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Poll: Kagen no Tsuki Chapter 16 Discussion

Dec 3, 2009 1:14 PM

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what a sad ending, but perfect though. i enjoyed this manga very much, it leaves a bittersweet aftertaste (:
Dec 25, 2009 12:15 PM

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Yeah, very bittersweet... It was really good though, for such a short story to make me like the characters so much is really unusual (: Especially Sugisaki. Glad I picked it up, it was a nice read.
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by pana (LJ username)
Nov 14, 2010 2:46 PM

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Worth reading plot 7/10.
Jul 6, 2016 12:19 AM

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I found this chapter and this story VERY fulfilling. The ending was bittersweet...

I liked reading Adam's monologue. In the afterlife, Adam continues to sing, and he's not so lonely because Hotaru's cat (Lulu) is with him. :)

I can imagine the kids being very united as they grow up. (LOL, hope they didn't go home, caught for being out late at night...)

It would have been nice if Mizuki remembered the children, thanked them in person, and spent time with them... Yet, I think it's better that Mizuki did not remember the children because that would mean that she would have remembered Adam and that would link with Sayaka... In order for Mizuki to be happy, she needs to live her life to its fullest; she certainly doesn't need her past with Adam to pull her down.

It's also unfortunate to know that Sayaka and Adam did not reunite in the afterlife... Even so, I'm happy that Adam has chosen to watch over Mizuki and wish for her happiness. :) He desired to bring Mizuki to the afterlife with him, but he realized that it could not be. In a sense, I think that helped Adam realize that Mizuki is not like Sayaka; Sayaka was willing to dedicate so much of her life to Adam, but Mizuki simply could not because she had her own life and people who love and need her.

So did Adam really love Mizuki? Even though he, himself, is not sure...I feel that the answer is mostly no, instead of a certain yes. When Adam met Mizuki, it must be because she's Sayaka's reincarnation; the two must share similarities (e.g. maybe their smiles?). I want to think that Adam loved the parts of Mizuki that resembled or reminded him of Sayaka. Arguably, those traits are also Mizuki's, so Adam can say he loves her too. In a way, Adam may have loved both Sayaka and Mizuki...

In a sense, this was a nice story because it influenced so many people - Adam learned to let go, Mizuki chose to cherish and live her life to its fullest, and the children united and will later reflect and develop even more when they open up their time capsule <3 Tomoki must have learned his lesson and is cherishing Mizuki a lot more too. :)

It's a little unfortunate because we don't know how Sayaka is doing in the afterlife... I can only assume that she moved on and is living well in the afterlife since she knows Adam is dead. It is a little interesting that Adam and Sayaka have not and may never meet again...
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