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Mar 1, 10:00 PM
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How about an option when exporting one's score graph to only include completed anime or completed anime and anime with greater than 1/5.2 episodes completed.
Mar 3, 4:48 AM

Joined: Jan 2012
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Since Chinese anime (donghua) is on the rise it might be a fun idea to make an achievement for that!
Mar 3, 2:30 PM

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@Tenderizer17 — we will consider it.
@Miss-x-larie — unfortunately, donghua are simply too incendiary a topic. There is a lot of debate about whether or not they count as "real" anime, among other things, and at this time we would strongly prefer to remain neutral in the discussion. I am afraid that we will have to reject your suggestion. ^^;
Mar 5, 5:16 AM

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@EMPERATRIX i totally understand, thank you for your consideration!
Mar 13, 2:32 AM

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— Grouping anime into franchises in the Favorites tab.
reason: pointless implement; they are already grouped as such in the main tab.

I understand if this is too hard to implement but this is not pointless at all. My intention when i suggested this to the old google moderator page is to reduce the impact of franchises with a lot of entries (for example, Gainax and KyoAni have a low rating in my favourite page because they did a lot of specials i rated low, while the opposite is true for Deen). Though this would come with its own slew of issues, it would be interesting to see how your top favourites change with 1 franchise = 1 entry (instead of the current 1 franchise = 2-100 entries). It always felt like such a waste to me that franchises groupings are never used anywhere else.

— A filter/option to hide studios with 1~5 entries in the "Favorite Studios" section of the Favorites tab to avoid "cluttering".
reason: a pointless implement. The most this would accomplish is a shortening of the page, which is rather short to begin with.

The intention of this suggestion was so you can more easily tell which are the "real" studios, because once you get a big enough list, a lot of weird "studios" with 1 entry will populate the list. Though this is not such a problem anymore since MAL separated studios, producers and licensors.
Like for example, the production comittee of Mirai Nikki has its own page for some reason

— Implementing a compatibility function that would let you find users of the highest compatibility.
reason: a pointless implement that requires too many server resources. Why pointless? Because MAL automatically displays your compatibility when you're on an user's profile, and furthermore, as the very suggester pointed out, there's already a website (animeadvice) that does this (allows you to find users of the highest compatibility) for you. If you're so keen on this function, visit it. The graph is not a dating service.
Well, animeadvice is down now and im sure there are a lot of users who miss it
Since MALgraph has the anime list data, it could calculate your top compatibility with MALgraph users at least.
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