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Poll: Saikano Episode 13 Discussion

Jul 9, 2016 5:01 AM

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A little plot twist at the final episode. I never knew half of the Earth was destroyed.

Everyone died huh except Shuu, LOL. Earth is no more too.

They were together even though the world's ended, I see.


Overall 5/10
Jun 10, 7:14 PM

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Seriously powerful ending with those kind of feels that make you tear up, but more importantly, give you food for your thoughts. This series as a whole was a completely new experiences for me when it comes to the romance genre and shed light on aspects where other series didn't even move the curtain. Furthermore, it also managed to be a really amazing intra-apocalyptic war drama and depressing to boot. And I didn't expect it would play out like this. Shuji survived and Chise in a way too, but man, this whole situation is way too sad and somehow crueler than death. Being alive without any hope left, so much taken from you, you're only able to reminisce in memories. I wouldn't be able to stand it.

I'm in awe right now and still can't process all what happened.

Easy 9/10 and if some technical aspects had been done with more finesse then I probably would've even considered a full score. Will make sure to check out the manga, I'm curious and also because it might help with getting a better grasp of some aspects.
Kokoro did nothing wrong.

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