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Apr 29, 2015 7:28 PM

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[b][color=#F202FF]Herro my name is Brian and I'm the leader of this club. If your here than you must want a staff position. Here are all the positions needed. They will change over time.
Examples: (Only for layout makers and card makers.)
Time you will spend:

Card Makers
Card makers are the most important job in a card club. You need to make cards that the club members would want.
How many needed: Infinite

Layout Makers
Layout makers are people who make layouts for the club. They are needed because they create a piece of art that draws in the members
How many needed: 3

Club Inviters
These are the people who invite people to the club. Simple
How many needed: 3

Game Makers/Forum Officer
These are the people who make games for the community to enjoy. This also comes with the responsibility of making sure that people don't break any rules.
How many needed: 3

[center][b][color=red]This will change when the club gets more members.[/center][/b][/color]