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Poll: Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo Episode 25 Discussion

Mar 28, 2015 9:54 AM

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So we learn even more about Embyro in the final episode. And of course, Ange became naked for the 994035th time. Some scenes really can make your head turn in the finale though. Damn Embyro....

We also get final duel between Embyro and Tusk (lol, he has a katana). Pretty typical. Same with Ange's fight.

Wait for BDs for uncensored.
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Mar 28, 2015 10:01 AM

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Fetus-kun really is the creep.

WTF was with Sylvia lol.

Good Ending i guess ?

Damn i'm gonna miss this show -_-'. still better ending than AZ
Mar 28, 2015 10:04 AM

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Nice end, especially compared to A/z's
Mar 28, 2015 10:05 AM

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bastek66 said:
Nice end, especially compared to A/z's
bastek66 said:
Nice end, especially compared to A/z's

Still missing the kids tho
Mar 28, 2015 10:37 AM

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Nooo it's over.
And once again it had everything that makes this anime so great.
The feels at the end were too strong for me,I cried like a baby ;(
10/10 this was the hidden gem of the year and maybe even the best anine in a really long time.
Thank you Sunrise for this masterpiece,I had fun watching this show and that's what it is all about. :)
Mar 28, 2015 11:08 AM
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That was a nice ending.

I'm gonna miss this anime a lot. Hoping for an OVA.
Mar 28, 2015 11:27 AM

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Good anime with a nice ending . Everyone live together in peace.
Mar 28, 2015 11:45 AM

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I liked this ending a lot more than the Aldnoah.Zero.

Things notable in this episode
- Salia and Hilda both get their Ragna-mail tuned to them with new colours
- Embyro trying to pry open Ange's legs
- Tusk and Ange both finishes Embyro with a slash to the head
- Alektra bit the dust
- Aura is voiced by Kotono Mitsubushi
- I found it weird for Ange singing while staring at Embyro

Also, during the ending credits, Ange can be seen wearing the Shirt/Jeans Combo that Nana Mizuki wore for her Kindan no Resistance single..
Mar 28, 2015 12:05 PM

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I don't very liked the last fight. Btw i like the ending.
We got less dead charcter that i imagined. (Or maybe i just like Tomino) XD
Mar 28, 2015 12:16 PM

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They need to make a season two with Sylvia as Main
Mar 28, 2015 12:19 PM

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Rayzorexe said:
I liked this ending a lot more than the Aldnoah.Zero.

Things notable in this episode
- I found it weird for Ange singing while staring at Embyro

I know that part was hilarious with that "insert" song (literally)
Mar 28, 2015 12:24 PM

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As controversial as this Anime may be, I end up enjoying the heck outta it.
Mar 28, 2015 12:31 PM

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It's over and i gotta say i enjoyed this quite alot, lots of laughs and kept me lookin' forward to next ep, glad i picked this up after 3 episodes were released.
Mar 28, 2015 12:57 PM

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Sylvia become chibi ange amazon warrior xD

Mar 28, 2015 12:58 PM

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Jill died, called it like several episodes ago.

One thing didn't make sense to me was why couldn't Salamandinay open the portal and connect to Ange? I thought she had a Vikis as well.

Speaking of Salamandinay, I felt like she was underused as a character. I think the ending fight could've been a lot better if it was just down to Salamandinay, Ange, and Tusk. The other secondary characters were just in the way.

How did the secondary characters get a ring anyways? I think Salia got hers from Jill, but where did Hilda get hers? No explanation why Ange and Salamandinay's song connected.
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Mar 28, 2015 1:11 PM
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Confucius said:
Jill died, called it like several episodes ago.

One thing didn't make sense to me was why couldn't Salamandinay open the portal and connect to Ange? I thought she had a Vikis as well.

Only Ange's Ragna-mail is named Villkiss.

The rest are:
Embryo - Hysterica
Salia - Cleopatra
Ersha - Raziya
Chris - Theodra
Ilma - Eirene
Tanya - Victoria (destroyed)
? - Bilkis (The Primitive)

Dragon Clan Ryuu-Shin-Ki:
Salamandinay - Enryugo
Naga - Soryugo
Kaname - Hekiryugo
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Mar 28, 2015 1:21 PM

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bastek66 said:
Nice end, especially compared to A/z's
No babies? :(
Mar 28, 2015 1:55 PM
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It's over? IT'S FINALLY OVER!?!?!?!?

Yes! This shit fest is over! now I can finally move with my life!

Dear God, please don't allow me to ever watch another Fuduka Anime by accident again, please! I promise I will start to go church again! well... maybe.

Seriously though, the only good thing that this anime ever produced was the Salako and Ange song combo, everything else can go to hell!

Ha! at least Ange ended up with the BOSS Tusk, screw Hilda! Yuri shippers can bitch themselves back to Tumblr.
Mar 28, 2015 3:02 PM
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So although I really enjoyed the show overall am I the only one not impressed by this last episode? Maybe it's because I just watched the raw's for now to see what happened, but the battle just didn't do it for me. I felt that the whole episode was rushed and the fight scenes weren't even that good. Also, Salako should get her own side series. She didn't get enough camera time during the whole show.
I do love Ange and Tusk though and I'm glad that they can now live peacefully. I want to see them babies though.
Mar 28, 2015 4:14 PM

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I've seen people call this ending cliche, but really how often do we get an ending like this these days? Everything seems to try to have edgy or shocking endings, whereas simple "cliche" endings such as this have been long forgotten. Maybe 20 years ago this would be cliche, but not anymore.
Mar 28, 2015 4:55 PM

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I like the "No, we are human" part. It makes the argument more convincing when every single character is either a stereotype or objectified puppet. Well, there's one hella amusing ride. In some aspects Mitsuo Fukuda is one really interesting fella, what does it take for a man to be as low as him, shoving all those non-sense to an original probably ok series? Now off to look for behind the scene materials, cause there's more amusement out there.
Mar 28, 2015 4:59 PM

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I like how end Cross Ange, is a real ending, not like a bad ending or a open ending, or make us waiting for a other season. We have the villain clearly dead, the peace comeback and Cafe Ange hahaha.
Mar 28, 2015 5:04 PM
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Jill died, though she would survive but still don't really care. Lol Embryo corpse made me laugh. Only watched the raw but still some plot holes.

Salamandinay character felt mishandle. i remembered when she first appeared in episode 11 sang that song, and things got interesting for me then later onwards she got less screen time.
Mar 28, 2015 5:07 PM
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As early as episode 3 everyone was so sure that Vivian would die. She never did.
Mar 28, 2015 6:05 PM
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As expected it does not fully explain a number of key points:
Why the songs are required (if i write the plot, I would make them required because music is sort of a tune that in sync of certain dimensional scifi physics stuff)
Why the rings are required? (Connection booster or a key to unlock further power)
Why the heck Embryo kept a number of machine that rival his own machine, let them continue to exist long after its use in the final battle in original Earth.
Why the heck Embryo can resurrect people from the dead? Simply merge the alive one in different reality?
Why Ange's family considered sinned? (as mentioned in one episode during the meeting)

I can think of a lot more... but after how Tusk survived and it is a Fukuda show.. we will never get the final answer, hence this drags the series down to 6/10 for plot holes. Any one watch it for the OTZ stuff can give it 8/10 and hope there is an extended R-Rated BD version of the final episode... lol
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Mar 28, 2015 8:33 PM

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This isn't complaint to the anime, but my disappointment because of my own expectations:

I wish the fight was done faster so I could get some time to romance because it was my first reason to watch this series.
Mar 28, 2015 9:33 PM

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These last episodes weren't as good as I expected but it was an entertaining show nonetheless.

That singing in the middle of the battles was kinda weird if u ask me.

A wild Perolina appeared! :O

My favorite character from Cross Ange is Vivian.

Mar 28, 2015 10:38 PM

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I got the ending I wanted. That was Ange and Tusk settling down and opening their Cafe. I wish we could have seen their kids though.

But I still need more closure to this. Maybe because I'm a huge fan of Ange. I would love for another cour of slice of life with Ange and company. I'd pay with a kidney for that.

Nonetheless it was a happy ending, so I can accept it. I really wish for some OVAs.

Jill died :""(
Salia got redeemed just like I wanted. Great! Hilda was cute in that scene where tusk and Ange were hugging. Also LOL @ how Tusk rescued Ange.

Embryo deserved a worse death. That was too easy.

Salako was indeed underused but you can only do so much with 25 episodes in an anime with quite a big cast.

I'm really sad that it had to end. This anime along with Parasyte were the best anime by far of last fall and this winter. No other come close, although for vastly different reasons.

Anime just won't be the same without Ange and her adventures :(

Overall I'd give this anime an 8.5/10 but since MAL won't do point and a half I'll go with a 9.

Great show, unforgettable. Ange the besto!
Mar 29, 2015 2:36 AM

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Final episode like fighting a final boss in a JRPG. It seriously had all the elements of one to it

I guess I liked how Ange's hair got longer throughout the series. Nice to see that Cafe Ange became a thing too

For the first 10 episodes I was sure that I was going to give this a 1/10, i'm glad it got so much better towards the end. The OP and ED songs were really good
Mar 29, 2015 2:53 AM
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lucidbrandon said:
Final episode like fighting a final boss in a JRPG. It seriously had all the elements of one to it

I guess I liked how Ange's hair got longer throughout the series. Nice to see that Cafe Ange became a thing too

For the first 10 episodes I was sure that I was going to give this a 1/10, i'm glad it got so much better towards the end. The OP and ED songs were really good

Exactly opposite... first 5 - 10 ep were good ... straight 8... the closer we are to the end the worst it's get. Last ep was horrible:

- unnecessary fan service
- lame ass ending
Mar 29, 2015 3:00 AM

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I started watching this anime late and I have to say I loved it!

I thought they did a great job with the ending! We got to see Cafe Ange, that shit Embryo bite the dust, and everyone living happy!

Overall I gave this a 9/10!
So glad that I'm not a huge manga reader, because the manga readers WHINE WAY TOO MUCH and have to RUIN every adapted anime for the ANIME ONLY WATCHERS!
Mar 29, 2015 3:00 AM

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Thoughts for the Final Episode:

A Great End there. This ending was better and this is how to End a Mecha Anime not something like the the fucking Ending of Aldnoah.Zero.
And this made my day and most of all made me recover from the Ending of that Shitty Mecha Anime Aldnoah.Zero.
The songs sung by Ange (Nana Mizuki) and Salamandinay (Yui Horie). Just hearing those songs gaves me a good feeling!!!
So because of that I'll give this Anime a 8 out of 10 score overall. But I'll make it a 9 (or even a 10) If the BD release improved. (added some nipples)
And Nice seeing Cafe Ange being built at the end. The only thing that was missing was Ange and Tusk's kids. Damn it they didn't tied to add it!!

I might miss watching this every Sunday. But I'm sure Cross Ange would be replace with something good.
To fill up and make my Sundays/Weekend complete this upcoming Spring Season.
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Mar 29, 2015 3:14 AM

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o0o its over, i liked gundam seed desti...i mean cross ange aa lot =D (come on they were practicaly the same! (gundam is way better tou))

times ange got naked in this anime : OVER 9000!!!!

-"what are we going to do about the other world?"
-"i dont give a fuck"

at the start i tougth i was going to give it a 10 XD, but nah, let's get real, this is no masterpiece, it's a really good show dou, solid 8, could be a 9, but kinda crappy sometimes, so not or me

so...the last scene of the first opening was a spoiler of the last episode?...guess that explians why i alway tougth around that op "why is ange smiling with everyone if they fucking hate each other :/ "

"i'll build a country"---builds a restaurant -.-U

turururu ♪♪el ragna♪♪ (catchy XD)

i wonder why everyone is comparing to A/Z i mean, both were mechas with crappy endings that kinda JUST KINDA resembled gundam... dude, not even close to a gundam series XD (but way better than g no reconguista XDD)
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Mar 29, 2015 3:21 AM

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Decent anime, killed some time. 7/10
Mar 29, 2015 3:23 AM

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Actually a well done closed ending, Embryo killed and the "fake" earth with Sylvia are like doomed gg. I give this a 7 out of 10, nice OST and a good ending but in my opinion it did feel a bit rushed in 1 episode.
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Mar 29, 2015 3:33 AM
Hitagi's Pet

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Ange gets naked and abused again. This series is nothing if not consistent when ti comes to that. On most objective levels, this series was pretty bad. But to it's credit, it didn't take itself too seriously and made fun of it's own imperfections which resulted in it being a fun popcorn kind of watch. The ending is pretty definitive too which is a plus in my book.
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Mar 29, 2015 3:36 AM
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I can't believe I actually finished this abomination. So much fanservice, so much stupid plot twists, so many overblown caricactures and meaningless edge. Hell the animation isnt even consistently good; the last few eps look like crap. For all the "depth" it tried to have, not even one theme is explored properly. Everyone is obsessed with Ange because she's the main character.

On hindsight, Psycho pass 2 was easier on the brain cells.
Mar 29, 2015 3:39 AM
Phoenix Wrong

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Damn, I can't believe this series is over. I remember starting this and thinking meh, okay. The fan service didn't bother me at all, but it just was okay for me. I think once it got past episode 5 or so, I started anticipating each episode with some excitement. Now that we've reached the end, I thoroughly have enjoyed this series despite some plot holes.

Loved Ange's character development throughout this series. She was quite a dynamic main female character.

The end snippets of everyone after everything had settled down were quite neat. Absolutely loved how the first opening played during that.
Mar 29, 2015 4:00 AM
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Great show, it was really fun to watch. Will miss Ange.
Mar 29, 2015 4:05 AM

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This show had its problems but it never had a single boring moment! Something was always happening. Its also quite unique with a lot of its ideas and execution. So overall I will give it a 7/10
Mar 29, 2015 4:12 AM

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So Tusk is the only male on the new earth? lol
Mar 29, 2015 4:21 AM
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Any anime is better ending than tokyo ghoul 2
Mar 29, 2015 4:39 AM

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Didn't really like the final episode, but this anime has been a mess from the beginning so I'm not going to complain!

Anyhow, poor Embryo he waited 1000 years and he couldn't get with Ange which was expected. It was DESTINY though! It was supposed to be Embryo x Angelise. There were millions of other women, Tusk! But you had to get with Embryo's fated woman. So because of that I try to empathise with him so I didn't brand him a "pervert" when he stripped Ange and actually went full on. Luckily Ange previously handing Tusk her pantsu served a purpose for stopping the "hikari no censorship".

I'm glad the series ended this way. Good thing Ange decides to start afresh instead of returning to the previous world. It's great she's trying to help create a world that everyone an coexist, norma, humans, and dragons without having to discriminate, and condemn once race over the other.

I'm also glad the regular Earth is in a complete mess, where all these pesky humans now having to fend for themselves, no more mana. They really had it there way, but now it's time to survive! I wanted to note, that I found it fascinating that Sylvia said these things and killed these people (based on her original characterisation) it's like her character completely changed. I sense Ange#2!
Mar 29, 2015 4:41 AM

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Really, enjoyed this show,
Liked the ending. Going to miss it.
Just one question, How are they going to make a nation with one guy?
Mar 29, 2015 4:50 AM

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WOOOOOOO!!!! i started watching from 3:45AM-7:25AM from Episode 18 all the way to the end!

I'm tried, beat up, kinda sleepy, but man what a show!!

Let's go from the start shall we? :D

First off, Alektra dies :(


With that kind of injury, of course she was going to die. Surprise Salia saved her, at least she died properly in front of everyone.

And yeah, as always Embryo is one damn narcissistic. You telling me you waited fucking 1000 years just to find a woman!?!?! I can't believe you couldn't find one in those years!!!

Yeah, i knew Aura had a similar voice, but yes she is voiced by Kotono Mitsubushi :)

I thought Ange is gonna get violated once again, but i'm glad Tusk was able to make it in time.

I actually don't mind, Salia, Hilda, Salamandinay going with Tusk. I'm glad they did since they had to face multiple Para-Mails anyways.

Lol Hilda making faces when Ange is with Tusk :P

Since she was able to get another new uniform, white one this time around ^^
Even new color for Villkiss :)

Glad Salamandinay provided a much stronger weapon for Tusk in the final battle!

Seems Embryo can now be finally killed since he has no where to run in this space.

I'm glad Salia is more of herself. Finally she's gotten a transformation as well! Same with Hilda!!! They owned those Para Mails!!!

Lol your 10 million years to early for Ange, Embryo :P

Finally your dead, your done, and never come back anymore.

It's finally over!! Seems Ange's sister Sylvia will have to live on her own and be like Ange. Even have the same get up and all :O

Seems they're creating a world for Humans, Norma, Dragons, EVERYONE!!

Kidano no Resistance!!!!!!!! It's been awhile since i last heard of this song!!

Vivi was able to meet up with her mother! Salia, Chris, Rosalie, Ersha mourn's for everyone who had died in the final battle.

Finally they opened Ange's Kissaten!!! Even have Karaoke with Salamandinay and others! Seems everything is being rebuild, and now Ange and Salamandinay will be the leaders of this country :O

Also the Karaoke scene, it seems Fukuda reference the Seiyuu: Nana Mizuki and Yui Horie by wearing the clothes from their respective albums :)

Kidan no Resistance Album from Nana Mizuki ^^

Dog Days'' Album "Stay With Me" from Yui Horie :D

Damn I love the series! So many references to Seiyuu and cast themselves :D

It's over T__T

The first time i saw this show, especially the deaths and the last scene in the first episode. I knew this show was going to be amazing.

Stupid idiots who doubted Cross Ange. I'm glad i don't listen to these clowns who tried to downplay the franchise just because of the last scene of the first episode.

I was hoping the show would be more like Zeta, with all the character deaths etc. Heck i don't mind Tusk and Momoka staying dead in the last episodes.

But seeing them finally made Ange Kissaten. I'm satisfied with the ending! Now everyone get's to live their own way, without anyone controlling what they do etc.

I really love the OST!!! Nana Mizuki and Yui Horie's songs are just pure goddess! Good luck making a dub on this lol.

OST 2 is already out. You know where to find them ^^

I kinda find it funny how Aldnoah Zero, one of the biggest and hypest new mech series(originally by Urobutcher) got sullied over the last few episodes, even the last episode of S2 was lukewarm according to some people(i'm going to watch it as soon as all the BD's come out), but Cross Ange managed top it with style and better fight scenes. Definitely one of my favorite mech shows of ALL TIME!!!!!!!

People should also check out a show called "Soukou no Strain" the visual kinda looks like an older Cross Ange show :O

I don't think Sunrise can make another show like this. There might be a new OVA series depicting an alternate or earlier timeline like Code Geass is doing with Akito.

Maybe a series about Alektra's younger days? Sylvia's doing in her world? Or even Naomi's scenario in that PS Vita game?

Anyways i do hope they at least do one of these scenarios in the near future.

I'm glad i watched this day 1 till the end!!!

Now i would have to watch Senki Zesshou Symphogear since S3 is coming out this July and i want to hear more Nana Mizuki songs!!

Amazing show!!! I give this 10/10!!! Ange is one of my favorite female characters of all time along with Salamandinay, Hilda, Salia.

Will rewatch this again once the BD's are out and all!! Want that BD quality, that blood, uncensored deaths, less mosaic(wish they actual draw the boobs properly this time around).

Cross Ange FOR LIFE!!!!

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Mar 29, 2015 5:09 AM

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HAHAHAHA it has been one of hell of ride to say the least....I enjoyed this show right up to the matter what anybody says i will enjoy it forever XD

It really helped me love the Mecha Genre more as i never was a fan of it opened my eyes more to check more shows like it in the future that is for sure.

Well as much as i want more of it ...I have to say Goodbye to it now....Maybe sometime in the future they might do a spin off, movie,, ova, s2 or prequel but if it does not, i am happy how it really finished of well and that is not u see in a lot of anime series these days :).
Mar 29, 2015 5:14 AM

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bastek66 said:
Nice end, especially compared to A/z's

Season 2 slice of life - Life with Tusk and Ange
Mar 29, 2015 5:43 AM
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I finished Cross Ange.
It was alright. I give it a 7.
Mar 29, 2015 5:46 AM

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The ending is ok, better than A/Z....this anime has a lot of flaws but for some reason it was one of the shows that I was eagerly waiting every week ^^
Mar 29, 2015 6:08 AM

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I just want to put this one here and see if this will be heavilyl change.

Wow 8 and 7 score was really close.
Haters always gonna hate.
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