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Poll: Shirobako Episode 23 Discussion

Aug 3, 2016 3:19 PM

Joined: Oct 2011
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Wow. I was NOT expecting this show to make me cry. What a lovely scene. Gives me a little hope for my future.
Aug 7, 2016 2:39 PM

Joined: Mar 2016
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finally Shizuka gets a role, that made me unbelievably happy!!!

the final scene was quite emotional, ngl my eyes did start to water
Aug 9, 2016 5:30 AM

Joined: May 2010
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Man I love Shirobako so much... I wanna rewatch this episode some day
Sep 5, 2016 12:39 PM

Joined: Apr 2016
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When Zuka got that phone call, I started crying and didn't stop until the very end. This was too fucking beautiful.

The show could have ended right here, yet we still have one episode left...
Sep 16, 2016 5:49 AM

Joined: Jul 2013
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Just rewatched this and holy cow. This episode made me burst out laughing and then cried like a baby in a span of 10 minutes.
I now hate myself for not paying much attention the first time I watched this show.
Sep 21, 2016 11:26 AM

Joined: Sep 2013
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Excellent episode! Lots of closure occurred. I can't wait to see the ending!
Sep 29, 2016 3:23 AM

Joined: Jun 2016
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Cannot stop. The tears.
Oct 8, 2016 10:28 PM

Joined: Sep 2008
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Right in the feels.
Oct 16, 2016 11:44 AM

Joined: Mar 2008
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I had this show rated as a solid 8.5 in my mind coming into this episode. I was going to need to see the finish before I could settle on either 8 or 9 as my final rating. The last 2.5 minutes of this episode turned it into a 10.

Absolute anime perfection. From Aoi's reaction, right down to the climax line: "I'm now one step closer to my dream." Perfect. Flawless. Most Hollywood dramas don't have storytelling and execution that good. No shame in admitting that it made a grown man cry.

>Ecchi na no wa ikenai to omoimasu!<
Oct 19, 2016 12:38 AM

Joined: Jul 2016
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This is the SECOND Best episode of Shirobako. The scene where Nogame and Kinoshita have a talk about the series, ending with a revised BETTER ending and the editor's scandal exposed (Funny Story, YOU'RE FIRED!!!), When Kinoshita goes full Clint Eastwood on them and pull of badass moves, WITH HIS BELLY, the very thing that he thought 'dragged him down', and the scene where Shizuka FINALLY gets a role was genius. Big Mont Blanc Day INDEED!

In order to express my feelings about this anime, I hereby quote Krillin from DBZ Abridged -

"Just went straight from 9 to a 10."
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ONWARDS! Away from homework and on to more anime!!!
Nov 12, 2016 3:29 PM
Joined: Feb 2015
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seems like the editor was a big dick thought he was just a dick and feel sorry for saying the creator a dick, so happy for sakaki and damn the crying at the end :((
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Dec 12, 2016 6:49 PM

Joined: Feb 2012
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That was beautiful
Jan 31, 12:38 AM

Joined: Aug 2014
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Funny story man was a jerk, good thing the Director went full shounen mode and showed them all lol. And here I thought Nogume was a meanie...but he was a nice guy.

And damn that final scene with Miyamori in tears was too great, didn't think I would shed a tear but I did...too beautiful. Definitely the best episode.
Mar 24, 6:35 AM
Joined: Dec 2015
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The stuff with the Director and the Author was ridiculous but it works so well! xD

Finally, I'm so glad that Shizuka got a role.
I have mixed feelings about seeing Miyamori cry (because I don't wanna see her cry) but man, those emotions, they felt real.
So glad that it turned out well for Shizuka too! What a masterpiece of an anime.
Apr 16, 7:17 PM

Joined: May 2010
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Oh god, so not only did the editor turned out to be the biggest jerk, but mangaka is actually a nice and cooperative person! The whole cowboy thing was overdone imo, but because of the second half I'm not going to complain about it.

Shizuka finally got her chance to work with others, I'm so happy~! Aoi's crying scene totally hit me right into the feels, I can imagine that people from P.A. Works worked on it as hard as guys from Musani worked on Arupin's crying scene in Exodus! in the first half of the series. Made me teary-eyed as well, dammiiiit T^T
May 6, 6:08 AM

Joined: Mar 2013
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>editor finally get rekt

Jun 19, 12:31 PM

Joined: Dec 2013
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YESYESYES I'm ssooo happy, an anime has never made me more happy for a characters success in my life eeeeeeeee yes!
Jul 1, 12:56 AM

Joined: Sep 2013
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I just re-watched the entire series in a day.

That Shizuka scene got me again. It's easy to cry over something that's sad or when a character dies. It's a completely different feeling to cry over something so heart warming.

Shedding tears of joy is overwhelmingly stronger than tears of sadness. I wish there were more moments like this.

Jul 9, 11:22 AM

Joined: Dec 2014
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5/5 Finally!

Zuka-chan finally got a role! thank goodness, the scene where Miyamori having tears of joy because her friend Zuka finally got a role in an anime, that was so emotional i was on the verged of tears.

This is one of the best episode of Shirobako for sure!
Jul 19, 7:59 PM

Joined: Jul 2017
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That was probably the most perfect way for Zuka to get her role. Not only that, but the last line in the dialogue was such a perfect match!

Man I didn't expect to feel this much catharsis and emotion from that scene, absolutely amazing :')!

Adding the beautiful sight of Aoi tearing up for her friend just made it all the better :'D
Jul 21, 4:52 AM

Joined: Jul 2012
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I've been worrying about Shizuka throughout the discussion threads, and then this episode comes along. I don't know if it could've happened in a more perfect way.

The attention to detail in her facial expression during this scene is amazing.

Even when Shizuka's been denied countless roles, she didn't give up. She brought herself back up and just kept struggling and struggling. She even denied help from Aoi when she was about to introduce her to some big names in the industry. She wanted to become a professional seiyuu with her own talent and through her own hard work, and now, she's one step closer to her dream. I'm so happy for her ­čśş
Aug 13, 9:15 AM

Joined: Sep 2016
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I was moved. The end of the episode is awesome. Really moved. I love this series.
Aug 13, 9:16 AM

Joined: Sep 2016
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vyktar said:
YESYESYES I'm ssooo happy, an anime has never made me more happy for a characters success in my life eeeeeeeee yes!
Totally agree ^_^
Aug 22, 1:01 AM

Joined: Jun 2013
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Miyamori was moved to tears by Shizuka's performance... or by the idea that all five of them have now officially worked on the same project, i.e. the main five have reached a significant milestone on the way towards their dreams. Probably the latter, but it could be both. Maybe seeing Shizuka's success Miyamori has found the reason to stick with her work, the same as Aria found her reason to get back in the cockpit after meeting Lucy.

The whole showdown with the mangaka was great, flavored with the perfect amount of silliness for the situation.
Aug 29, 11:57 PM

Joined: Aug 2013
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A single moment is enough to make me tear buckets. I was so moved by this scene.
If only reality was this beautiful.. this is why we need anime.
Oct 29, 7:23 AM

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It’s been a while since an anime has made me cry happy tears. Don’t know why it took me so long to continue this series. So glad I did. I really thought they were going to end this series with Shizuka not being part of the team. Totally got caught off guard here.
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