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May 14, 2015 10:50 PM

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Quite interesting overall. Could be better. I like the concept.


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Dec 14, 2017 6:03 PM

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I'll treat this as a general discussion thread for the entire story (I made discussion threads for each chapter already). :)

The beginning was intriguing, with the mysterious family curse, and Eitaro and Akihiko's meetings. I have a fondness for time-travelling stories, and they could be so lovely, especially when we see glimpses of the past era(s), and how it is connected to the present.

I was not fond of Ren and Akihiko's relationship.... ;______; It was sad that even until the end, Ren knew that Akihiko could not forget Eitaro...

I disliked the family revelation, lol! I understand that marriage is viewed highly, especially in traditional households or in past eras, was so unfair of Eitaro to marry Shiho because she reminded him of Akihiko. :/ Was that necessary? Maybe Shiho could have later moved on from her feelings for Eitaro, meet and fall in love with someone else, and then marry and procreate with him. Now, I know this alternate option is impossible because then the descendants of the Sakaki family would not exist, but ugh!! >< Eitaro being Akihiko and Ren's great-great-grandfather was so uncalled for!

I still want to know what happened to Eitaro... ;_______; Maybe Eitaro couldn't control his time-travelling ability, which is why he left Shiho and their son, Soutarou without a word... But I'd really like to know where he went!

Surprisingly, my favourite chapter was 4.5, when Eitaro time-traveled to the year 1828 (the Edo era) and met Yashichi. Yashichi was so understanding and patient... Eitaro and Yashichi really shared a comfortable life together. I totally supported them as lovers.

I did not like the story behind the Sakaki family’s curse… :/ A sister wanted to avenge her brother and his fiancée, so she placed a curse on the male descendants of the man who was behind their deaths… Heck, the story still didn’t explain why only the males were cursed, but not all the Sakaki descendants. ;____;

So, I came feeling intrigued, but left disappointed. :/
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