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[STYLISH] Easily add custom characters easily to the sides of forum, club, and profile pages

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May 12, 2015 8:25 PM

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This is a Stylish theme to customize your view of the MAL forum, clubs, and profile page. More themes can be found here:

You need to be using the Stylish extension to install this theme: Install for Firefox * Install for Chrome

The theme's installation page:

Here's a Stylish theme you can install to easily add your choice of renders to the sides of the screen, as in the example above. It comes with a few default renders to try out, and on the Install page you can upload your own renders from your computer or use a URL online of the render you want! If you don't want to use a character render, thats fine, you can use a regular image too if you want. This theme is compatible with many MAL themes, including ones that add a background, banner, and change the colors of the screen.

How to Install
1. Install the Stylish add-on through one of these pages depending on your browser:
Click here for Stylish (Firefox)
Click here for Stylish (Google Chrome)

Note: If you've installed Stylish already before, you can skip step 1.

2. Visit the theme's install page (linked below) and install the theme with the big green button.

Click here to see a pic of the Install button if you can't find it.

3. After clicking the green install button, you're done! Now you can customize the code by refreshing the install page and playing with the settings, shown here. If you need help on that, see below!


How do I change the renders or use others I want?

Where to find new renders of other characters I want?

How to reposition my renders?

Is Styish safe? How to disable/uninstall this theme or Stylish at any time?
Yes, its safe and has a strong reputation. If you need more convincing or want to know how to uninstall it here you go:
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