashed him for the second time and darn that smile, poor old man is sure to have nightmares for life. A big shoutout to the soundtracks used for this episode too, they really excelled throughout the show but this episode more so in my opinion. And then those assassins with the cool lines were interesting but really just anticlimactic but not too much of a biggie. Some more character development for Terasaka this episode and it was pretty good I’ve to say.

Korosensei’s return was handled brilliantly and some more of the usual awesomeness from the series, you just got to love the Octo really. He nearly messed up too, lmao. Bitch-sensei though, on the other hand, with her desperation moves xD. What a bizarre swimsuit to boot, jeez. Looks like Class 3-E is back to school, however, and thus begins term two!

I’d have preferred to know more about Korosensei instead of the ‘okay’ final arc admittedly but guess they’re saving this for later so I’m looking forward to an eventful 2nd Season.

Strong 8/10 to this Season 1, hoping to see better from the 2nd Season!
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