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Poll: Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season Episode 12 Discussion

Dec 5, 2020 4:01 PM

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I really like this ending for many reasons. It feels really conclusive (as an ending should) and I really like the way everything was handled. Especially in regards to the romance and rivalry. I just love the subtle ways that they tell us who won the romance. The princess chose Inaho with her comments previously and that comment about the whole sky thing at the end which subtlely telling us who she cares for more. Obviously she couldnt actually be with him cause Empress things which I really like. The romance doesnt actually have a conclusion but it does at the same time. Im a huuuuge romance fan but I can appreciate the way they handled it in this especially considering the setting of the series and characters.

Also I love the rivalry between Inaho and Slaine in this series. Its definitely one of, if not the best rivalry Ive seen in anime. Idk its just so easy to get behind and its built up from season 1 and continuously added on to. Then it all accumulates in this final fight which is quite satisfying. I really like the way the second last scene mirrors a lot of things. Slaine putting his finger to his forehead which is what the count did in season 1 and Inaho being the one to point the gun at Slaine on the ground mirroring Slaine at the end of season 1. I really like that. Im guessing they did that intentionally. I also really like that end shot of slaine cause you can kind of see that innocent look he had in his eyes at the beginng return. Cause I noticed as time went on Slaine's eyes became less vibrant and more singular colour kind of thing. Its really interesting how they show the change and progression of the series with this stuff.

Its interesting what you can appreciate when you re-watch a series again and notice the finer details. This is definitely a great series. Its one of the very few series that cover a full on war the entire series, do it well and stay engaging. Aldnoah Zero is really re-watchable for me and this is my like 3 or 4th time re-watching this and I still love it.

And that SICK SOUNDTRACK TOO!!!!! The way they use the music is amazing. I noticed they used less in season 2 but its still really good.

Admittedly I do prefer season 1 because of a few things like the ground battle focus which felt more tense cause in the space battles they can just poof away at any time. The use of music too is amazing in season 1 especially with tracks like Aliez and Breathless. But still overall love the whole series. (Its funny cause I gave season 2 a 10/10 when I first watched it and season 1 a 9/10 except I prefer season 1 XD. Im the type of person who doesnt change scores after my first scoring)

Ive noticed I always end up coming back to Aldnoah Zero when I want something completely different from the norm. Cause I normally watch romance stuff so Aldnoah Zero is that saviour whenever Im tired of the usual stuff. (But its so weird when you look back through your re-watches and see when you last watched a series. Its been 3 years! since I last re-watched Aldnoah and I was like "Whaaaaat??? Really?!!") Aldnoah Zero is one of a kind for me and the feeling of watching it cant be replicated by other series. The OST, the characters, the setting all of it just comes together in this really satisfying experience.

Yeah Ive got a lot of thoughts after this re-watch in particular lol. Its just a great series you know. The ending is very satisfying for me.
(Edit after looking at some comments: Ah, I see Im in the minority XD. I just love it how most of the comments are just shitting over the series then theres me, nothing but praise lol)
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Jan 14, 10:36 PM
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Pretty decent anime. The outcome makes sense, like Darkness mentioned already. Saldy I have a feeling more and more animes are lower rated cause of there fav shipping won't happen, which is pretty bad for the community imo. Especially when the tag doesn't even have Romance. ofc I would like to see a different ship as well at the end, but sometimes it won't fit the setting and politics. Overall it has some flaws for sure and I saw better Mecha animes already. All in all 7,2/10
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