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Poll: Pandora Hearts Chapter 104 Discussion

Sep 15, 4:31 PM
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The journey ends, just in time for a new one to continue, and where will that lead?

I was not expecting much from the ending to be honest, and what I can say, it was not a crappy ending, but it was far from leaving me in awe and deeply satisfied with a proper sense of conclusion... I m know deads are supposed to be meaningfull and all, but I could never surpass Break's death, and Elliot's was also a bitch.
Now Oswald, Jack, Echo, Intention of the Abyss, Oz and Alice die too. T.T

Kinda surprised I still had tears to shed, after this manga broke me so much inside with some of those fucking twists, the anime was really on the beggining.

There are so many turning points in the manga (Lacie and the arc "past" being one of the biggest), most come at such quick sucession... this manga just gets you used to plot twists, since there are so many of them! You get spoiled by them, and as such I was expecting for more of them to happen near the end, that didnt happen, and made it seem at certain parts, like the pacing was dragging a bit too much, here and there.

And more than all, it felt quite disconforting knowing everyone that knew Alice and Gil, almost all of them are dead now (poor Ada), so while it was gratefying seeing them back, it also rises some questions I would have love to see answered (Reim x Sharon felt just wrong).
Oz fully embraces B-Rabbit too, and tbh that was disappointing, since I was expecting him to go a bit more OP and show how much a badass but we get nothing, he was way more EPIC around 50-60 chapters I would say.

For such a long and emotional journey at least, it ended properly, it had character and was a memorable conclusion, a bit similiar to Elfen Lied's manga, but all for good.

I just never understood what happened to that pocket watch that Oz had early on, that played Lacie's song. Yeah it was destroyed early on, but it made several cameos again on the manga, and then right on the last page of the epilogue it so appears hanging above the grave...

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