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Poll: Yuri Kuma Arashi Episode 12 Discussion

Dec 27, 2017 3:30 PM

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I will have to rewatch this eventually.
Feb 7, 12:22 PM

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AimeeKite said:

Btw, what interests me most - the majority of metaphors were very easy to figure out, but what did Prince Milne mean by saying that instead of asking Lulu for a kiss he could just kiss her himself? To kiss means to share love, but wasn't it what he'd been trying to do all along while returning the honey pot?

Not really. He was bringing the honey again and again to get Lulu's love, not as a show of his own. Don't remember who said it but there's this: "If you want to be loved, love." Milne wanted to be loved and it took him to die (and probably meet Kumaria, in a way, if we go by the 'Kumaria being more-less God' interpretation), to realize he was doing it wrong. Hope you get what I mean.

Also, I see it as a parallel to Kureha/Ginko's story, just in a simpler terms:
Kureha wanting Ginko to become a human girl to stay with her forever / Milne asking Lulu for a kiss //// wanting to be loved
Kureha deciding to go bear for Ginko / Milne kissing Lulu /// loving.
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